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  1. Results vs Time article - thoughts?
  2. Confusion reps and reps to failure
  3. Is this too much cardio?
  4. so how should i eat if i can only exercise at night
  5. inversion tables
  6. Just finished my first crossfit session...
  7. Got $1200 lying around and don't know what to do with it?
  8. RKC Rite of Passage Modification: Opinions, please!
  9. Great Moves for Plantar Fasciitis
  10. Push-up handles
  11. Tips for Hot Weather
  12. Some choices
  13. Fitness for a broken ankle.
  14. Do some curls while checking email bro....
  15. What are people's views on Tabata?
  16. The Ultimate Upper Body Workout!
  17. A Fitness Pill...WTF?
  18. Kettlebells....how does this look?
  19. question for the trainers or anyone who know anatomy (and weight training)
  20. Weightless BBS
  21. Program for girlfriend?
  22. LHT question
  23. New barefoot running shoe from Vivo
  24. Rolfing or A.R.T. anyone?
  25. Human Flags Everywhere!
  26. CrossFit
  27. Obese and disabled
  28. "Crunchy" Knee
  29. What's your target HR when you move long and slowly???
  30. I dared attempt the group fitness class today.... a wwyd post.
  31. American Ninja Warrior
  32. Mobility routines?
  33. Why Do You Exercise?
  34. 5k Walk
  35. What happens when you quit working out a lot?
  36. June 4 NYC Primals sprint party Fort Greene
  37. New Calisthenics Montage
  38. Squats -> hypoglycemic
  39. Slow, fat she-grok cycles 47 miles
  40. Interesting (positive?) observation from my first few weeks of sprinting
  41. Medicinal properties of kumkum
  42. Did you gain weight when you started doing less cardio?
  43. Question about LHT
  44. 90 year old body builder
  45. Is it ok to sprint one day after your resistance training?
  46. Trying to drop those last couple %
  47. Seeking Boston area Personal Trainer
  48. Barefoot Ted in the UK this month
  49. Cardiologist: Marathoners "without risk factors" die of heart attacks
  50. Pilates DVD recommendation?
  51. Can I substitute the PBF exercises?
  52. Starting PBF tomorrow
  53. How often do you sprint?
  54. Is PB Fitness Effective
  55. Stall or gains diet related?
  56. What are your favorite "play" activities?
  57. Bit of a personal problem
  58. Just saw a good website
  59. I have a confession...
  60. Is Play really a vital component to achieving Grok-like health and fitness?
  61. Where did you buy your Vibram FiveFingers?
  62. Pulled Hip Flexor
  63. overtraining and fat loss?
  64. The Morning Dialogue
  65. TACFIT Warrior
  66. Newb with a question
  67. Help me take advantage of my corporate gym membership?
  68. Standing desk passive workouts
  69. Less Convenient
  70. calisthenics AND barbell training?
  71. Vegan vs. Carnivore
  72. Running, sorry if it has been asked.
  73. June Fitness Challenge Win a Signed Copy of Everyday Paleo
  74. resources for flexibility issues
  75. Nutrition advice for hour and a half Jiu Jitsu class
  76. The Grinder Workout! Body Weight Only!
  77. Attention Martial Artists!
  78. New Balance Minimus Cross Training shoe
  79. Best Calisthenics Workout Video Ever!
  80. some cool PRs
  81. Help with le Rippertoes
  82. n00b question re: LHT
  83. What Are the Top Fitness Video Blogs?
  84. Best Fitness Blogs?
  85. Weights to use after 10 day break?
  86. Walking and running
  87. best cardio ever in SF
  88. Barefoot options?
  89. Bodyfat plateau
  90. Cycling recovery eating
  91. Vibrams for only $7?!?!
  92. I'm in the woods, now what????
  93. running before breakfast
  94. Didn't know the plank was so popular
  95. Cheating just a little
  96. strength training and weight gain
  97. Inverted rows with a pull up bar?
  98. A good workout routine
  99. barefoot running better than weight lifting? (for the legs)
  100. Went of my first run!
  101. Getting into MMA?
  102. Move Slowly, Frequently Workout Of The Day
  103. What do you eat before running/jogging?
  104. gassed out in workouts. losing weight AND strength.
  105. New workout on Sandbag Fitness - knees-to-elbows, zerchers and strict press
  106. Tips and tricks for JUMP-starting my program?
  107. I need to know people's views on Spinning and cardio
  108. pull-up bars
  109. Undulation ropes- which thickness?
  110. For the ladies... a good article.
  111. I'm cheap....
  112. Three Simple Workouts You Can Do With Just A Pull-up Bar
  113. Plantar fasciitis
  114. LA Times Health Section
  115. Shoulder Pain thoughts
  116. Good Exercises for Injured Primalists
  117. maximum calories burned per minute
  118. P90x videos and the WOW
  119. My thighs look like drumsticks!
  120. How To Kick Like Anderson Silva / Lyoto Machida!
  121. Getting an Airdyne - suggestions for using it?
  122. Hurt shoulder!
  123. Low blood sugar post-workout
  124. Hitting a plateau?
  125. build muscle lose fat
  126. Jump ropes-anyone use them?
  127. Animal like workouts
  128. subscription costs????
