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  1. 1st experience at Cross-Fit "On ramp" class...wondering, "is this normal?"
  2. Play/Workout Time At The Park =)
  3. No Gym? No problem
  4. Beginning SUP
  5. Need a more suitable PRE-workout fix!
  6. Great T-Nation Article
  7. Wall Street Journal Nordic Workout - Is this is joke
  8. Baby Squatting & Deadlifting
  9. Building the Gymnastics Body Workout Routine
  10. so i tried on some VFFs yesterday.... not impressed
  11. Crossfit Women Question
  12. Knee pain when squatting...
  13. How To Do The Splits Tutorial
  14. 6ft and 150 lbs. Do I look healthy?
  15. Popping posterior?
  16. Primal Game
  17. How to train Cardio
  18. chicken thighs + slow cooker = ???
  19. Primal Blueprint Fitness
  20. Total Body weight training - Help needed please!
  21. Vibrams chewing up my feet... how do you handle blisters?
  22. Shout out to all of you analyzers!
  23. Three HIIT Workouts A Week?
  24. E/C -- how bad is it?
  25. Is Our Walking "Enough?"
  26. New Pistol Squat Tutorial
  27. Hwlp me out with a couple Convict Conditioning questions
  28. Any exercises to strengthen the ankle?
  29. Question about walking
  30. Washing VFF Komodo Sports
  31. Kettlebells/jumprope circuit
  32. The line between "Slow and Long" and "Chronic Cardio"?
  33. Gaining weight? (belly)
  34. Combining Sprint and LHT
  35. Ottawa Spartan Race (sprint)
  36. Back Lever Practice
  37. Question about tabata sprints interval time
  38. Deactivate your power steering for a healthier drive.
  39. What's a good interval timer / stopwatch?
  40. Gymnastic Rings Question
  41. Tabata Strength Training - Leg Press, Pull-Down etc.
  42. Newbie weight lifter questions...
  43. Is trail running primal?
  44. is this right, shoulder and trapezious soreness day after kettlebell swings
  45. Adding Muscle - Raise Carbs or Raise Fats
  46. My New Kettlebells
  47. Recommend simple (minimalistic) exercise/workout online tracker
  48. Clubbellers: recommend a program
  49. US Army Bans Toe Shoes
  50. Milk for recovery?
  51. drinking alcohol on the primal blueprint?
  52. body weight exercises for legs?
  53. Interesting New Article on T-Nation
  54. Predator response? Days after my first real sprint, a new feeling.
  55. Any hobbits here?
  56. Swimming Instead of Sprints?
  57. Best cardio exercise
  58. Extreme vocals and primal fitness?
  59. Beach workouts
  60. Did I sprint too hard?
  61. crossfit women
  62. Raw Butter or Kerrygold?
  63. HIIT for Post Heart Attack Therapy
  64. Will My Shin Splints Ever Go Away?
  65. Too much soccer?
  66. Spinning Bike
  67. Crossfit - Intro Day
  68. Kettlebell workout routines geared for fat loss?
  69. "Sprinting" on a bicycle
  70. strength ladders this morning— 5k tonight?
  71. Improving Max Rate?
  72. Bench vs Dips
  73. Sledgehammer workouts
  74. Pull-ups for Women: You can do it!
  75. How do Vibrams compare as far as durability goes?
  76. new shoes
  77. Food before walking? Or walking before food?
  78. What is the best time of day to exercise for weight loss?
  79. So WHY is walking so good again?
  80. Bodyfat Estimation Thread
  81. How can I look like Mark Sisson?
  82. Metroflex Gym Powerbuilding Basics
  83. Reps?
  84. Am I peeing ketones?
  85. Not losing weight but gaining muscle. I hope!?!? A few questions.
  86. Question about respiration rate and overall fitness
  87. Accidental Standing Desk
  88. Need a little motivation?
  89. The Single Leg Deadlift
  90. How much is too much?
  91. HIIT Infographic
  92. Not getting strength or physique results :( - WHAT HAS WORKED FOR YOU??
  93. The Jeopardy! Workout
  94. PB fitness Routine
  95. MIND Fitness/Brain Jogging/Work out the brain and memory functions
  96. Diet to increase muscular size
  97. Best Sport/Exercise that builds muscle?
  98. Question about my fitness
  99. Developing explosive power/speed
  100. Overhead Press tips?
  101. Handstand Push Up Tutorial!!
  102. Carbs and Crossfit Recovery
  103. Muscle cramps
  104. Lower Back Issue - Need Advice
  105. Ketogenic zone advice please???
  106. MovNat - As Primal as it Gets
  107. Grok didnt' need a dating site; He had a club!
  108. IF and Sprinting
  109. shooting pain in upper arm
  110. Fitness Success Stories -- PRs, Unexpected Advances, and More!
  111. Headache in lower head, upper neck region while lifting?
  112. Warrior Dash
  113. How soon after working out it is necessary to eat?
  114. What HIIT Workout Would You Suggest . . .
  115. Best VFF Style for golf
  116. Sprint Question
  117. Look what I found browsing DSW over the weekend.
  118. Mental toughness Training
  119. First day of going Primal and doing the Primal Blueprint fitness workout
  120. Gain Muscle Reduce Fat
  121. Try my Personal Trainer Assessment Exam
  122. Anyone Own the Inov 8 Bare Grip 200's?
  123. Workout addiction?
  124. Learning Handstand Pushup
  125. Pecan Waffles
  126. forward head posture, relief?
