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  1. Saturated Fat in the context of a low carb diet
  2. Low fat & statins may cause alzheimers
  3. Junk Food Diet
  4. Now veggies have it in for us?
  5. Omega 3s and Alzheimer's--The Link is the Liver
  6. BPA-laced dental sealants OK for use in kids
  7. Fructose Inhibits Leptin Translocation in the Brain?
  8. Gender bender chemical atrazine widely contaminates U.S. public water supply
  9. 'Magic mushrooms' ingredient may ease end-of-life anxiety
  10. Was Grok a Dancer?
  11. Marks Daily Apple Unscientific Cholesterol Survey!
  12. Fat bias harms school kids
  13. So close! Yet so far away... "Why Carbohydrates Are So Important in Diabetes"
  14. Anyone have information on training primal after just coming off a ACL reconstruction
  15. Article: Saturated Fat Consumption in Ancestral Human Diets (Cordain et al 2006)
  16. Article: Un-Natural Selection: Human Evolution's Next Steps
  17. Low vitamin D linked to schizophrenia
  18. 'Veggie low-carb diets healthier than meat-based low-carb diets'
  19. Prehistoric baby sling made our brains bigger.
  20. How Herd Immunity Works (and Why Anti-Vaccination Is Dangerous)
  21. Traditional Sámi diets
  22. New study published re: dash diet
  23. Link between wheat and heart disease.
  24. Ancient Nubians drank "antibiotic" beer
  25. Insomnia Increases Risk of Early Death for Men
  26. Newborn babies should not be given sugar as pain relief, says study
  27. junk food 'as addictive as heroin and cocaine'
  28. How Food Made Us Human
  29. Palaeolithic Feasting
  30. Inflammatory and Neural Responses to Social Rejection.
  31. Furious at my "doctor"? A little.
  32. Is your medicine making you fat?
  33. MS and Sunshine
  34. Complicated Friends and Relatives...
  35. This is Your Brain on Ketones
  36. 12, 000 year-old feasts
  37. Studies: GM crops safer then Organic crops
  38. Effect of changing the amount and type of fat and carbohydrate on insulin sensitivity
  39. Wheat genome decoded - more and bigger wheat on the way..scary
  40. The Grapefruit Diet -- not crazy!
  41. Have Your Meat and Eat It Too
  42. One month binge, lasting effects
  43. Fermented Grains, gut flora, and inflammation
  44. Kids need fish
  45. Vitamin D potentially influences wide range of gene expression
  46. What was beat eaten in Utah 10k years ago . .
  47. The Fat of the Land
  48. Duck, beaver, turkey and sage brush seeds
  49. Age of Treason 1958 book...wonder what anyone thinks abt this one?
  50. Sugar: the Bitter Truth
  51. Digestive problems and Acne drugs
  52. Hog farmer goes vegan after getting cancer
  53. Junk food-addicted rats chose to starve themselves rather than eat healthy food
  54. Dreams Make You Smarter, More Creative, Studies Suggest
  55. Article Abstract: Is this saying what I think it's saying?
  56. Nutrition and Sun Protection
  57. More grain fed meat on the way
  58. BPA and health (from the Avoid Poisons department)
  59. Distraction and internet addiction
  60. Health impact of childhood trauma and/or stress
  61. What kind of research should one do before adopting?
  62. Article blames high fat diet to insulin resistance and diabetes. I hate mainstream...
  63. Finally some recognition from CW - Focus is on Atkins, but Mark said it first!
  64. This made me sick : New Weight-Loss Surgery -_-
  65. Lucy’s Kin Carved Up a Meaty Meal, Scientists Say
  66. Great Cholesterol & Health Resource
  67. Stone Age House
  68. New Sleep Study
  69. Eating meat made us smarter. NPR article
  70. Meat made us smarter. NPR article
  71. Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar and Survival
  72. Framingham Study Question
  73. I'm Curious About The Dr. Mehmet Oz Contradiction...
  74. Vitamin D: more factors to consider
  75. athlete's foot and mallet toe
  76. The secret to longevity
  77. Low-carb diets may have the edge in some heart disease risk factors
  78. Low-carb trumps low-fat in mainstream media
  79. Link between the overuse of antibiotics and cancer?
  80. multivitamins?
