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  1. Making lightweight backpackable primal foods-need ideas and recipes
  2. Dervish's Casserole
  3. Energy Bar Recipe
  4. Quick Chicken Food Safety Question
  5. So I made my first Squash dish lastnight...
  6. Sweet Potato Dauphinoise
  7. Boston Butt Roast
  8. Cooks Illustrated Bacon Idea
  9. Flour Free Rue?
  10. Need substitute veggie suggestions for Shepherd's Pie filling
  11. 8 mangos!
  12. 15 lbs of ham
  13. Dark Chocolate Macadamia Nut Butter
  14. Need some help with a sweet potato chips recipe
  15. Anyone ever make the 'Berry pancake' recipe from the cookbook?
  16. Primal calamari recipe?
  17. Kuwaiti Baked Salmon
  18. Big slab of frozen liver - what to do with?
  19. whey pemmican?
  20. Coconut Bliss Bar or Balls
  21. Chicken & chorizo frittatas w/chipotle aioli
  22. Rendering lard photo essay
  23. Can ox tongue be cold pressed after a couple of days?
  24. Slow Cooker Ribs
  25. home made pemmicen....fail, or...?
  26. Techie preserves/chutney question
  27. How to heat up meat without cooking it more?
  28. Coconut Vanilla Pudding
  29. Banana Choc-chip Almond Pancakes!
  30. The "Everything" Omelet
  31. Bought a larabar yesterday
  32. Primal-friendly Italian food! (Fantastic Chicken Cacciatore)
  33. Favorite kitchen gadget
  34. DIY Lunch Meat
  35. Pre- or Post-Workout: Want some bananas triple G meal
  36. My Breakfast - Yummers!!!
  37. Making Sausages
  38. Lamb Shank Casserole.
  39. Lamb Shank Casserole.
  40. Chicken with Dried Fruits and Honey
  41. Adding whey to homemade mayo
  42. So...Coconut Sugar?
  43. Please save my pork belly
  44. Pig ears... just for dogs?
  45. Shut up, I don't have a chocolate problem!
  46. Sauces and purees for meat--ideas?
  47. Moroccan Rubbed Roasted Chicken with Vegetables
  48. Beet Salad With Goat Cheese
  49. Primal Fried Liver?
  50. 2cnd time sauerkraut!
  51. What to do with Bread Machine and Pasta Machine?
  52. Dandelions...
  53. Getting fish into the diet
  54. Chicken Stock Newbie Here
  55. need recipes for marinated meat on a stick
  56. Help me with this recipe please
  57. Experimental Coconut Chocolate Buttermilk
  58. Did someone say chocolate chip cookies with candied bacon?!
  59. What can I make with baby shrimp?
  60. Here is what Ive got, help me make it last one week...
  61. A Jaime Oliver balsamic bacon dressing.
  62. New foods for me!
  63. Cauliflower Zucchini Puree with Spiced Beef
  64. 2 cases of pork fat
  65. Chuck on the bone
  66. butters substitution
  67. Sherry, nut and chocolate mousse!
  68. Frog legs?
  69. Creamy Kale Soup Recipe
  70. How to make a gooier filling?
  71. Mayonnaise makers - get in here!
  72. Bukhari Chicken- Saudi Inspired Dish
  73. What can I do with chicken livers?
  74. Modernist Cuisine - $625 cookbook
  75. Super Dark Chocolate
  76. My best coconut almond cookie recipe
  77. Primal Beef Stroganoff
  78. Does anyone eat dandylions?
  79. Help Primalizing: Autumn Latkes
  80. Help with Mollusks
  81. Dairy free cheesecake!!
  82. family visiting this weekend...and I'm not ready!
  83. Stuffed cabbage
  84. Can I make raw milk yoghourt?
  85. Cornish Hen "stuffing"
  86. Cocoa Roasted Almonds?
  87. In the event of a gov't shutdown, I need cheap and healthy meal ideas!
  88. Just gutted a fish for the 1st time!
  89. Lamb. lamb, lamb and more lamb
  90. Cultured Butter - Bacon Flavored!
  91. Thai Spicy Pumpkin soup
  92. I love griled fish - BUT how to not make it stick to the iron grill
  93. Cauliflower that tastes like lobster!
  94. Jicama Chips with Coriander Salmon
  95. Califlower hummus.... yum
  96. Campfire food
  97. Make your own grass fed butter?
  98. Post recipes that take 20 minutes or less!
  99. Ham fat griddletop?
  100. There may be some good food ideas here!
  101. Lemon Cakes...help me Primalize a recipe!
  102. Stuffed Zucchini "Pizza"
  103. Cumin Kissed Chicken Wings wih Fried bell Pepper Salad
  104. Not-tella Chocolate Chip Bars
  105. Ham Shank Remains
  106. PrimaCat's Recipes
  107. I'm sorry, I know this is probably a dumb questions
  108. Pressure cooker beef stock
  109. hot cereal recipe in new PB Q&E cookbook (missing ingredient?)
  110. Sauteed Sauerkraut with Sausage and Zucchini - PB Quick & Easy
  111. Cooking minced pork at 220 F for an hour is that hot enough ?
  112. Need Cocktail Sauce
  113. Anyone every make liver jerky?
  114. Beef Heart - Newbie suggestions needed
  115. Papaya Bowls
  116. Coconut meatballs
  117. What do you eat with soup?
  118. What's your favorite primal sauce?
  119. Trout with Bacon Green Beans and Cauliflower "Mashed Potatoes"
  120. Arrowroot or Tapioca Flour
  121. Beef stock help
  122. White yam and yautia coco
  123. Bought my first grass fed beef yesterday
  124. uses for coconut milk?
