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  1. But I *like* to run... :(
  2. Fitness Books
  3. logistical issues with barefoot stuff
  4. For those of you that IF and workout in the AM
  5. How do I use my 40 minutes a day?
  6. Improving recovery / next-day soreness
  7. Primal and Blood Pressure
  8. Pulled muscles
  9. Can't gain strenth
  10. achieving one pull up?
  11. Sketcher Shape-ups
  12. Ideas for Exercise with Broken Foot????
  13. kettlebell meltdown 300
  14. Frustrated with my Workouts
  15. Heartburn/Stomach Upset Post Workout
  16. Sports Drinks
  17. Question about eating Primally with an Injury
  18. What's your success with intermittent fasting (IF)?
  19. Heavy Bag: Great Primal Workout
  20. Some interesting thoughts from the weight room
  21. For the yoga people!
  22. Snowbound Fitness
  23. Bulgarian squats: trouble balancing
  24. Controlling exercised induced asthma in cold weather
  25. Who here has twitter??
  26. Basketball shoes
  27. Any Aspiring Personal Trainers Out There?
  28. Five fingers with peroneal tendonitis?
  29. FINALLY! 100lb Chin Up ... and some heavy dips too!
  30. Prowler training????
  31. Knee Pain
  32. Hyperextending elbow (pic!) -- need exercise advice
  33. Increasing Stength: How much is related to adding lean muscle mass
  34. why lose our massels after left Gym?
  35. 10% off Brute Force Sandbags - Ideal for Primal Fitness
  36. Trouble with HIIT
  37. Post op
  38. Anyone use Gymnastic Rings?
  39. check out the feet on these guys
  40. At home equipment
  41. Minimalist Footwear Question - when to transition to them...
  42. Stretches
  43. Slow exercise contributes to what exactly?
  44. Beginners strength workout for the gym
  45. Where to get 1st puc final exam blueprint?
  46. Sincere Hogan's Review Of "The Body Weight Solution!"
  47. Bouldering!
  48. Planche Training and Weighted Pisol Squats
  49. Terra Plana Shoe Sale
  50. Pull up bars
  51. How long can you hold your breath?
  52. Preserving fitness level while recuperating?
  53. Yoga - What type to do?
  54. more hungry on no exercise days??
  55. Steve Cotter interview for Sandbag Fitness
  56. Sprinting....pain....solutions?
  57. January Issue Of The Jungle Fit Magazine!
  58. Alternatives to Pull-Ups?
  59. MovNat - Natural Fitness
  60. Morning workouts
  61. Great Workout!
  62. How to get the Primal TAN?
  63. Need Help from the Hardbody Ladies
  64. Sprints Today`
  65. Afraid to be too skinny
  66. So, about soreness...
  67. Metcons, should I or shouldn't I?
  68. LHT self-assessment
  69. Hip flexibility/mobility
  70. Upper-body work outs for a weakling?
  71. Quick question about burpees and general question about PBF
  72. Ideal weight/Goals
  73. Is P90X ok to do, if I want to be primal?
  74. Noisy, creaky joints in mid-twenties
  75. Pull-up endurance issue, need help
  76. Single Leg Box Squat Question
  77. 130 pound girl beats deadlift, bench, and squat record, thank you Primal Blueprint!
  78. Muscle Memory...
  79. 70lb Dips for 5 Reps!
  80. New addition to the minimalist running movement - Somnio Nada
  81. Afraid to undo the progress I've made.
  82. Yay~New Pull-Up Bar...Now What?
  83. Recommendations for the 'somewhat' out of shape
  84. Yoga and Strength Training
  85. Who Uses Machines?
  86. Piriformis Syndrome - A real pain in the butt! Help please
  87. About the "Five Essential Movements" and "Progression" - please help
  88. Creative thoughts about winter exercise?
  89. First sprint session today!
  90. Plan for LHT workouts - what's my best option?
  91. KSO vs. KSO Treks
  92. My first try on a Primal Fitness routine
  93. How to fit it all in...
  94. progress
  95. Fun outdoor activies?
  96. Jack LaLanne passes at 96
  97. Sprinting in the Winter - Ideas?
  98. Chronic cardio
  99. Nice Article on T-nation w/ Lots of Alternative Exercises
  100. Moving when there is a snowstorm 2x a week!
  101. Remeber the MDA post on "hunting" people...?
  102. get your dog in on the action
  103. What is sprinting?
  104. Migraines & Sprints
  105. Doing battle with the forest is a great workout!
  106. Anyone do capoeira??
  107. Great Workout Today!!
  108. Is this just going too far?
  109. Newbie question
  110. The Skill of Strength
  111. Why did I get SOOO tired at the gym?
  112. Tabata Sprints - One Round Enough?
  113. Sore hip
  114. Need military (esp Army) guys opinion
  115. Sprint work with weak/painful knee
  116. Wrist injury and its aftermath...
  117. minor knee injury needs fixing
  118. KB Swings, Alternative to Sprints?
  119. Any physio or doc that could help with a fitness related lower back injury???
  120. fitness books?
  121. Cardio, winter and asthma
  122. Yikes- neck injury from push ups?
  123. The ultimate primal workout!
  124. am I doing this right?
  125. just got me some VFFs -- wow!