  81. Saturated Fat and Allergies - What a load of quap!
  82. I enjoyed this
  83. Is Michael Pollan a closet Primal-er?
  84. n=1 experiment on Ω6
  85. Primers on Omega 3's (versus 6's) and on Heart health (pro fat or anti grains)?
  86. Dr Eades on the China Study
  88. Scythians
  89. High Fructose Intake Linked to Higher Blood Pressure
  90. New Study by Nestle
  91. Dispelling Conventional Wisdom
  92. Does insulin spike with sugar substitutes?
  93. Knee Pain
  94. Scientists identify the gluten proteins causing celiac disease
  95. Bacon Lovers vs. Soy Huggers: The Smackdown
  96. Zinc and Psychopathology
  97. Sleep Apnea, who's at risk and what you can do about it
  98. Amazing study on improving athletic performance without ingesting carbs
  99. low protein evolutionary advantage?
  100. Humans still evolving?
  101. What are the many specific functions of Vitamin C in the human body?
  102. Primal Warriors: How the Mongols Ate
  103. NPR we were made for long distanse running
  104. ROB POULOUS :: Fat Burning Furnace
  105. Omega-6 / Omega-3 Ratio
  106. Stevia
  107. The CarbLovers Diet! Oh, dear God.
  108. What do y'all think about 'Fascinating womanhood'-Elaine Andelin?
  109. Dawn of Sex
  110. Omega 3 and gene expression in human colon adenocarcinoma cells
  111. Candida infections appear to be vulnerable to nicotinamide
  112. Bioelectrical Bodyfat Measurments
  113. Can long term low carb skew Oral Glucose Tolerance Test results
  114. How important is ApoE?
  115. When did humans really start eating grains?
  116. I'm thinking it's the chicken and the egg..
  117. 50-year study into moose arthritis reveals link with early malnutrition
  118. fructose and blood pressure
  119. Interesting Finding
  120. Insulin…an Undeserved Bad Reputation
  121. dental filling: amalgam or resin
  122. what is the effect of pb on the biliary system
  123. Natural Contraception for Men
  124. Past and present life expectancy question
  125. The Great Cholestrol Con
  126. Tibetans evolve in 3000 years
  127. Fat Wins!
  128. How much meat did Lewis and Clark eat while on their expedition?
  129. Sugar not salt linked to hypertension
  130. Saturated fat
  131. IF questions
  132. Cancer and sugar
  133. Help with Converting a CWer
  134. good post about IF
  135. How natural is monogamy for men?
  136. Women who consume large amounts of tea have increased risk of rheumatoid arthritis
  137. Human skin pigmentation as an adaptation to UV radiation
  138. The World's First Fish Supper
  139. Basic chem / biochem online (and books)
  140. Anybody want a good laugh today?
  141. Greetings, this is a link to a good history lesson, I guess.
  142. Excellent Critique of Good Calories, Bad Calories
  143. Human bite surprisingly strong for bone size, less suited for long chewing
  144. My own research findings
  145. Devils advocate
  146. Calcium needs in regards to Vitamin D
  147. Natural Medicine: Omega 3's as good for depression w/out anxiety as meds
  148. Sitting research
  149. Meat and Colon Cancer
  150. No link between saturated fat and cardiovascular disease
  151. Vitamin D research
  152. Looking for adrenal fatigue experts
  153. Farmed to Death
  154. Looking for convincing anti-statin info
  155. Electropollution can cause type 3 diabetes
  156. Pandora's Seed: The Unforeseen Cost of Civilization
  157. massaging fat
  158. Apple Cider Vinegar
  159. Bovine Colostrum
  160. Interesting lecture on the effects of fructose
  161. Adya Clarity
  162. Men's Health Article debasing Common Wisdom
  163. lolwut? (UK Sunday Express article)
