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  1. Fasting triggers stem cell regeneration of damaged, old immune system
  2. Early Antibiotic Expsoure linked to lifetime of metabolic problems?
  3. Short article on lessons from evolutionary psychology on living life primal
  4. Please consider supporting UCSF study on Paleo for PCOS
  5. Hack my cholesterol issue, it would be greatly appreciated!
  6. VEMMA Liquid Multivitamin
  7. Undiagnosed right side abdominal pain
  8. RFID Madness
  9. Gluten Sensitivity
  10. Japan and Breast Cancer
  11. Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis two days ago. Here's my plan
  12. How long for carb cycling to work?
  13. The Healing Power of Cannabis, CBD
  14. "Atkins Attitude"
  15. Study: Grain-fed beef healthier than grass-fed!
  16. How much of the body should be exposed to the sun?
  17. Help I am losing my hair -Thyroid issues and hair loss
  18. Life With Multiple Myeloma
  19. Autoimmune blood work
  20. Association between Mg deficiency and bad cholesterol numbers?
  21. Have these studies already been considered here?
  22. Lack of heart disease in history due to lack of reporting? NY times article
  23. Intermittent Fasting Research
  24. Has anyone read about hemochromatosis carrier status?
  25. Multiple Murder in the U.S. Again
  26. Fish oil causes psychosis!
  27. Help me cast this research in a shadow of doubt! (Animal protein bad?!)
  28. Always Hungry? Here’s Why
  29. Suggested reading for athletes
  30. Gluten Intolerance May Not Exist?
  31. Health literacy
  32. Arthur Haines and the Neo-Aboriginal Lifeway
  33. Beef: grass-fed vs grain-fed
  34. Natural Antibiotics and Probiotics
  35. Saturated Fats being discussed on Radio 4 Today
  36. Increase in arch height from running in minimalist shoes
  37. Glycine: Protects against diabetes, sugar, cancer, stroke...
  38. Sprinting in your 90's
  39. Reduce heart disease by changing fat type
  40. Can I Get "Definitive" Fish Oil Advice?
  41. Pro Argi Plus
  42. Women who eat organic foods no less likely to develop cancer, research find
  43. **Single Moms Club
  44. Paleo clogs artheries?
  45. any definitive research done on primal diet without a gall bladder
  46. Drinking Tequila leads to weight loss?
  47. Flouride and Iodine
  48. Peat's ideas confusing me
  49. research - trying to see if i'm alone in this
  50. Do you need MORE oxidative stress to prevent diabetes, cvd, and cancer?
  51. New Fox article
  52. "Animal protein-rich diets could be as harmful to health as smoking"
