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  1. Good ol' Grok Scrub Bash vs. Primal Pavement Punishment
  2. Walking with weights... 30lb toddler on my back =)
  3. Help with Balancing the Workouts, Please
  4. How not to exercise?
  5. Biceps pain while doing pull-ups
  6. Fellow Crossfit lovers
  7. strengthening the leg
  8. Where does hockey fall in the 10 Primal Blueprint Laws?
  9. Weighted vest for walking
  10. Give some best Primal diet plan to reduce my fat in one moneth
  11. Will HIT (High Intensity Training) help improve my run time?
  12. Sh*t Climbers Say
  13. Muscle soreness/stiffness
  14. Tough Mudder Training for May
  15. New fitness eBook - Sandbag Training
  16. Questions for crossfitters
  17. Navy seal fitness
  18. Addicted joggers, bullshit Vibrams, and anti-running rant....
  19. Body Weight Complex For Fat Loss and Combat Conditioning!
  20. P90x or PBF
  21. Motivation: How Bad Do You Want It?
  22. Cycling & burning thighs
  23. INSANITY or other Beachbody programs?
  24. Trapeze lessons and other fun things?
  25. Crossfit lovers - Tell me to stop being a chicken
  26. Cyclists?
  27. Increase Training Volume by Increasing Frequency?
  28. Dead lifting and lower back
  29. Climbing 60 metre ladders
  30. primal outdoor training/play structure?
  31. Caloric Requirements for Exercise, help please!! :)
  32. Climbing for LHT
  33. Pull-up bar for the door frame
  34. Interviewed a Previous Biggest Loser Contestant
  35. Jack Lalanne has always been a hero of mine.....
  36. Carb flu asthma? Or something else?
  37. Starting out strength training
  38. Fitness goal
  39. Pull ups, grease the grove, once a week a la body by science?
  40. Squat form question
  41. Most functional bodyweight, suspension and dumbbell exercises
  42. Death of Squats?
  43. Hill walking...
  44. Pull-up Battle *Video!*
  45. Post your favorite meditation technique!
  46. Am I Nuts?
  47. Help me understand!
  48. Eye floaters and weight bearing exercise
  49. New to Primal Considering Jack Rack
  50. Critique My Power Clean
  51. What's the name of the device at the gym that trains both feet and legs?
  52. Staggered Leg Squats
  53. post p90x workout to keep body composition ?