  164. Cordain on "The Blood Type Diet"
  165. More good news about Marrow
  166. Allergies and high protein diets
  167. Toxins in Animal Fat - Fact or CW BS?
  168. Ketosis and mammalian diving reflex
  169. Another reason to breastfeed(nurse) (as if we needed one)
  170. Glucose drinks not good for rehydration after illness
  171. Fascinating old article
  172. The Spanish Paradox
  173. study claims to link processed meats including bacon to heart disease
  174. Debunk this paper
  175. Processed Meat
  176. Review of Diet and Coronary Heart Disease Papers
  177. TED talk by William Li: Can we eat to starve cancer?
  178. What tests would you request?
  179. skinny/fat genes = Conventional Wisdom
  180. Gluten: What You Don't Know Might Kill You
  181. Primal Colleges?
  182. high does of Vit D maybe not so good
  183. Prehypertension
  184. Prevent 75% of breast and colon cancers with good Vitamin D blood levels
  185. Recent editorial from American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
  186. Scientific American Article on Carbs.
  187. Caffine cuts Post-workout pain by nearly 50%
  188. fatty food makes you eat more? online article raises some questions with me
  189. Leptin in a nutshell?
  190. Insulin receptor differential splicing
  191. Vitamin D (D3) supplements are a product of irradiation?
  192. Neanderthal Genome Sequenced
  193. Is carbonation bad?
  194. Better sleep when not in ketosis. Which is preferred?
  195. My Primal Cholesterol Results.. big change
  196. Radical Homemakers
  197. Last week's JAMA actually had an article connecting sugar with high lipids!
  198. Article on beta-casein A1 from a professor of research in agriculture in New Zealand
  199. Article: Placebo effect getting stronger
  200. Forget Viagra, scientists develop what women REALLY want...
  201. Resting Metabolic Rate - what to do with this info?
  202. Fibromyalgia and PB
  203. Interesting article
  204. Anyone seen these HFCS TV spots?
  205. Lactose Intolerance
  206. Hypothyroid
  207. Fish and Leptin Sensitivity
  208. NYT ref: Cog. imprmt following high fat diet associated with brain inflammation
  209. My friend thinks we're slowly killing ourselves.
  210. At least they got the first 2 paragraphs right...
  211. NY Times Article Today - Sat Fat Bad for Aging
  212. High blood pressure and PB?
  213. New treatment for multiple sclerosis?
  214. German Research on Stone Age Man
  215. Different types of fat in different animal parts
  216. The Estrogen Dilemma
  217. Fructose: A Bit of Balance?
  218. Agricultural Policy And Childhood Obesity: A Food Systems And Public Health Commentar
  219. "Healthy" Asian diets?
  220. how to save the environment .
  221. Thyroid recovery with PB?
  222. "Wrong Kind of Carbs Are Bad" - Archives of Internal Medicine
  223. RE: "Dangers of a high-protein diet"
  224. Blue Zones Question
  225. New dietary guidelines to be a giant step backwards. Australia to get sicker sooner.
  226. Fat Love (for rodents at breakfast at least) research
  227. Insuling and Alzheimer's on Charlie Rose
  228. Increasing polyunsaturated fats lowers heart disease risk? (New study)
  229. Fast food can be addictive
  230. Is humanity reaching Peak Olive Oil?
  231. Opinions on expanded use of statins (Crestor)
  232. Book Reviews
  233. The Kinds of Articles that Brainwash "Conventional People"
  234. I'm in hour 22 of a 24 hour fast and...
  235. gut bacteria
  236. Slate article: end the war on fat
  237. How To Get Raw Milk in Montreal?
  238. Plea for Female resources/research?
  239. Ask a biochemist.
  240. The new wonder pill to help fight heart disease.
  241. Looking at food
  242. HFCS Causes Surprising Weight Gain
  243. Newly discovered species of genus Homo
  244. Primal e-book with recipes, tips and more
  245. Shifting From Saturated To Polyunsaturated Fat Linked To Lower Heart Disease Ris
  246. Babies and Vitamin D
  247. running shoes vibram five fingers
  248. For those that still think it's all about calories
  249. Foods of Wild Primates/HG&relevance to us
  250. Candida