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  1. Chronic cardio and crossfit: A critique of crossfit type training
  2. Taking a Week Off?
  3. If barefoot is so great - why are top athletes still wearing running shoes?
  4. Howard to Lakers, is the NBA becoming La Liga?
  5. There is no such thing as cardio
  6. Is walking every day considered chronic cardio?
  7. Squat tips
  8. How to prepare for a 5k, the primal way
  9. Aspatame and Carbs
  10. working out again after ED - how to progress?
  11. Working Out With Broken Arm?
  12. The Plank - Numbness/Tingling in legs
  13. Reply to today's post - Negatives.
  14. Therapy Tip for Chronic Injuries: And a BIG thanks to this forum.
  15. DIY Adult Jungle Gym?
  16. Question re: reps and frequency.
  17. body weigh deadlifts?
  18. Getting more active play, but more lazy about workouts?
  19. Isometric weight training
  20. Exercises for balance
  21. The Bowflex HIT Pistol....What ju Say?
  22. Thick bars!
  23. I'm getting a lot of concerned looks
  24. Too advanced for SS?
  25. Question about Shoes and Tendons
  26. Tried a new workout today...
  27. Bacon + Kate Moss = Vegan buster
  28. alternating starting strength and PBF?
  29. question about bodyweight squats
  30. sidelined
  31. Thoughts on Programming
  32. Sledgehammer super-setting
  33. Burpees
  34. Good article about "cardio"
  35. Jack Lalanne
  36. Looking for program to add bulk/mass quickly
  37. No-Equipment Workout (Video!)
  38. Sprints + Weights on same day?
  39. sporadic fitness all day long (grazing) VS. daily "all-at-once" workout
  40. Burning sensation in thighs
  41. Let's say I start a regular workout program...
  42. Exercise while Travelling
  43. What next ..
  44. SimpleFit question for those that do it
  45. Recovery for newbies
  46. Walking barefoot is really jarring, what am I doing wrong?
  47. Rebel Strength Guide (Nerd Fitness)?
  48. Weight lifters: sweet potato or white rice?
  49. Exercise advice needed please
  50. Le Methode Naturelle
  51. I'm having a hard time deciding between P90X and my local Crossfit Gym
  52. Convict Conditioning Kindle version?
  53. LHT progressions
  54. "Toughening" the Body
  55. What exercises/stretches to start with from being inactive for a long time?
  56. HIT Swimming
  57. Hiking, Weight Gain, and Lack of Sunburn
  58. Question about weight gain and lifting
  59. is elephant man workout primal?
  60. Review of Coach Palfrey's New ebook
  61. Pain- in bones??? Help, please.
  62. Coconut water as post-workout drink?
  63. Yoga anatomy question
  64. knee issues while heavy lifting any advice
  65. Vacation WODs
  66. Walk to Mordor with 130+ Others
  67. Crossfit question...
  68. My Primal Workout Regimen
  69. Sprinting more than once a week?
  70. Give me a primal workout
  71. Ladies-- tired days?
  72. The dark days
  73. Advice for a ligament tear
  74. Moving to Denver in two weeks....so about this altitude thing
  75. Yay, hit 400 on my DL
  76. Squats and squatting free weights
  77. Rotator Cuff Injury-Ouch! Any Advice?
  78. Toning
  79. Seal grinder pt
  80. Fit Women Rule!
  81. I Know Chronic Cardio Is Bad . . . .
  82. Belly Fat
  83. Will sprinting lower my resting heart rate?
  84. Foam Rolling for Injury Prevention
  85. F*cked up my foot by running with barefoot shoes
  86. Biking (and Carbs)
  87. on DOMS cessation...
