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  • A Natural Obstacle Course

    Dear Mark,

    I was out exercising the other day after reading your post on jogger tracking, and found an exciting way to play, lift heavy things, sprint and use your brain. And It takes no planning, just switched on my primal brain and realized that I have an incredible gym all around me.

    I was walking around (in my vibrams of course) when I started looking around at my environment, imagining what could be done with all these things around me... I mean think about it, Grok didnt have paves roads and jogging trails, or even a construction crew to flatten ground and move logs out of the way. So I looked around for any objects that I thought I could do something with. I found, a garbage can, some trees, a random chair in a clearing, a sandbag, a steep ditch, a volleyball court and some picnic tables. ( I work at a summer camp)

    So I approached each item with a wild mind and treated it like an obstacle, I leaped large garbage cans, chairs, tossed sandbags, picked them up and ran away as if something was chasing me, threw down some handstand pushups on the trees (this one got me an audience), randomly sprinted up steep ditches, and managed some pullups on the posts holding up the volleyball nets. Then I sprinted through some modular tents, hiding around the corner and taking off to the next one. I kept this up for nearly 45 minutes.

    I barely though of it as exercise. I was having so much fun, all i thought about was treating everything my eyes laid on as a challenge and used it in a way I'd never thought about before. You should try this, completely unplanned just start leaping everything you see, sprint for cover from tree to tree. This is the best game I've ever played, and if i wasnt so tired, Id do it agin today!