  129. interval shuttle runs with my Border Collie.... :-)
  130. morning WO and sprinting tips
  131. Pullups for weak chicks?
  132. Painful chest workout
  133. Ladies, what is your fitness routine?
  134. Anyone in Victoria BC area up for hikes & workouts?
  135. Merrell Trail Gloves
  136. greasing the groove for pullups?
  137. Help with Moving Frequently at a Slow Pace
  138. Lower abs portion sticks out - help
  139. 53 year old muscle mass
  140. does fruit replenish muscle glycogen?
  141. Progress Report
  142. Doing enough?
  143. my new BW routine
  144. Help!..lazy, out of shape northener just booked florida vacation! 3 weeks!
  145. Post-workout snacks?
  146. Captain America Workout!
  147. Crossfit members/do'ers
  148. Seeking home-visiting personal trainer near Bridgeport CT for aging mother
  149. Pilates for fitnrss
  150. Does anyone else have this problem?
  151. Handstand Push-ups Tutorial
  152. The best way for women to gain muscle/definition.
  153. Just finished my power rack, time to get swole
  154. An Interesting Post About Tabata
  155. Sore -- should I LHT tomorrow?
  156. Bonus Video: Front Lever to Muscle-up
  157. The Challenge
  158. Ouch my hamstring!
  159. Going from what I thought was right to Primal!
  160. 6 Pack Abs??
  161. Some Inspiration For Anyone Who's Working On Their First Muscle-up
  162. Primal Chicagoans Meetup!
  163. A post that will piss off everyone except the primal tribe & DIY dip bar!
  164. Primal Fitness and Lupus
  165. Toning hips/Thighs/butt
  166. Your thoughts/advice (running with toddler)
  167. A Celebration!
  168. Exercise plan to counter type II diabetes / insulin resistance
  169. Started 30 day challenge AND CrossFit this morning!
  170. Who needs a weighted vest when you have...
  171. No weight room? Aaah, I'm lost!
  172. Lung improvement exercises?
  173. Need help choosing an exercise
  174. Интелектуа
  175. Vibram Fivefingers on asphalt
  176. Working out like mad, eating little and still no weight loss?
  177. is a break in lifting heavy things needed?
  178. Sprints and Shoe Choices
  179. crossfit
  180. Have you seen this guy yet?
  181. I didn't realize people did this
  182. come here
  183. Sprinting and Leg Cramps
  184. When to go beyond the carb threshhold
  185. Downtrodden and confused.
  186. What brand/type of multivatims do you all take?
  187. New Workout on Sandbag Fitness
  188. If you are in the Phoenix AZ area...
  189. dealing with chaffing
  190. Elbow Pain
  191. Just started using kettle bells
  192. Little Brag
  193. strange pain - advice needed!
  194. Erica's first powerlifting meet! (video)
  195. Soreness?
  196. Convict Conditioning
  197. New to Weightlifting: Squats, Deadlifts, and Benchpress
  198. Interval apps
  199. Law Enforcement Fitness Exam
  200. Posture improvement?
  201. Sore muscles / Water retention / Inflammation?
  202. Will these bootcamp workouts hinder my fat loss (is it 'chronic cardio'?)
  203. The PB: Glycogen and You!
  204. Tabatas on Spin-Bike?
  205. Primal fitness for injured?
  206. Low Back Pain with Body Weight Squats
  207. Rack pulls
  208. Bush hunting, anyone seen this video before?
  209. One Arm Pull-ups and One Arm Chin-ups
  210. Tracy Anderson's Method Anybody?
  211. Pilates for good health
  212. New research seems to show light weights work at least as well
  213. newishbie--do I need to rest a day between strength workouts?
  214. Backyard wrastlin'
  215. I wanted to share my latest fitness project.
  216. Combining Sprints and MS?
  217. Grok squat
  218. HIT vs Crossfit vs Bodyweight
  219. Sprint Triathlon (Olympic Distance)...how catabolic?
  220. Purchasing first kettlebell!
  221. Wild Movement
  222. Heart Rate Question:
  223. What are the best conditions for sprinting?
  224. VLC working wonders for appetite, but...
  225. a question on planks
  226. 'Fun" bodyweight challenge today on Sandbag Fitness
  227. anyone workout while fasting?
  228. What is the best body building supplement for me?
  229. Noisy joints
  230. Grete Waitz, Cancer and Chronic Inflammation from Lifelong Distance Running
  231. Any DC Area PBers up for some physical activity?
  232. New Ideas for Programme Construction
  233. Training with resistance bands...thoughts?
  234. Via Anthony Colpo: The World's Most Primitive Gyms
  235. A little motivation from Bruce Lee...
  236. SL5x5 and diet
  237. Weight Lifting with shoulder injury
  238. Bike Commuting
  239. What is this about? How do I fix it?
  240. A quick question involving ankle fusions..
  241. Primal moves that improve posture?
  242. Explosive Body Weight Conditioning Workout!
  243. Weighted push ups or how to get your child to be your trainer
  244. Let's do some weighted pullups
  245. Mark and yoga?
  246. Mike Mahler Kettlebell Trainer ROCKS!
  247. Swimming
  248. Groin pain
  249. Yoga heads - DVD recommendation
  250. Sprinting may no longer be an option. Need recommendations.