  127. Chalean Extreme?
  128. Ankles
  129. Mark Sisson doing SuperSlow exercises!
  130. Primal Hunting Workout Idea
  131. Arthritic Shoulder - Need Joint Replaced - Exercise Help
  132. Vibrams? Few questions...
  133. Women lifting heavy and gym instructors
  134. Are things such as the Spartan Race a no-no?
  135. Chin-up issues... Might this go away eventually?
  136. Trx
  137. Any fitness advice for those with adrenal fatigue
  138. Kettlebell Swings - Aerobic or Anaerobic
  139. Thoughts on the RKS System
  140. Get Your Free 68 Page Sandbag Fitness Training Manual
  141. Moving Slowly IS Chronic Cardio?
  142. Very long stretchs.
  143. Random Crossfit Question
  144. Knee Pain
  145. What Lift Heavy Things (BW) program do you follow?
  146. Bodyrock.tv ROCKS!
  147. Adrenal Fatigue And Light Yoga
  148. A Horrible Idea? (Minimalist Shoes)
  149. Move Frequently at a Slow Pace (stumbling beginner)
  150. My Barefoot Running Experience (so far)
  151. Elliptical question
  152. Parkour
  153. HIIT questions...
  154. Rebel Race
  155. What should I do? Hernia related
  156. Shoulder Joint Health - I need some help
  157. Puppy Push Ups!!
  158. Too old for crossfit?
  159. Back In The Game
  160. going to bjj class with poison ivy?
  161. Strength "memory" OR "Where the hell did my strength go!?!?!?!"
  162. Are bodyweight exercises enough to overcome bird legs?
  163. Can't fnd my motivation. :(
  164. Dips!! How to progress, how to achieve, and how to challenge yourself!
  165. Fitness for the stupidly obese?
  166. Want to try Crossfit but...
  167. Barefoot Running Benefits without Running Barefoot - TrainingPeaks article
  168. Power Tower Recommendations
  169. Metro Dash
  170. Headaches When I Exercise
  171. HRM with XL chest strap?
  172. Analyze and Advise
  173. Beach Hikes w/ a Weight Vest
  174. New and could use some opinions on swimming and yoga.
  175. What's your sprinting routine?
  176. Anyone know an alternative to handstands?
  177. Carpal Tunnel -- cramping my style big time!
  178. Tough Mudder & Warrior Dash
  179. Fun New Calisthenics/Bodyweight Workout Video!
  180. Can anyone tell me about Ultimate Frisbee?
  181. Alternative to Bench Press
  182. Body Types - has anyone really changed theirs?
  183. My Summary of "Body by Science"
  184. HIIT for someone who can't run/sprint or ride a bike?
  185. WSJ - Aping the Early Human Workout
  186. ...'stimulation'
  187. Help finding studies to give Naturopath
  188. Shameless plug for AirCrewFit.com
  189. Which is better for PWO carbs?
  190. Kinesis - new workout machines
  191. Training ideas for races...like Tough Mudder!
  192. I have this training idea....
  193. Can I still get a six pack?
  194. Broke toe in VFF's :(
  195. How thorough is stronglifts?
  196. Need Fitness Plan Help To Break Plateau - What To Do Other Than Rock Climb?
  197. Avoiding Injuries with Strength Training
  198. Strength training = sleepy arms?
  199. I need some inspiraion for my weight lifting routine!
  200. 10+ hrs of low intensity cardio a week
  201. Primal Fitness and Kids
  202. Crossfit seems pretty cool...
  203. Working around an injury
  204. From bodybuilder routine to pb workout
  205. I'm I geeting this right?
  206. anyone done the Warrio Dash, Spartan Race, Barbarian Challenege, Tough Mudd
  207. Sprinting Frequency
  208. Favourite dumbbell lifts?
  209. Would greatly appreciate some help and guidance please!
  210. Pushups and overhead press
  211. newbie
  212. Cardio on Rest days - Better workouts! Better all around!
  213. Burning out I think
  214. Shin Splints?
  215. When to workout - Sacrefice sleep or food?
  216. Pop goes the hammy!
  217. Workout before upon awakening. Empty stomach or quick snack?
  218. one piece of equipment
  219. oh man, my adductors
  220. Foot cramps while side planking?
  221. Heel Strike Havoc
  222. Elbow Pain with Pullups
  223. Spartacus Circuit workout
  224. Resources for Movement Quality
  225. Barefoot Running with Plantar faciitis?
  226. Herbalife
  227. Bursitis or just hip pain from suqats
  228. a met-con workout of sorts that doesn't bother the knee
  229. What's your WO when the heat index is in the 110+ range?
  230. Saint Louis Workout
  231. New Videos -- Olympic Weightlifting
  232. Gluteus Medius Problem
  233. Noob Transitioning from P90X, Insanity, Marathons, etc...
  234. Alternatives to Overhead Press/ Pull-Ups
  235. Buliding muscle while under house arrest
  236. Results vs Time article - thoughts?
  237. Confusion reps and reps to failure
  238. Is this too much cardio?
  239. so how should i eat if i can only exercise at night
  240. inversion tables
  241. Just finished my first crossfit session...
  242. Got $1200 lying around and don't know what to do with it?
  243. RKC Rite of Passage Modification: Opinions, please!
  244. Great Moves for Plantar Fasciitis
  245. Push-up handles
  246. Tips for Hot Weather
  247. Some choices
  248. Fitness for a broken ankle.
  249. Do some curls while checking email bro....
  250. What are people's views on Tabata?