  54. If You Have an iOS Device
  55. Herniated disks with tears/pain- exercise program?
  56. P90x or PBF
  57. A Self-Assessment Question
  58. Very Weak Muscles...
  59. Looking for a great workout program that will get me ripped. Please help
  60. YAYOG questions
  61. Home Pull/Chin Ups~Suggestions
  62. Trying to get lean?
  63. New caveman needs advice on primal fitness - especially heart rate
  64. I was thinking about joinging a Crossfit until I found this....
  65. Maximize Fat Loss
  66. Myofascial Release: Is it all woo woo?
  67. Looking for Crossfit replacement. Mercola's Peak 8?
  68. calisthenics
  69. Who's doing the Spartan Race this year?
  70. Sore muscles - exercise or rest?
  71. Crossfit and carb amounts
  72. The 27 Rules of Conquering the Gym
  73. Any thoughts/tweaks to my fitness routine?
  74. ★ ★ ★ Challenge Yourself: Do a Pull-Up in 2012 ★ ★ ★
  75. What does everyone think of DTP training?
  76. Not sure what to do Primal Blueprint Fitness or Convict Conditioning?
  77. Weight lifting shoes: Where's the threshold?
  78. Some more mainstream press for the Primal lifestyle (And me!)
  79. Sandbag Training Workshop
  80. Starting strength program - Anyone want to join me?
  81. Cheap Rower Worth Buying?
  82. Bikram Yoga...anyone?
  83. Kid squats vs my squats
  84. 2012 Slow Movement Challenge
  85. when i hit myself in the stomach, it feels amazing
  86. What You Need to Know about Lowering Cholesterol without Medication
  87. I love going to the doctors
  88. StrongLifts 5x5 - Should I?
  89. Smith machine bad?
  90. Crazy workout = disabled for four days...too much inactivity
  91. Pull ups
  92. Achilles tendon hurting
  93. Foam Rolling: Ineffective for extending ROM
  94. More versatile than expected: Power Racks/Cages
  95. Sprints Or Distance Running - McDougal's Barefoot TED Talk
  96. Permanent exercise restrictions post surgery and living Primal
  97. Incorporating P90X into Primal Living... How?
  98. Restarting Fitness
  99. Foot Injury and Running
  100. Bulking Up
  101. Navy Seal fitness
  102. I forgot I had this
  103. Awesome Fitness/Nutrition Q&A from TNation
  104. Where can I improve?
  105. Weighted Squats
  106. best removable pull up bar
  107. Shoes - "duck feet"
  108. gardening
  109. Dips and Kettlebells
  110. Medicine Ball recommendations
  111. Problem lifting heavy things
  112. Active in the past, Not so active now! HELP w/ any ideas !?!?! :)
  113. 100 pushups
  114. Weightlifting Website ('76 ripped?)
  115. BCOR Fitness (Boot Camp) Update and WARNING
  116. What are your fitness goals?
  117. sprint question
  118. Trying to understand some things - long newb ramble inside - advice wanted
  119. Foam roller abuse?
  120. Is doing the Simple Fit workout three times a week enough?
  121. Pull ups with twisty handles. What's your opinion?
  122. One Leg, Many Feats (Single Leg Squat Progresssion) *Video*
  123. Pull up bar recommendation?
  124. Exercise for morbidly obese....
  125. One rep max, able to repeat after rest. Usefulness...
  126. Sprints Question!
  127. Trekking to Everest base camp...
  128. Pullup bar
  129. Overhead Press? Really?
  130. Question on flexibility
  131. Finding 1 Rep Max
  132. Chinups vs pullups?
  133. Alternates to Squats - bad knees
  134. A Single Weight-Lifting Exercise?
  135. Coming back from a broken arm
  136. You are your own gym
  137. What the hell is happening to me?!
  138. Good ideas for bodyweight-related workout equipment
  139. When it is too cold/snowy outside to do sprints...
  140. Anyone here doing the Simple Fit workout routine?
  141. Doing a full body circuit every other day? Good Idea?
  142. A Funny Look At Crossfit For Noobs
  143. Bulgarian Bag, or sandbag, opinions and onions
  144. Finally got there, I think
  145. sooo what do you all do the rest of your day?
  146. New Sandbag Training Article
  147. Boy, how I can see why Mark hates long distance running!
  148. walking barefoot on sand
  149. Jungle Gym XT - what's a good way to secure this to something?
  150. Splitting bodyweight workouts.
  151. So uh... how do you workout at a "regular" gym?
  152. not enough exercise?
  153. Bodyweight routine
  154. Injury workout advice
  155. alternative for sprinting
  156. Newbie Weight Lifting Question
  157. A question for those who own kettlebells...
  158. Ravenous After Cardio
  159. Grrr at personal trainers!
  160. Push-up Battle *Video!*
  161. convict conditiong 2 grip workout progression
  162. tricep tendon issue
  163. Strength Gains On Primal
  164. Lifting Through Carb Flu
  165. What workout or exercise works for you
  166. Confused about results from different fitness approaches
  167. Primal Fitness Adventure
  168. The Distance Between Desire and Action
  169. You see someone doing squats horribly wrong at the gym
  170. Question Re: PB Fitness Plan
  171. can steroids help reboot my system?
  172. failed a rep, bros
  173. Favorite pull up bar?
  174. knee problems
  175. Does MDA still advocate Crossfit?
  176. Exercising with toddler...any ideas?
  177. favorite lift
  178. OK, it's not about the numbers...
  179. Exercises for lowering BF%?
  180. People Are Awesome!
  181. Question for Al Kavadlo (or any other calisthenic/nutrition expert)
  182. strange knee (sorta) ache
  183. primal powerlifting
  184. More lean muscle mass related to health?
  185. Alternative for spinting outside during dark and snowy winter?
  186. Can you recommend me any good workout DVD's?
  187. Multi-day hiking w/backpack in minimalist shoes?
  188. My Vibrams are too small.... :(
  189. Sandbag trainers?
  190. A little national exposure on being BAREFOOT
  191. Anyone in NYC?
  192. Would this be a good workout?
  193. Pull ups - advice please
  194. The Lost Secret of Running
  195. Isometric Stretching for Flexibility
  196. Chronic Cardio Increases Life Expectancy
  197. Gymnastic Rings
  198. Workouts for the holidays
  199. Rest days
  200. Good heart rate watch/chest strap and interval timer?
  201. Karvonen heart rate method or the method used in the primal Blue Print
  202. Female Primal Women and Men (but mainly women needed) - Exercises
  203. Boobs that makes sense *sarcasm *
  204. How is my workout rotuine.
  205. training for a hockey goalie
  206. give us some tips for fitness
  207. Portable Pullup Station
  208. what if a man chose to keep squatting bodyweight, never adding to the bar?
  209. Anything wrong with LHT and IF on the same days?
  210. Primal Minded Personal Trainer
  211. Marathons and Triathlons can Damage the Heart
  212. Bad Weather/Winter Exercise?
  213. shiftworker mom having hard time fitting in workouts, help please
  214. Sandbag Crossfit Workout
  215. One Tree Hill CSI New York Gilmore Girls Sons of Anarchy Sons of Anarchy -D
  216. Recommend me some books on building muscle
  217. What my brother said...
  218. How is a trail different?
  219. Did you repair your muscle separation without surgery?
  220. Anyone familiar with Les Mills Body Pump?
  221. can't afford to join box...pointers?
  222. New Exercise Ideas and Intermittent Fitness?
  223. Irish Dancing for Intense Cardio
  224. Photos from holiday gains back down to normal, starting 12-5
  225. P90X with Paleo
  226. biking instead of driving
  227. Help me get back into exercise!
  228. Reebok Reaflex
  229. Workout to smoke your grip!
  230. Thoughts on barefoot running and my half marathon
  231. Need Serious Help Rehabbing Legs
  232. Lifting but getting flabby! No Way!!
  233. Teen doing starting strength
  234. Props to Al, article in T-Nation
  235. Thera-band
  236. Lack of symetry in muscle development
  237. What exactly is 'stamina'?
  239. Motivation for winter workouts
  240. Finally bit the bullet...
  241. Hands Down The Easiest Way To Achieve The Muscle Up!
  242. Shameless plug for my new T-Nation article on Muscle-ups
  243. What's your weak link?
  244. Warrior Dash 2012!
  245. Sounds like a plan?
  246. Has anybody tried Zem shoes?
  247. 13 Tips for Choosing a CrossFit Gym
  248. Anyone have a soloflex?
  249. How long before there's a Primal/Paleo Retreat-resort?
  250. What are some good core workouts