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  1. Witstick.... Can't find one... Anyone Know?
  2. Anyone a Sledgehammer user?
  3. If Grok had two wheels and a seat would he do this?
  4. 20 rep squats
  5. Is this what energy feels like?
  6. Winter sprinting?
  7. Pre-Workout Nutrition
  8. Surviving Thanks Giving!
  9. Training with DOMS
  10. Suggestions for sprinting - bad knee can't run
  11. Hip Joint Niggling Pain
  12. Fitness test
  13. Sprinting vs Anaerobic workouts
  14. Excess Skin
  15. Level #3 of the "Spartacus: Blood And Sand" Workout!
  16. Fitness Play - Sword Play?
  17. advice for abs?
  18. Muscle Control
  19. Quirky exercises
  20. Wrist Pain During Push Ups!
  21. My New Workout Video Montage
  22. bodyweight and strength questions (a bit of a long post)
  23. Book: Building the Gymnastic Body
  24. Jazzercise in VFFs
  25. Yoga Recommendation?
  26. The 4 Hour Body - New book, thoughts?
  27. Fasted Sprints?
  28. Nice Article for People who HATE to Work Out
  29. 2 Days to wokout
  30. Hello :) New with workout question
  31. Happy birthday to me!
  32. Does anyone use The Kettlebell Goddess Workout DVD?
  33. Muscle gain anecdotes
  34. New to Primal fitness, a quick question...
  35. New to Primal Blueprint and Primal Fitness
  36. Going Primal - Fitness Plan
  37. Level 2 of the "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" workout!
  38. Heart rate
  39. Chest Exercises
  40. How to Get a Friend to Start Working Out
  41. Sprints
  42. BCAA Supplementation
  43. How do I get back in the water?
  44. Figure/fitness competition
  45. WInter from down under
  46. S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G workouts....what does Grok...I mean Mark say?
  47. Spartacus Blood And Sand
  48. Aching leg muscles
  49. Canadian Winters & Exercise
  50. Carb loading for squash ?
  51. A climbing pit
  52. Work around - update to frustrated
  53. So........I'm looking to get a kettlebell.
  54. I need someone to design me some indoor Grokouts!
  55. Sneak Peek at Timothy Bell's "Body Weight Solution" eBook!
  56. Primal socks - kinda...
  57. Get Results! The Body Weight Solution!!
  58. News Flash: Aging Grokette Walks a Half Marathon!!!
  59. A consideration I never considered before
  60. John's 100 Rep Challenge
  61. Fitness Newbie
  62. Help- hit plateau, stuck for several months
  63. Fat guy workout
  64. Vibrams - not right for you?
  65. OM Gym or Yoga Swing for anti-gravity yoga...?
  66. fishing as excercise question
  67. Feeling great about the day
  68. Trapeze rigging or alternatives?
  69. Are carbs necessary post work out?
  70. Do you guys have measurable fitness goals?
  71. Ouch...push ups make my head hurt.
  72. The real reason my wife puts up "Grok this" and "Grok that"....
  73. trx(ish) in ceiling
  74. Frustrated
  75. vans?
  76. Do you know any good resources of strength training techniques?
  77. Question for CrossFit folks...or anyone else...
  78. Playground
  79. How many sets per bodypart are you doing per week? (for weights)
  80. Best post work out mea/snackl on the go?
  81. Can someone help with my sticking points/plateau?
  82. I got my fitness Grok on!! For the first time! (and i'm still here)
  83. Tendinitis from pull-ups
  84. Could someone help me programme my HRM properly...?
  85. The Shrimp Squat
  86. Pull-up Substitutes
  87. Tips on how to build/gain muscle?
  88. Would this be counterproductive?
  89. Grip work
  90. Kettlebells & Back Pain - calling Veteran KB users!
  91. Anyone have the Praxis?
  92. How long after you work out should you eat for optimal muscle growth?
  93. Excited about a recent find!
  94. Blurry vision, nausea, and numbness after workouts
  95. my huaraches
  96. Sandbags?
  97. For all you SimpleFit-ers out there...
  98. Caveman Workouts
  99. Burnout - definitely NOT Primal!
  100. What song REALLY gets you up and moving??
  101. In a wheelchair
  102. Long, lean, ballet dancer muscles?
  103. Sled Drag, Sprinting
  104. looking for ways to move slowly
  105. Would doing Les Mills BodyPump classes be bad (not primal)?
  106. Crossfit Question
  107. A good use for rice
  108. HARDCORE Pullups
  109. For those of you working on getting that first pull-up
  110. Grok in New York City
  111. Bodyweight circuits daily?
  112. Sprinting - when to eat
  113. Chronic Cardio Question
  114. Drinks after fitness
  115. Kickboxing Shoes...what do you wear?
  116. Do all VFFs have a very stiff piece that pushes against the back of the heel?
  117. Right I'm gonna do it - I'm GOING OUT!! Help with sprinting gait, please!
  118. Might as Well Jump!
  119. What time to expect for a 10k run....?
  120. Anyone tried Soft Star shoes?
  121. Serious calisthenics
  122. A few fitness and physiology questions
  123. Tiredness after HIT workout
  124. Tunnel to Towers Run - NYC - Sept 26, 2010
  125. sprints on a treadmill? How to go about it?
