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  1. Humans started wearing clothes about 170,000 years ago (vitamin D related)
  2. A reversal on carbs - LA times article
  3. Diet During Pregnancy Impacts Infant's Sense of Smell and Alters Brain Development
  4. Painkiller and water retention
  5. Autism vaccine study an elaborate hoax...
  6. Does The Mind Influence Gene Expression?
  7. The Decline Effect...Scientific Research
  8. Deepak Chopra...embarassing
  9. Improving Self Control
  10. Our brains are getting smaller
  11. *a little TMI* No period for about 2 years...??
  12. Neandertals’ Extinction Not Caused by Deficient Diets, Tooth Analysis Shows/ article
  13. The more I learn, the more I am confused
  14. Needs Help with Burning Mouth Syndrome
  15. 2 grams cinnamon per day lowers blood sugars
  16. The challenges of trying to estimate cancer rates in ancient times
  17. "Good Calories, Bad Calories" by Gary Taubes
  18. Human teeth found in Israel... 400,000 years old.
  19. Reversal on Carbs in the media!
  20. Vitamin D gets more complicated - Chris Masterjohn
  21. Animals Enjoy Eating Psychoactive Plants
  22. Reccomendations for those with autoimmune diseases?
  23. Neanderthals Really WERE meat eaters! :-O
  24. Neanderthals Really WERE meat eaters!
  25. more good news
  26. Blood Pressure
  27. Evidence for effectiveness of fasted training
  28. Advanced Health Formula Over Daily Maximums
  29. Question: Survey For Vitamin D Dosage
  30. Vitamin D and kids
  31. Re: Alzheimers
  32. China Study: Wheat and Weight Gain
  33. Meat Calms Men
  34. Atkins Diet vs Eco-Atkins new study
  35. how quickly do cholesterol numbers change
  36. Ideas for Paleo-related education?
  37. ASPs and Weight Loss Stalls?
  38. resistance training + low-carb diet -> fat loss + conservation of lean mass
  39. Cholesterol Question for Grizz
  40. Vitamin D Prevents Breast Cancer & Flu
  41. Happiness is a disease?
  42. River of Douby
  43. FDA & Agribusiness
  44. Perfluoroalkyls from Fast Food Wrappers Showing Up in Blood
  45. Low fat vs low carb and cholesterol
  46. How to lose weight like a guy!
  47. Why Diets Fail
  48. New study - Paleo diet more satisfying than Meditteranean
  49. Telomeres and Aging?
  50. Extra Vitamin D and Calcium Aren’t Needed, Report Says
  51. E-Cigarettes R Cheaper, Just As Satisfying
  52. The Muesli Myth
  53. Scandinavian Iron Age Trousers
  54. Naringin?
  55. Recreating the caveman diet
  56. Cause & Treatment for PCOS
  57. Grass Fed Beef
  58. Choline and Fatty Liver
  59. The Chair
  60. The Artificial Ape
  61. Scurvy on a zero-carb diet
  62. name that paleo camp!