  125. Let Me Suggest A Meat-Slicer
  126. Curry Mussels on the grill
  127. Is it just me or is Coconut oil not really all it's cracked up to be?
  128. Ok, I'm FINALLY getting a vita-mix. Hit me up with favorite shakes recipes?
  129. Moldy Sauerkraut?
  130. coconut oil
  131. Very hungered for some meatballs
  132. Spare Ribs
  133. Primal Cobb Salad
  134. Meat Grinders. Are the electrical ones worth it ?
  135. Lamb chops with blueberry cream sauce
  136. Stuffed Zucchini with Mint Garlic Tomato Sauce
  137. Educate me about seaweed
  138. School lunch for a teenager
  139. Does anyone have a peanut chicken recipe?
  140. Gimme some good food dehydrator recipes!
  141. Bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs
  142. Your fastest easiest and tastiest meal
  143. New To Primal: Kid-Friendly Snacks and Lunches?
  144. Coconut...now what?
  145. super simple, super CHEAP primal recipes - post em!
  146. Cod's roe! Also, nettles!
  147. pork spare ribs
  148. Epic Meal Time
  149. website
  150. Question about Kindle edition of PB Quick and Easy
  151. Swai filet with black sesame and brocolli with carmalized onions and garlic
  152. Curried Tilapia filets with Rutabaga chips
  153. Msakhan Chicken, roasted chicken, carmalized onions and Sumac
  154. Baba Ghanouj, Curried chicken livers with Cauliflower and Avocado appetizer
  155. Sauces and Condiments
  156. Not your average guac
  157. Scallops anyone?
  158. Must. Get. Food Processor.
  159. Goat goat goat!
  160. Crab Rangoon
  161. Egg Yolk Dippers
  162. My Google Docs Is Getting Nasty
  163. Liver= gross
  164. Primal pasties?
  165. Kale taking over my fridge - need suggestions!!
  166. Mussels and Shrimp in Thai-Inspired Coconut Broth
  167. NOM NOM NOM (new recipes I tried)
  168. Kombucha how -to, please~!
  170. Which foods/dishes fill you up the most?
  171. I ate brussel sprouts!
  172. If you like the Starbucks protein plate...
  173. not a recipe, but a great deal: whole foods bone-in lamb for stew
  174. How to cook 12lbs of pot roast at once?
  175. Bamboo shoots
  176. Alternative Tempura Recipe?
  177. Ice Cream
  178. Sharing my sausage "work-around"
  179. Sugar-free bacon (nitrate free too)?
  180. what brand EVOO is best?
  181. Is Yucca skin safe to eat ?
  182. Seared Bok Choy with Bacon Vinaigrette
  183. Coconut Butter Dessert Ideas?
  184. Chicken Liver Recipes
  185. Can someone post the recipe for kopeks rolls?
  186. My mom's salad dressing recipe
  187. Homemade Protein Bars
  188. Okra Succotash
  189. Nut Butter Cookies
  190. Help me feed the husband!
  191. 1st time sauerkraut.
  192. Ideas for Canned Tuna (and other canned meats, probably)!
  193. For those of you who DO eat potatoes...
  194. Recipe Bloggers: Tips for looking better in Google search results
  195. Primal Lunch Time Ideas for a New Comer
  196. birthday cake?
  197. Eat on the go primal? Help please
  198. Is there a Paleo bottled dressing available?
  199. Can defrosted meat be cooked rare or medium rare?
  200. Chicken Bone Broth
  201. Crockpot Pork Carnitas
  202. Seared Ahi with Passion Fruit-Shrimp Salsa
  203. Can I use the brine remaining in a pickle jar to pickle my own vegetables?
  204. Pancetta-Wrapped Garlic-Stuffed Dates
  205. Shawerma Burger with Tahini Sauce
  206. Baked Garlic?
  207. Chicken wing help
  208. Rendering Duck Fat - need your tips!
  209. Steak with Red Wine Herb Sauce
  210. Talk to me about liver!
  211. Help me make Mustard that doesn't scorch my nose. :(
  212. Creamy Potato Soup w/o potatoes!
  213. Made liver and HATE it...what did I do wrong?
  214. Calling all who like experimenting with recipes
  215. Post your favorite recipe of All-Time (any type)
  216. Like Primal Candy
  217. Quick and Easty Cookbook - Shipping
  218. Asian Greens ideas?
  219. Primal ranch dressing?
  220. Courdain's Paleo Cookbook
  221. Primal Benedict
  222. avocado cheesecake with walnut crust
  223. Crockpot Rotisserie Chicken - super easy
  224. Ideas for duck fat
  225. Bacon Wrapped Feta & Almond Stuffed Dates
  226. Calgary Coconut Hunt
  227. Swai Fish Filet with Oven Roasted Green Beans
  228. Fresh Tomato Soup
  229. Mark's Cookbooks
  230. Delicious Desert Blueberry-Peach Cobbler
  231. How to cook oily fish without stinking up the kitchen?
  232. A little bowl of breakfast happiness
  233. That really get's my Goat...........cooked
  234. HELP! with Coconut Curry Meatloaf Recipe
  235. Super Nog!
  236. Cream soups
  237. Beef Heart Jerky - Awesome!
  238. St. Patrick's Day Feast! Crock pot recipes?
  239. Top Chef - Sweet Potato Noodles
  240. Tostones: The perfect nacho substitute?
  241. Dragon Tongue Radishes
  242. Best primal salad dressing?
  243. Dreaming of Summer Salad
  244. Short on ingredients for meatzza
  245. Made My Own Candy Bar!
  246. Turkey and Peppers
  247. Almond Blondies
  248. Looking for Pastured Buffalo or Pork?
  249. Beef jerky marinade suggestions...
  250. First time liver recipe