  53. Atherosclerosis across 4000 years of human history
  54. Polyunsaturated fats, radicals and CHD
  55. Overfeeding Polyunsaturated vs Saturated Fat
  56. Algorithmic Approach To The Price Per Block - Is there any resea available?
  57. Ideal Intermittent Fasting Schedule
  58. Do low carb diets reduce muscle mass and disturb hormone balance?
  59. Dr. Oz Show about Diet
  60. Dietary studies to join?
  61. Big Picture Science podcast Skeptic Check: Paleo Diet
  62. Cholesterol Conundrum by Sheron Begley, evening Post
  63. The American and His Food
  64. Before agriculture low-carb?
  65. Looking for cholesterol advice/encouragement/thoughts
  66. Really interesting TV documentary - Origins of Us
  67. stumbling upon visionary Tolstoy
  68. Chicken?
  69. New research on recent evolution of starch digestion
  70. Omega-3-rich ground beef, not grass-fed though
  71. Study links high-fat diet late in pregnancy to child health risks
  72. Online course that looks to be informative. Human evolution
  73. Going to try CedarX for my allergies today - anyone else tried it?
  74. Science = broken, can we "fix" it?
  75. Facial Structure
  76. Cool epigenetics article
  77. Super High Total Cholesterol but Great Ratios
  78. Endurance Running vs Sprinting (Primal)
  79. Fire Retardants
  80. Old Ireland
  81. Tiger Nuts
  82. Whey protein and intestinal toxemia?
  83. Adrift on an Ice-pan
  84. Liptoprotien(a) ... Lp(a) what is this ?
  85. Beta Hydroxybutyrate
  86. Medieval Diets
  87. Fatty acid profile of oolichan grease
  88. Antibiotics, Gluten, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and Baldness
  89. A Niacin success story
  90. Primal Cure for Meniere's Disease.
  91. Which blood tests are worth doing?
  92. Red and Processed Meat Intake in Relation to Cancer Risk
  93. Nigella
  94. Tooth decay isn't just about sugar
  95. Butter vs. vegetable oils article from a nutritionist
  96. Grain Brain book and it's author interviewed on the People's Pharmacy
  97. Raw milk and illness in Minnesota
  98. Should Almond Flour be Used Sparingly?
  99. Leg bone gives up oldest human DNA
  100. Cheese Scanner
  101. How long have you kept fit? (Read before voting!)
  102. well, look what forbes is writing...What Grain Is Doing To Your Brain
  103. Censorship of HuffPost health articles?
  104. High fat = poor sleep!!!
  105. What your teeth say about your health
  106. Weight Of the Nation?
  107. Clearing RoundUp from drinking water?
  108. Confused about when to eat and fasting etc
  109. New Old News: Unprocessed fatty foods may actually be good for you
  110. David versus Monsanto
  111. Lifting in Pregnancy
  112. Study - GMOs are safe?
  113. bacon lowers sperm count?
  114. Vitamin D, Chlorine, and soap
  115. An Intriguing Article on Protein
  116. Career Reflections by Richard Hanson, CWRU
  117. Primal diet effective primarily due to adherence?
  118. Lieberman: Story of the Human Body
  119. Is Soy good or bad?
  120. Were the First Artists Mostly Women?
  121. Primal Eating and Hair Regrowth
  122. Food Babe.
  123. Chipotle is going Soy-Free!
  124. why not just give statins to everyone...