  63. the warrior diet and insulin level
  64. NYTimes : Epilepsy Big Fat Lie
  65. High Blood Pressure - The Cure
  66. interesting about Paleolithic woman
  67. Help!
  68. Dr Eades points out the blatent bias in an anti-low-carb article in Heartwire
  69. Help analyzing VAP test
  70. Might this be a Primal question?
  71. Alzheimers and Cholesterol
  72. Francis Parkman
  73. What fields or areas in research involve electronics and software coding?
  74. Hold that meat high and in plain sight
  75. bring back the TWINKEES
  76. The more you know (about lectins)
  77. Texting in bed causes problems for teens (and adults)
  78. Fat-burning Vinegar
  79. Fat children eat better diets than their thinner classmates, study finds
  80. The China Study, The Movie: Here we go again...
  81. Men Choose Faces over Figures when choosing long term mate?
  82. Another anthropologist blaming the rise of grain culture on beer
  83. What's the deal with carrots?
  84. IMPORTANT - Volunteers needed for Research
  85. Carrying the Kill Home
  86. More Fuel for the Veggie/Vegan Lobby
  87. Oh no! Eggs are Bad for You. Again.
  88. Zoe Harcombe - the woman who led me to PB (well, she ALMOST gets it!)
  89. Age determination on skeletons from Hallstat period
  90. Beneficial effects of a Paleolithic diet on cardiovascular risk in type 2 diabetes
  91. Rat study on ketosis: both low carbs and high fat are key
  92. The oiling of america
  93. Sat fat v sperm damage
  94. New book from Frank Forencich
  95. OT) Obama Refuses IBM's free help to stop Medicaid Fraud
  96. Well, that explains a lot
  97. Is butter high in AGEs?
  98. The Vitamin D Cure book, what's your thoughts?
  99. Can cutting carbs help you live longer html
  100. Primal tickling our elixir and sweet sixteen genes!
  101. Preparing Grains, Nuts, Seeds and Beans for Maximum Nutrition
  102. How to respond to friends about ''caveman bread''
  103. Hypothesis about "Caveman Bread"
  104. very interesting read...links evolution to why we are fat
  105. Up to 1 in 3 Americans diabetic by 2050, says CDC
  106. Posture Release Imagery
  107. The infant brain
  108. Can I get some 'splainin!!
  109. (Cow) Dairy and Insomnia - anyone give me some credible reading...?
