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  1. Some help with 5/3/1 please
  2. Holy crap, check this kid out!
  3. Rest Days
  4. Pistol Squat Balancing on a Bar
  5. Assisted Doorway Pullup Station
  6. Heart Rate Monitor Recommendations
  7. Let's talk about self-resistance exercise
  8. Reps versus high weights - bodyweight approach versus barbell approach
  9. What's the deal with Glycogen?
  10. Women - your body was built to kick ass
  11. Dr Mercola is talking sprint exercise, good stuff
  12. Bodyfat question.
  13. Don't Drag your deer or you'll have a Heart Attack.
  14. I definitely have that "move a lot slowly" thing down
  15. Activity Thread
  16. Tear in Vibrams
  17. Bulgarian Sand bags
  18. Completed my 5k :)
  19. Reps while doing pullups?
  20. FREE easy to make Home made Weight Vest!
  21. Kettlebell workouts
  22. I can do a pullup!
  23. Inspiration - The Thread
  24. Strength training without getting bulky?
  25. Sprints ??
  26. Sprinted for 1st time (since swimming in college!)
  27. I was doing deadlifts wrong...
  28. Am I going to do myself any damage doing this...? 'Reverse standing push-ups'
  29. Scaffold Pull-ups (Cool Video!)
  30. Mehdi banned me from Stronglifts forum!
  31. I want a bike.
  32. Simplifying my exercise routine
  33. Are PLYOMETRICS a good sub for a SPRINT?
  34. Insanity
  35. Running on lifting days?
  36. Move slow, burn fat. Really?
  37. NYC Primals - Is there a store around where I can buy a good kettlebell?
  38. 2010 NYC Marathon
  39. Body weight exercises
  40. Could I get some feedback on this workout plan?
  41. You think this guy is primal?
  42. My new "Sprint"!
  43. Anyone have a great non-gym calesthenic/resistance training workout?
  44. Feeling very spacey and 'unreal' after a lot of walking?
  45. I need Help
  46. Happy Hips Video
  47. My favourite burpees protocol
  48. One Push Up To Rule Them All!! =P
  49. Exercising in a fasted state...
  50. Everyday exercise.
  51. Yoga, 5000 years old, Primal??
  52. day two of fitness (ever)
  53. Dead hang pull up form question.
  54. Horseback riding
  55. Trapezius pain from car wreck
  56. Crawling towards fitness
  57. studies on barefoot ankle stability?
  58. My Doctor Visit
  59. ZombieFit
  60. 1st run in my VFF!
  61. Where to begin with pull-ups?
  62. How to train handstand pushups?
  63. Crazy body girl
  64. In transition--food not an issue but exercise is.
  65. New to the workouts, have a few questions
  66. How to train pull-ups?
  67. Diastasis Recti
  68. Could you please have a look at my workout routine and give me some feedback/advice?
  69. Wii playing for low level aerobic activity?
  70. For any ladies looking for inspiration on that first chin up...
  71. Question about sprints
  72. Fookin' 'ell!! What's wrong with me ticker...?
  73. Convenient, yet challenging workout
  74. Effect of exercise on serum creatinine?
  75. Anyone ever done the Tough Mudder?
  76. Triathlon. Me?!!!
  77. Minimal shoe review
  78. Mad at my biceps!
  79. Training to failure
  80. RE: I'm afraid... best way to start
  81. Need advice on breaking through the fat loss plateau
  82. Workout Videos?
  83. I gain weight after exercising
  84. Squash - a good primal sport?
  85. Stronger Than Thunder!!! LEVEL #3 of the Thor workout!!
  86. How to do a Back Lever
  87. Strength training and appetite?
  88. First ever primal fitness session with a trainer today...
  89. Getting over the hump
  90. PBF assessment
  91. Killer Leg Workout
  92. Circuit Training, why I LOVE IT !!!
  93. Breaking in my VFF - or should I say my feet and legs
  94. Workout without stress?
  95. ideal body fat percentag in females
  96. winter jacket for simplefit workouts in NYC winter
  97. Crippled after barefoot sprints!
  98. Building a backyard pull-up bar
  99. 5k run in three weeks, best way to train?
  100. When is conditioning too much? Are athletes unhealthy?
  101. Help! I'm a loooong way from that first pullup! What's an older woman gotta do?
  102. Body Composition
  103. Transitioning to Grok Workouts
  104. Anyone else love wrestling shoes?
  105. Am I overdoing the cardio?
  106. Footwear Insight, shoe trends magazine
  107. Warm, waterproof footwear for winter - boots or shoes...?
  108. My own WOW - The Subway Sprint!
  109. Crossfit, how much food?
  110. Bizarre Fitness Videos?
  111. 18 mile run?
  112. T-Nation Workout controversy
  113. Progression for sprint intervals?
  114. I have an urge to embrace my Primal Tigger today...
  115. This morning my Polar told me that...(and a question)
  116. What's a good alternative to VFF's for a minimalist running shoe?
  117. Working out fasted to lose weight
  118. workout critique
  119. Can physical therapy help?
  120. Too much, too little?
  121. Oh MY...... What is that?
  122. Working out when you have a physical job.
  123. Level #2 of the Thor inspired Body Weight Workout!!
  124. Workout Burnout?
  125. The DIY Gym: 8 Pieces of Equipment That Will Get You Strong
  126. "Crossfit: Is the Gain Worth the Pain?"