  88. Does clenching work?
  89. Monthly Challenges
  90. New And Need some advice on my workout program
  91. How to exercise for an increase in bone density.
  92. Question on not getting too thin and building muscle
  93. SS - typical stall weight and what next?
  94. Getting that first pull-up: question
  95. Down 50 lbs-Not noticing physical difference?
  96. Exhausting first lift heavy things workout
  97. Vibram Five Fingers Fitting?
  98. You Are Your Own Gym - ideas?
  99. Muscle recruitment when cycling
  100. Merrell Dash Glove- some questions about easing into them
  101. Too much slow movement?
  102. Muscle Imbalance - How out of whack am I?
  103. Tabata sprints day after heavy lifting?
  104. Funny Coincidence Today
  105. Motivational thread
  106. Exercising while fasting
  107. Squat form check
  108. Sandbag Training For MMA & Combat Sports
  109. First Bite of the Apple
  110. thoughts on workouts through an injury
  111. Death To Cardio!
  112. Time To Stop Screwing Around - Drop Body Fat
  113. starting strength chest
  114. What is the best workout supplement to build muscle quickly and burn fat?
  115. Confused about cardio
  116. Sprints causing the BACK of knee to become sore/pulled ??
  117. Advice wanted on qualifying for USMC fitness test
  118. Running, energy, calories and carbs. Please help me sort this out.
  119. Head/Ear Congestion During Workouts? {also: squat form}
  120. Ankle injury - to use or not to use?
  121. Jump rope
  122. Running barefoot - How far? jpg
  123. Vibrams and ankle weirdness...
  124. website/app help
  125. Problems with feet and vibrams?
  126. Weight and cardio training
  127. Another annoying "What weight kettlebell should I buy" thread
  128. How fast do you lose strength?
  129. Kip-up Tutorial
  130. Yet another squat question
  131. Minimalist Shoes for Big(ger) Guy?
  132. Anyone use an under the desk bicycle?
  133. Primal training for cyclocross
  134. Do you sometimes lose desire to train and does it come back?
  135. Exhaustion after lifting? Pre/post WOM?
  136. What equipment should I get?
  137. fasted exercise and dawn effect for type 2 diabetics
  138. Some info from Drew Baye, HIT
  139. Reps versus holds
  140. Injuries from not wearing vibrams?
  141. Raced My First Triathlon Yesterday!
  142. Is it good to be sore the next day, or not?
  143. want to Lift Heavy Things but don't have access to weights or a gym
  144. glucose w/o fructose energy source for endurance training
  145. Alternate Workouts for an Injury
  146. One-arm Chin Up
  147. minimizing loss of muscle while recovering?
  148. Shoulder press or dips
  149. Here's why shoulder stuff is gone from PBF.
  150. Scooby's fitness website
  151. Thoughts on these supplements?
  152. 3-week free gym membership - older woman needs advice, please
  153. Cast iron v. Steel kettlebells
  154. Potassium and Magnesium for DOMS
  155. why do my legs twitch painfully?
  156. 325 pound female - 45 minutes at the gym - what should I do?
  157. energy levels for a fitness noob
  158. Overcoming a Fitness Rut
  159. Vitargo
  160. Sandbag Training Video
  161. Should I be losing weight?
  162. Alternative to pullups?
  163. NatMov
  164. 10,000 KB swing challenge in 10 or 30 days
  165. Setting weight training goals
  166. Face pull - same as ring rows?
  167. After One Year...
  168. Cleans and squats on a pulley
  169. run times
  170. Starting strength and pushups
  171. tweaking current gym routine to progress to free weights
  172. Fasting with weight training
  173. A good 'primal' Hills series
  174. Sandbag Training Stuff
  176. Newbie question about the push press
  177. Most important lifts?
  178. Push press
  179. Cycling to move slowly
  180. Recovery from a torn labrum
  181. primal beginner need workout tips
  182. Swimming is Fattening
  183. Your body is your gym
  184. Hitting all muscle fiber types
  185. Need help with gaining strength
  186. I don't want man hands but I want to do chin-ups and pull-ups
  187. Wendler's 5/3/1 with Boring but Big assistance - how much to eat?
  188. I have no idea where to begin! Halp?
  189. Sciatic troubles
  190. How do you determine which fitness level you are at?
  191. Increasing calf size measurement
  192. Starting Strength/LeanGains/protein supplements
  193. Daily work-outs. How long before I'm in the red?
  194. Squatting - knees over toes?
  195. Creatine and Glutamine for women?
  196. Pre Warrior Dash Meal
  197. Viking Warrior conditioning - Kettlebells - logging progress
  198. I have 10 lb dumbbells...
  199. New to this - Amount of sets per exercise?
  200. Is there a trick to Double Unders?
  201. Weekly fitness... Too much?
  202. Bike recommendations?
  203. Carb burning question
  204. elliptical for bad back?
  205. Squats
  206. Balancing leaning out vs gaining muscle
  207. Help me name my kayak.
  208. Jogging?
  209. Leangains Ratios
  210. Workout Tweak
  211. winded beyond belief !
  212. How To Cure Your Lower Back Pain!
  213. What weight kettlebell should I buy? to strengthen my back (prevent injury
  214. Help please!!
  215. God I love primal
  216. CrossFit: Cautiously hopeful
  217. Anyone do a mixture of PBF and Starting Strength?
  218. Runners stitch
  219. Women, do you exercise during your period?
  220. Stonger and more flexible... from doing nothing?!
  221. effects of exercise on anxiety?
  222. Cardio concept
  223. Dr. Ed Thomas Lecture
  224. They're called workouts, not funouts
  225. Insanity workout DVDs. Has anyone tried them?
  226. Why would someones hands shake after working out?
  227. A followup
  228. Help, I'm addicted...
  229. Can I/what to, add to Starting Strength
  230. Calling Walkers and Hikers
  231. Clapping Chin-ups. How many can you do?
  232. Something cool just happend for me......
  233. 3 best exercises to strengthen back muscles (to prevent back injury)
  234. Sprinters - Has anyone else been doing the 10-20-30 workout?
  235. Need some help!
  236. Bloating after exercise
  237. When play goes sideways
  238. PB fitness schedule made by Mark
  239. Sprinting/HIT workouts.
  240. Wide leg squats - what's the difference?
  241. Sprint volume
  242. The 75% rule of cardio
  243. What are you current lift stats?
  244. Weight training help for my girlfriend with Crohn's on a deficit?
  245. Help me beat my husband...
  246. Name this stretch
  247. Looking for plank progressions
  248. PBF 3 times a week too much?
  249. Deadlift Headache
  250. How long does it take to have visible results?