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Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) awareness

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  • Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) awareness

    I am a new Paleo enthusiast. I'm turning 65 years old soon and face CKD challenges (not on dialysis and want to keep it that way). I'm hopeful that following the Paleo regimen will help me lose the visceral fat I've carried for far too long. However, I need help in determining which Paleo foods are low in potassium and phosphorus (sodium I can control by omitting from recipes). But, some sort of symbol (i.e., an upper case K to denote kidney friendly) would be SO helpful. Any kidney friendly consideration would be sincerely appreciated. Your Paleo efforts, for general health improvement, are generous and appreciated. Thank you -

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    I've go mild CKD at age 60. My urologist's advice was that the vegetables on your plate should be twice the size of the meat portion.

    Look into Walden Farms products for weight loss. They make salad dressings and other stuff that is calorie free. I've lost 25 pounds since the end of 2013 mostly by calorie restriction. If you can keep it at or below 1,200 calories for six days a week, the visceral fat will disappear. The seventh day is a "free" day. I know the primal blueprint promises almost effortless weight loss without counting calories, but it did not work that way for this T2 diabetic.