  126. Body Weight Complexes: Little Time, Great Results!
  127. Advanced Bodyweight Workout
  128. Fasted training with and with out pre work out BCAA intake
  129. Sprinting In Place and other Indoor HIIT ideas
  130. Stomachache while exercising?
  131. Primal failings of EA Sports Active 2?
  132. Do you love to exercise?
  133. Any climbers out there?
  134. Do You Recommend P90X?
  135. Crossfit Morning
  136. Who has the best fat shredding lean mean workout?
  137. Low carb lifting - lower injury risk?
  138. Help me pick my next workout endevour!
  139. PBF: Ups and Downs
  140. 2 Q's, rest period between sets and unexplained leap in quad strength
  141. Adding Muscle
  142. Can I lift heavy things on concurrent days?
  143. Maintaining muscle mass while unable to train?
  144. Lifting in fasted state
  145. 70lb Chin Up!
  146. Insanely hungry after swimming
  147. My Workout Regimen
  148. Converting the boyfriend, a runner with knee problems
  149. Substitute for Jack Knife Press?
  150. Free Tabata Protocol Timer here
  151. Play or Lifting Heavy things?
  152. North Meets South Body Weight Training!
  153. Colpo Vs. Wolf ...
  154. Is 'Muscle Memory' really applicable to exercise?
  155. muscle growth without working out much
  156. New Challenge for You Sandbag Grokkers
  157. Hiking with a Weight Vest
  158. Broke my toe last night
  159. Bikram Yoga Anyone?
  160. What kind and brand of exercise bike should I buy?
  161. Barefoot sports "shoes" (for protection)?
  162. Knees feeling funny after squats
  163. The Green Lantern Workout!
  164. Low Weight/High Reps, or 5x5?
  165. Suggestions for a guy with bad joints
  166. Changing it up!
  167. Am I Allergic to Exercise/Sprinting?!?!?
  168. All About Deadlifts
  169. My new favorite pre-workout shake
  170. First Workout Tomorrow
  171. Guess our %body fat!
  172. No Soap Grappling
  173. Merrill Barefoot shoes - you can order now
  174. Al Kavadlo NJ Boot Camp *POSTPONED*
  175. Powerlifting
  176. VFF questions
  177. 92 page e-book
  178. Thoughts on Crossfit Journal
  179. Exercising on low carbs
  180. Best VVF's for running?
  181. How to prepare for my 1st 5 K run
  182. Getting in the pool on monday need suggestion from swimmers please.
  183. Holy Crap, am I confused.
  184. Where are the dancers?
  185. Substitute for pullups?
  186. Al Kavadlo Boot Camp Session in Mercer County, NJ!!
  187. New Guy LHT Questions - only 2 - 2 long questions.
  188. How do you measure progress and adjust your routine?
  189. Stability Ball & Ab Exercises That Don't Suck!
  190. BW and Kettlebell's
  191. 5BX one of the best body weight program concepts
  192. I need an exercise for my back muscles
  193. Hiking in Minimal Footwear
  194. Busy, sad, and missin' you guys as a community.
  195. Why hockey players are the best primal athletes in the world.
  196. I just want to lift....
  197. The New Rules of Lifting?
  198. How long did it take you to get to the 5 essential movements?
  199. 5 Essential Movements?
  200. Indian Clubs Anyone?
  201. Vibrams - What model?
  202. Access to the Fitness E-Book
  203. MMA Strength and Conditioning
  204. We're Working Out! in LA
  205. Easing Into PBF
  206. Does Sprinting Mean Actually Sprinting?
  207. My Workout of the Day
  208. Cutting Phase? ( leaning down)
  209. Outside Magazine Article-NovNat
  210. Hybrid of LHT and Low-Level Aerobics?
  211. A Moment of Mini-celebration!
  212. Weighted clothes
  213. new to VFF, some questions
  214. Peroneal tendonitis exercises/prevention
  215. Newbie: What's the deal with jogging?
  216. Deadlift without weight?
  217. So Close
  218. Decidedly Korg-ish tool to help with moving slowly
  219. Winter activities?
  220. Easing back into Primal Fitness
  221. Interesting write up from Primal Fitness about MovNat
  222. Side-to-side Squat
  223. New PBer with temporary physical limitation needs fitness suggestions
  224. Need fitness plan advice
  225. Am I crazy to wear my VFF KSO on a mountain hike?
  226. Higher Metabolism?
  227. I am not flexible and need help!
  228. Overhead Press in the Primal Blueprint
  229. The strength of a 2"x4"?
  230. My Snow Workout @ TSP
  231. Cheating to Weigh-in After Working Out
  232. My first Tabata workout
  233. Chronic Cardio...mitigation
  234. Snow Grok Exercises
  235. WOW "equipment"
  236. Functional Training/exercises
  237. Training Log?
  238. I'm not making any New Year's resolutions - and you shouldn't either!
  239. This might be over kill but does anyone know of a site
  240. Injury recovery question(s)
  241. 2011 FITNESS Goals?
  242. East Harlem
  243. I need a low price quality bench and chinup bar for my house?
  244. Pain in the Shoulders
  245. First Sprint Workout
  246. Build and Contribute An Original Workout
  247. You all don't get it
  248. I have a broken wrist.
  249. Three Years of SimpleFit
  250. Is V. Long post workout fasting dangerous?