  125. Vultures
  126. Eating processed meat
  127. Olympian teeth
  128. Statin use and cataract formation
  129. Genetics and food
  130. Rosacea may be caused by mite faeces in your pores
  131. Interesting NYT Article Yesterday (9/23/13)
  132. Drug companies are hiding research
  133. More on the gut and immunity
  134. The ultimate legacy of that fool Keys
  135. Mark's Daily Apple Forum Rules
  136. Can't tolerate non vegetarian. Help!!!
  137. We now have little self control over our binge eating, study says
  138. Question about food allergy
  139. Study shows Tour de France riders live significantly longer (6.7 years)
  140. Diabetes epidemic in China
  141. Study shows fruit should be eaten but not drunk.
  142. UCLA Study suggests iron is at core of Alzheimer's Disease
  143. Primal and Mental Health
  144. Slides from AHS 13
  145. Hunter-gatherers taste for spice
  146. Primal eating & lupus. How to convince friends?
  147. LDL and coconut - testing my body!
  148. Are sleeping masks hurting more than helping?
  149. A moderate copper deficiency may make moderate fructose intake dangerous
  150. Animals also getting fatter
  151. Scientists say sugar at levels considered safe is harmful
  152. Would like to hear Mark what would say about this!
  153. High Blood Sugar Linked to Dementia
  154. BPA not harmful? / Self-Introduction
  155. Gluten and the gut
  156. Ancient Teeth - ABC Australia
  157. 12 Year Old Vegan Has the Degenerating Bones of 80 Year Old
  158. Statin Use and Risk of Diabetes
  159. How to Reset Your Internal Clock.
  160. Fat tax
  161. Would convincing research turn you away from paleo?
  162. Compound in the"Mediterranean Diet" that Makes Cancer Cells ‘Mortal’
  163. An Epidemic of Absence
  164. Breakfast linked to 'healthy heart'
  165. The rape of the British countryside
  166. New Study on the Effects of Fructose and Glucose on Liver Triacylglycerol
  167. Free allergy blood tests - donate for plasma research!
  168. Leptin
  169. Sweet snacks 'link to bowel cancer'
  170. NYTimes Article. Because we don't have enough carb wars around here already
  171. Elevated Gluten Antibodies Found in Children With Autism
  172. Thanks CBS Saturday Morning..
  173. insulin spike
  174. Omega 3's and Prostate Cancer
  175. Coca-Cola
  176. Pregnenolone
  177. They've Been Cheating Every Which Way - - Proof!
  178. Carbohydrate Restriction as an Adjunct Treatment for Hypothyroidism
  179. High fructose intake has been linked to high cholesterol
  180. The journal of nutritional biochemistry has an interesting July article.
  181. Post Primal Experience (P.O.P.E.)
  182. New study links wheat to weight gain and Diabetes
  183. bro is so happy
  184. Good Gut News, Bad Gut News
  185. Top 5 Health Markers?
  186. Calling all Over-Sixties with weight loss issues...
  187. "Human Food Project" launches attack on low-carb diets
  188. Fuctose is Alcohol without the Buzz
  189. Carb Addiction Shown by Brain Imaging.
  190. Einkorn, the original Wheat - OK for Celiacs?
  191. Economics of local meat production
  192. Satiety positively correlated with the amount of insulin release
  193. High-protein not spiking blood sugar?
  194. For or Against - Coffee drinking is beneficial to health?
  195. Obesity is now a Disease
  196. Saturated fat... who do you believe?
  197. Gene mutation means paracyclist has no fat under skin
  198. Question about foods and blood phosphorous levels
  199. Vegetable fats tied to less prostate cancer spread
  200. intermittent fasting vs more meals a day
  201. Grass-Eating Ancestors
  202. Understanding Cancer and Cancer Prevention.
  203. Brocoli just isn't what it used to be....
  204. Very dry skin
  205. Dr Jay Wortman Interview -- diabetes
  206. Help with research
  207. Babies born by c/s at greater risk for obesity
  208. Coniferous resin proved effective in healing wounds and fighting fungi
  209. Has Popular Science gone Primal?
  210. Snacking & Leptin
  211. Weight loss gut bacterium found
  212. The Effect of Glyphosate on Gut Bacteria
  213. Waist-to-height ratio more efficient than BMI, study says
  214. Study: eating less at breakfast will not make you hungrier at lunchtime
  215. Sun exposure and blood pressure link
  216. Fat Cell (Adipocyte) Autophagy in Long Term Weight Loss
  217. Caloric restriction for Health and Longevity
  218. Personal Retreat
  219. Open a jim
  220. "Paleolithic Diet is Associated With Unfavorable Changes to Blood Lipids...
  221. Does anybody else feel really stupid
  222. Food Revolution "what you should really eat"/ Article on Supplements
  223. osteoarthritis, saturated fat, red meat
  224. Archaeology of skeletal remains from the Indus Civilization
  225. Britain's bees get a reprieve
  226. What horses can teach us about balance and coordination
  227. Sharing my post on the MANY health benefits of pure chocolate.
  228. I need proof (articles, studies etc.) of small dense LDL!
  229. Big cat with bad teeth
  230. Wheat Protein Isolate
  231. Low fasting blood glucose
  232. Goitrogenic food research?
  233. Are Happy Gut Bacteria Key To Weight Loss? (MotherJones)
  234. Jared Diamond, the World Until Yesterday
  235. Gluconeogenesis
  236. MacDonald's food damages cat's heakth
  237. I have bowel cancer in my family...
  238. confused about cholesterol
  239. -ndustrial seed oils and heart disease
  240. University of York: Pottery shows Ice Age hunter-gatherers' taste for fish
  241. TMA + TMAO -- avoid the peas ...
  242. Anyone heard about "Carnetine" in red meat?
  243. Red meat - bad for the heart...
  244. Studies assessing the effects of whole grain consumption within a good diet
  245. How big was Grok?
  246. What is THE study to inspire your friends and family?
  247. Altering gut biota has a direct effect on weight (new mouse study)
  248. alpha lipon acid - reduces life span
  249. DNA Letter
  250. Fruit Nutritional Comparison