  126. resistance training - what would Grok do???
  127. Wow...maybe I DO like running?
  128. Daily walk without glasses
  129. IF and workout timing..
  130. Chronic knee pain
  131. Alternative to Pull-Ups?
  132. Groks Rocks 2nd attempt (youtube)
  133. My Groks Rocks Battle Scar (pic)
  134. The fitness ebook
  135. The Body Weight Solution!
  136. What's the furthest you've hiked in VFFs?
  137. I'm so sore...
  138. Running = Good I thought?
  139. Mobility Workout of the Day
  140. VFF's and toes
  141. I don't do crossfit but this video gets me so pumped
  142. Any other Primal Firefighters out there? How are YOU training?
  143. The Appalachian Trail Thru Hike. Living Primnallym or Dangerously?
  144. Primal b-ball?
  145. Vibram 5 fingers
  146. President's Council on Fitness
  147. Shovelglove Swing and Fling!
  148. Pull-Up Problem
  149. The weight vest thread...
  150. Android app for body weight exercises
  151. East SF Bay Primal Workout - An Invitation
  152. The elusive pull-up? Which is better?
  153. Muscle Ups ... YES you can do them too!!
  154. Elbows and exercise
  155. Increased flexibility??
  156. Beach workout/Playground for Grown-ups
  157. Integrating kettlebells into Primal Blueprint Fitness routine?
  158. What's Your Favorite Workout Music?
  159. Do carbs matter if you're working out?
  160. Progressing levels in Primal Blueprint Fitness
  161. Hernia :(
  162. Water Workout Thread: Moving slow in the pool.
  163. Swinging a ball on a chain
  164. Bikram (hot) yoga
  165. Anyone have information on training primal after just coming off a ACL reconstruction
  166. So, how much Cardio is 'Chronic'?
  167. Cavewomen and lifting
  168. Alternatives to sprinting..?
  169. Ouch ... thigh soreness?
  170. Integrating other activities into PBF
  171. Why cardio kills.
  172. [Science] - What's happening to my body when I do low-level cardio / 'Move slowly'.
  173. If you see this and think "Oh what fun!" You and I need...
  174. weekly logs?
  175. Home fitness ideas needed
  176. Subjected my class to WoW: Weighted Medley & Grok Tag (vid)
  177. First 'official' LHT workout
  178. Snorkeling
  179. Born to Run
  180. Hyperextensive elbows and pushups
  181. Bench Press vs. Push up fatigue
  182. For All You Fighters...
  183. Will i ever be able to do pullups
  184. Argh! No push-ups for me
  185. 1.5 mile run time
  186. In-depth look at evolving workout methodologies as we age
  187. Pullups
  188. PBF Five Essential Movements
  189. I owe you an apology
  190. Pullup Help
  191. Body Weight Solution Update!
  192. Win a Free copy of my book, We're Working Out! A Zen Approach to Everyday Fitness
  193. Breathing - Its Connection to Neck Pain, Stress, and Healthy Living.
  194. how long until a six pack?
  195. Any other poi spinning enthusiasts out there?
  196. Body giving out before heart does...
  197. Please help me find my way around the site...
  198. Anyone read "Born to Run"?
  199. This makes me want to hit something!
  201. Taichi??
  202. Body Weight Inspirational Video!!
  203. Longer Mtn Hike & Vibram tests
  204. Sprint or LHT?
  205. What are the exercises/lifts restricted in PB,
  206. Shorter sprints vs longer sprints?
  207. Too little protein/fat/calories concerns
  208. L Sit Progression?
  209. confused by sets and reps?
  210. Crazy Muscle Ups!!
  211. Can I gain muscle without weight?
  212. The Body Weight Solution!
  213. Have a question about muscle soreness
  214. Setting a new workout plan
  215. sprinting
  216. For the barefoot runners out there....
  217. How to gain weight WITH muscle?
  218. You thought you were a hard-gainer! Whats wrong??
  219. Days of no physical activity ...
  220. Working towards push ups.
  221. scheduling - mark wouldn't mind your two cents.
  222. My apartment gym has a weight machine!
  223. Arms are out of proportion with rest of my body.
  224. sprint play with kids
  225. Using medicine balls and other basic equipment for push-ups
  226. Barefoot Running, One Arm Push ups, and Power Lifting ...
  227. August Issue of the FREE online "Jungle Fit Magazine!"
  228. Where to put the sprint day
  229. Am I ok with just Burpees/ Shovelglove / Sprints ?
  230. I'm a big Pansey!!
  231. Virbram Five Finger Alternative
  232. Thank you Mark! (a minor brag thread)
  233. Grok's toy bag?
  234. Well, that was humbling...
  235. New Sport: Robot Bodybuilding
  236. FREE Jungle Fit Magazine, Aug Issue Content!
  237. door gym for thick door?
  238. Running the deck
  239. :( Stuck
  240. Body Weight Training FAQ's
  241. What is the sound of a one handed clapping push-up?
  242. 15 burpee descender workout......
  243. Workout Breakfast Advice
  244. Tell me why?
  245. Why didn't I think of this before?
  246. Sprints in a small room
  247. :D New Vibrams
  248. pull ups and lats
  249. Sprinting on a Rowing Machine? WOW help needed
  250. PBF to failure?