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  1. Has anyone lost, then regained, an inch or more of height? I have!
  2. The change that saved my life .... 8 months in TODAY - 106+ lbs down
  3. I Can't Believe It's Been a Year...
  4. Progress
  5. 5k in my Vibrams!
  6. Wow, I totally messed myself up
  7. My success story- PB works, even for girls!
  8. Summer clothes change out!
  9. Approaching 50..better late than never
  10. Mini Success!
  11. The primal lifestyle is GOOD.
  12. I'm free at last!
  13. Those who had only about 15 pounds to lose:
  14. before and after (pics)
  15. I was used for my diet - a rant
  16. Crossfit + Paleo Success Story
  17. New Measurements
  18. In starting to struggle..... again
  19. What made it successful for you?
  20. Successful weight loss for women?
  21. Rhinitis/sinusitis from grains?
  22. Going primal and my gut issues
  23. Good result with "grocery store" foods?
  24. Primal Nerds!!!
  25. Sleep
  26. Paleo, and Parents
  27. Went for a sprint the other day..
  28. Mindset
  29. For the first time since 1998...
  30. Wow, I totally get it now.
  31. well thats a after before comparison...discuss :)
  32. The 1000 times people call you crazy...
  33. Two weeks in and nine pounds down...
  34. Introduction and success story, sorry, no pix
  35. Have to squeal happily about a tiny little triumph
  36. Primal pet chatter =)
  37. 4 weeks in....
  38. Going back to school thanks to Paleo!
  39. Banana Chips?
  40. What really works?
  41. New School Lunch Program released
  42. Hi! My 3 month Journey.
  43. I don't understand my parents.
  44. Started "Primal" approximately two weeks ago---lost 13 lbs already!!!
  45. Finally no more anemia!
  46. Advice for rapid weight loss. IF??
  47. Adding Primal Blueprint Fitness
  48. Proof that primal is helping me lose fat and gain muscle
  49. Share things you've learned!
  50. A work in progress!!
  51. First two major successes on PB
  52. So many firsts!! LOVE this choice I've made!!!
  53. Can you see a difference?
  54. Primal in Indiana, begging for help. (Literally)
  55. And the weight is STILL off!!!
  56. Sneezing
  57. So I found my old food journal...
  58. 90 days of hunting the neighborhood dogs. (3 month success pics)
  59. Reversing Health Problems -- Take THAT PCOS!
  60. So how'd 2011 treat you? Did you achieve your goals? Goals for 2012?
  61. Women who have lost over 100 lbs.
  62. Something wonderful happened to me today!!!!
  63. Two Months In
  64. This article hit home for me, for some reason...
  65. Belly changes since going primal - Contains belly pics - May be gross.
  66. Explaining Paleo/Primal is EXHAUSTING...
  67. New Success Stories Pages
  68. Four days in....
  69. My stretchmarks are gone.
  70. Quitting Rice
  71. 12 weeks in. Results thus far!
  72. Finally it is clicking
  73. A Primal couple at Christmas (155 pounds lost)
  74. Words of Wisdom/Encouragement
  75. No yet....
  76. A Primal Difference
  77. 2 Month Results Pics
  78. The bad part about Primal....
  79. INFO On Intermittent fasting....
  80. Slow Transformation
  81. First Blood Work Results -- Whoo-HOO!
  82. Endomorphs body type....HELP
  83. Success in small places...
  84. Primal Hall Pass for 3 days
  85. My beginners success....
  86. Thanksgiving Success Stories!
  87. Slowwww Weight Loss?
  88. Small (but huge!) Changes!
  89. Reflection
  90. Two successes Plantar Facsiitis and Insomnia.
  91. Celebrate! I Feel Great
  92. After 1 month
  93. No old lady, uncomfortable, itchy, girdle for ME today....
  94. Sugar Out of Control
  95. 2 Month Update
  96. My Mum is primal and doesn't even know it!
  97. First 7-weeks and flying high
  98. One month progress pictures.
  99. My DH's classes on nutrition in the academy...
  100. Fun Picture showing what dropping 120 pds since January looks like
  101. One month in and...well...
  102. 3 weeks into my new Primal lifestyle!!!
  103. Blood Work Success!
  104. Lost 10lbs so far, which is a lot for me!
  105. Success story of a Viking - 26 pounds in a month
  106. no more muscle burning
  107. Three weeks and counting!
  108. Pinch me..this must be a dream
  109. "Frustrations" with paleo/primal
  110. Blood Improvements
  111. Primal is making me FAT! I am not a success story
  112. Biotin hot yoga
  113. "You have a calm pulse."
  114. massive weight loss folks (~100lbs+?) when did you first see/feel a change?
  115. How do you give a Sh**?
  116. My day in the ER
  117. 1 Month Results
  118. Already?
  119. New version of me, launching today.
  120. Why I Don't Really Come Around Here Anymore.. (90 lbs lost)
  121. Going 100 percent primal for 2 weeks
  122. Lost 22 pounds in 4 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  123. massive weight loss story
  124. 1 year primal
  125. Primal Blueprint for the physically challenged
  126. Bacon Saves!
  127. Naked pictures from fat to fit, well er..... fitter
  128. Primal successes, and failures...its a journey
  129. Before and Durings
  130. Awesome success story!
  131. 11 pounds gone, first two weeks
  132. Two months in, 11 lbs down, clothes falling off
  133. Going it alone, without family support
  134. Health is back.
  135. To Hell With the Scale: My 3 Month Results
  136. Today's my birthday, so it's a great day for some success!
  137. My success story - I think I'm finally off the roller coaster
  138. Difficulties reaching goal weight?
  139. 3 weeks in and feeling it
  140. weight stopped coming off?