  127. With limited mobility, where do I start?
  128. Bemused by my success today....
  129. HELP!! Why is it so hard to ask for it!??
  130. 5 gallon bottles - OC area
  131. The Clean and Press
  132. Make your own fitness gear
  133. Sprained ankle... how long to recover?
  134. Question for the SimpleFittters out there. But others welcome too!
  135. Sick for Over A Week
  136. Jim DiRuscio's Boot Camp in Marin an Uphill Battle
  137. Equipment: Bumper plates from Functional Equipment in CA
  138. Strong as Thunder!! Thor workout =) !!
  139. Assessing Your Fitness: Flexibility
  140. I love primal fitness
  141. Hm, My chest felt that!
  142. sciatica
  143. Learning the planche.
  144. What type of workouts do you follow?
  145. FREE Jungle Fit Magazine! October Issue!!
  146. Upper body gaining strength faster then lower body....
  147. Eating more Fat = Increased Endurance?
  148. Eating on the day AFTER a workout?
  149. What's In This Months Issue Of The FREE Jungle Fit Magazine!
  150. Osteoporosis, PBF, and Resistance Training
  151. Lack of sleep and muscle.
  152. Assessing Your Endurance
  153. Mild tendonitis in forearms
  154. Working out at the office
  155. KILLER circuits - What are yours?
  156. risks of high intensity exercise (sprints and wow)
  157. Is it realistically possible to bulid muscle and lose fat at the same time?>>>>>>
  158. Might be heading back to the gym - workout recommendations.
  159. Slackline! Great form of Play
  160. Major lower back pain from leg press
  161. Which type of Injinji sock in VFFs?
  162. Getting enough cardio for weight loss
  163. Metro Dash Seattle 2010 - "The Gauntlet" Crazy Video
  164. serious hiking in VFFs
  165. What does it mean to be strong?
  166. Witstick.... Can't find one... Anyone Know?
  167. Anyone a Sledgehammer user?
  168. If Grok had two wheels and a seat would he do this?
  169. 20 rep squats
  170. Is this what energy feels like?
  171. Winter sprinting?
  172. Pre-Workout Nutrition
  173. Surviving Thanks Giving!
  174. Training with DOMS
  175. Suggestions for sprinting - bad knee can't run
  176. Hip Joint Niggling Pain
  177. Fitness test
  178. Sprinting vs Anaerobic workouts
  179. Excess Skin
  180. Level #3 of the "Spartacus: Blood And Sand" Workout!
  181. Fitness Play - Sword Play?
  182. advice for abs?
  183. Muscle Control
  184. Quirky exercises
  185. Wrist Pain During Push Ups!
  186. My New Workout Video Montage
  187. bodyweight and strength questions (a bit of a long post)
  188. Book: Building the Gymnastic Body
  189. Jazzercise in VFFs
  190. Yoga Recommendation?
  191. The 4 Hour Body - New book, thoughts?
  192. Fasted Sprints?
  193. Nice Article for People who HATE to Work Out
  194. 2 Days to wokout
  195. Hello :) New with workout question
  196. Happy birthday to me!
  197. Does anyone use The Kettlebell Goddess Workout DVD?
  198. Muscle gain anecdotes
  199. New to Primal fitness, a quick question...
  200. New to Primal Blueprint and Primal Fitness
  201. Going Primal - Fitness Plan
  202. Level 2 of the "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" workout!
  203. Heart rate
  204. Chest Exercises
  205. How to Get a Friend to Start Working Out
  206. Sprints
  207. BCAA Supplementation
  208. How do I get back in the water?
  209. Figure/fitness competition
  210. WInter from down under
  211. S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G workouts....what does Grok...I mean Mark say?
  212. Spartacus Blood And Sand
  213. Aching leg muscles
  214. Canadian Winters & Exercise
  215. Carb loading for squash ?
  216. A climbing pit
  217. Work around - update to frustrated
  218. So........I'm looking to get a kettlebell.
  219. I need someone to design me some indoor Grokouts!
  220. Sneak Peek at Timothy Bell's "Body Weight Solution" eBook!
  221. Primal socks - kinda...
  222. Get Results! The Body Weight Solution!!
  223. News Flash: Aging Grokette Walks a Half Marathon!!!
  224. A consideration I never considered before
  225. John's 100 Rep Challenge
  226. Fitness Newbie
  227. Help- hit plateau, stuck for several months
  228. Fat guy workout
  229. Vibrams - not right for you?
  230. OM Gym or Yoga Swing for anti-gravity yoga...?
  231. fishing as excercise question
  232. Feeling great about the day
  233. Trapeze rigging or alternatives?
  234. Are carbs necessary post work out?
  235. Do you guys have measurable fitness goals?
  236. Ouch...push ups make my head hurt.
  237. The real reason my wife puts up "Grok this" and "Grok that"....
  238. trx(ish) in ceiling
  239. Frustrated
  240. vans?
  241. Do you know any good resources of strength training techniques?
  242. Question for CrossFit folks...or anyone else...
  243. Playground
  244. How many sets per bodypart are you doing per week? (for weights)
  245. Best post work out mea/snackl on the go?
  246. Can someone help with my sticking points/plateau?
  247. I got my fitness Grok on!! For the first time! (and i'm still here)
  248. Tendinitis from pull-ups
  249. Could someone help me programme my HRM properly...?
  250. The Shrimp Squat