  141. Successful Conversions
  142. My personal success story
  143. How time flies when you're having fun
  144. Bountiful Baskets
  145. Lose a ton of weight and gain a whole lot of backseat diet drivers
  146. "is that sustainable??!??"
  147. Quick Brag ;)
  148. Lyme Disease Anyone?
  149. Coffee and Intermittent Fasting
  150. Score!
  151. I just hit 7 pullups!!!!!!!!
  152. Getting my body back thanks to Paleo & Primal
  153. Swimsuit Success!!!
  154. Two years ago today
  155. A cry for help
  156. Diabetic getting control
  157. The Cold Shower Challenge
  158. Why most of paleo/primal people looks so good?
  159. Finally achieved ketosis!
  160. Off the wagon
  161. News flash: the PB works!
  162. The unfortunately typical end-of-life story
  163. Will Smith's Success Blueprint
  164. The 5 Minute Exercise That Changed My Life
  165. is there anyone know cacao league
  166. I'm Loving This
  167. Starting the Journey... Expressing Intention
  168. The start of my Mother in laws success story
  169. Do you ever find it hard to believe?
  170. Proud of myself- packed lunch
  171. Got Pretty "Primaled Out" Before Our Trip To Hawaii
  172. A question about the Carb-Flu...
  173. No pics yet, just a quick soundbite!
  174. Numbers on the scale, how I look
  175. Will I Gain Weight Before Loosing It?
  176. Download the Turbo Flex Pro Theme Master User's Manual
  177. Want an Xsitepro header & theme doing for a radio business
  178. James Schramko Shocks Online Community With Traffic Grab !
  179. Success stories about going from skinny to buff?
  180. 110 Pounds lost since Jan 24th
  181. Strong Sexy Ladies!
  182. My first compliment
  183. Guys! Check out this blog by one of our fellow forumees.
  184. My Steady Progress -- In Three Phases since Jan 2011
  185. Happy 4th of July 2011! An Army Vet Goes Primal & Loses 60 lbs. in 4 months
  186. Success of a stranger
  187. My 6 month progress
  188. Wife getting jealous and trying to sabotage nutrition and fitness rebirth ?
  189. 17 lbs down and no longer considered "obese".
  190. Apple Iphone 4 32GB Unlocked For sale
  191. My children's myopia is stopped - dead in its tracks!
  192. I must radiate the awesome
  193. I've officially lost over 50lbs since January.
  194. Five months primal... 20 lbs. gone and a lot of education acquired!
  195. I guess I'm a success story now
  196. some small, some large successes in my battle for good health
  197. My journey
  198. Quick big success, slower success, temptations, and remembering my goals
  199. Shifting goals?
  200. Calling all women
  201. I can cross my legs again
  202. For any of you doubters, it does work!
  203. Newbie here, and really enjoying the results -
  204. Progress so far.
  205. Grass fed holy grail!
  206. I'm Really Impressed By My Initial Results
  207. Cuz That's How It's Done!
  208. My Primal Results...
  209. Show off a kill/forage
  210. Why didn't anybody tell me about Primal Blueprint before.
  211. My parents are going to try Primal!!
  212. The middle aged thread :D
  213. Oh for crying out loud...
  214. My Success Story...Already!
  215. Cut It Out!
  216. facial changes
  217. Ladies..I am not sure if I am imagining this..
  218. Just finished the Warrior Dash
  219. Interesting comments from people who have not seen me for a while
  220. On my way...celebrating a small success!
  221. Expecting and wanting advice...
  222. My Success Story... at least, the first bit.
  223. "The wave of the future," says my doc
  224. GOAL MET! 83 LBS Lost! (Pictures Inside)
  225. Overcoming The Fat Girl Mentality
  226. Improvement in mental illness :)
  227. Success Story X's 10 million!!!! Life Changer
  228. Post about me on CrossFit Oakland's blog
  229. That "I Was One Fat F***" Moment
  230. In January I wore a size 20 or 22 pants.
  231. A Quick Progress Report
  232. If your weight loss stalls, get your RMR tested!
  233. Success!!
  234. No Stretch Marks?
  235. Primal influence making a difference even though money is tight.
  236. I'm heart and soul into primal living!!... except my body?
  237. Perfect Dental Check-up
  238. I have to buy all new clothes~!
  239. I think I like this...
  240. 94 days Primal and 84 pounds of fat gone
  241. Hemoglobin A1C lowered!
  242. Family Going Primal - REALLY EXCITED!!
  243. Celebrating what the Primal Blueprint and the MDA have done for me....
  244. Journey back to Life
  245. Lost 6.2 pounds since Sunday. Is everybody having these sort of results?
  246. The only thing better than needing new pants...
  247. Ladies... I have noticed a different result from primal. Have you?
  248. Success so far with the PB
  249. "Healthy" CW to PB
  250. Partial Success