  110. Atlantic Article on Medical Research: "Lies, Damned Lies"
  111. Reverse & melt away Heart Disease
  112. eggs and cancer
  113. Aged Happy Meals, McDonalds Burgers, and other stuff.
  114. Number of diabetic Americans could triple by 2050
  115. Jennifer Aniston's Diet - critique..
  116. HDL levels and Fat Intake
  117. TED talk: Heribert Watzke on "The brain in your stomach"
  118. good read
  119. Have you tried barefoot running?
  120. Cavemen Ate Bread, Study Says
  121. Ketones as fuel
  122. Wired.com Article - Revised Paleo Diet
  123. Have you seen this? A critique of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans Committee
  124. Rawesome foods raid on Colbert
  125. Prehistoric milk drinkers rule
  126. Elderly Marauder
  127. Foodmatters Documentary
  128. Lies, Damned Lies, and Medical Science
  129. Obesity costs us 17% of all medical $$ spent
  130. Has Anyone Read "Primal Body, Primal Mind" by Nora Gedgaudes?
  131. Scientists suggest that cancer is purely man-made
  132. Cholesterol measuring is pointless?
  133. The Paleo Solution Where to buy with Paypal?
  134. PB Cure for the Prostate
  135. The big fat diet con: The unsavoury truth about so-called low fat products
  136. Blaming bad genes for breast cancer is a medical myth
  137. Vitamin D deficiency could be a cause of autism
  138. Breast cancer breakthrough: watercress turns off signal that causes tumors to develop
  139. The spice of life: Curry’s main ingredient has more to offer than good flavor
  140. Insulin Series at Weightology
  141. Flies with that? McDonald's Happy Meal shows no sign of decomposing after SIX MONTHS
  142. Too Much Light at Night at Night May Lead to Obesity
  143. When it comes to health knowledge, doctors are surprisingly ignorant
  144. Why staying cool's no sweat for women as secret of perspiration is unblocked
  145. A pear-shaped body? Why you should blame it on your mother
  146. We got our VAP results-good news and bad news
  147. Depression and Glucose
  148. Low Intensity exercise improves insulin sensitivity and lowers fasting insulin level
  149. Before & After Primal Diet
  150. Light drinking no risk to baby, say researchers
  151. Flu jabs during pregnancy 'help protect child'
  152. Many pigs get contaminated with MRSA in the slaughterhouse
  153. Vitamin D Blood Test: $39 October Special
  154. MasterJohn's Latest PUFA Article
  155. 11 common types of magnesium explained
  156. Question on Plateau
  157. Coconut Oil and Alzheimer’s Disease
  158. Cancer alert on chemical in drink bottles
  159. This makes me angry
  160. Forgotten book by George Catlin
  161. BPA risks and exposure likely much higher than thought (Food Safety News)
  162. Strict diet two days a week 'cuts risk of breast cancer by 40 per cent'
  163. Pre-conception diet link to baby's health
  164. Neanderthals Had Feelings, Too
  165. Correlation of sleep and weight loss: new research findings
  166. Mental muscle: six ways to boost your brain
  167. USDA "fails to conform to the standards of evidence-based medicine"
  168. What's anyone's view on Byron Richards...? Because he's confused the hell outta me!
  169. Facial Exercises AMAZING Results
  170. Criticisms of Primal/Paleo Lifestyle?
  171. In the face of contradictory evidence
  172. Did Australian Aborigines reach America first?
  173. Beet it: To exercise longer, try beetroot juice
  174. Lose weight by sleeping well, researchers say
  175. Scientific Research Help
  176. World Wide Epidemic of Scabies
  177. another load of sh*te from the tabloids!
  178. What happens when you base your dietary recommendations of pseudo science and bias
  179. The Healthy POO Thread
  180. Unilever researches paleo diet, says it has never been done before
  181. Fatty acid profiles and antioxidant content in grass-fed and grain-fed beef
  182. The Kabuki Effect: Cosmetics are Addictive
  183. "Pandora's Seed: The Unforeseen Cost of Civilization" by Spencer Wells
  184. ASCO Shills Promote Flawed Study Which Ignores The Dangers of Mammograms
  185. Hawaii governor candidate promotes flu shot but doesn't get it himself
  186. ”Hobbit” was ”iodine-deficient human, not another species”
  187. Should we clone Neanderthals?
  188. Meat-free trend continues with celebrity cookbooks
  189. Childhood obesity linked to baby milk
  190. Public opinion stopped GM in UK, says campaigner
  191. GM maize 'has polluted rivers across the United States'
  192. The human zoo - love the idea of this!
  193. Meat tainted with deadly bacteria being sold to consumers; gov't forms 'work group'
  194. Using ultrasounds to determine gestational age could result in baby's death
  195. Don't Get the Flu Resist it with natural immune boosters
  196. Ben & Jerry's to drop 'All Natural' from labels
  197. Milk called best drink after exercising
  198. Your Fat Cells Control Your Brain???
  199. Massive volcano wiped out Neanderthals
  200. Question!! Body Composition...
  201. Just because GM is gaining popularity doesn't make it right
  202. Einstein's theory works on a human scale: the higher you are, the faster you age
  203. Fountain of youth pill 'is just two years away from shop shelves'
  204. Why cavemen were better parents than we are today
  205. AMAZING Grow Your Own Food
  206. The TRUTH about Drug Companies
  207. Vitamin B12 Deficiency Anemia.
  208. Question: What Are Best Grain Replacements?
  209. Number of fat people in US to grow, UK second fattest nation
  210. Hypothyroid Articles
  211. My thoughts on neoglucogenesis vs ketosis
  212. Vitamin D and Calcium
  213. More lies from Campbell?
  214. Question: What about CANDIDA ?
  215. Babies weaned on junk food - study out of Australia
  216. Study on saturated fat.
  217. Heading to your dinner tables... The GM salmon
  218. Summit to examine possible links between MS and vitamin D
  219. The food industry, like Big Pharma, controls the FDA and USDA
  220. Infant and Child Development
  221. Intermittent fasting and circadian rythms
  222. True or False
  223. FDA won’t allow food to be labeled free of genetic modification: report
  224. U.S. drug firm penalized $300M for criminal actions
  225. 12 Medical Myths Even Most Doctors Believe…
  226. Diet Coke/Coke Zero
  227. 10 top inflammatory and anti-inflammatory foods
  228. cant wait to see the results of this study
  229. Proteins makes you lean by activating brown adipose tissue
  230. Big Pharma Scores Big Win: Medicinal Herbs Will Disappear in EU
  231. Interesting article on the human microbiome
  232. What Our Fingernails Say About Us
  233. Prozac for pms
  234. Question for Asthma Sufferers
  235. Men's Health magazine article on saturated fat
  236. The TRUTH about WHEAT and OATS
  237. Does anyone else just LOVE Ray Mears (and Bear Grylls to an extent)
  238. Writing an article...need some guinea piggies..(mmm can you cook those?)
  239. Writing an article...need some guinea piggies..(mmm can you cook those?)
  240. Vitamin D proven far better than vaccines at preventing influenza infections
  241. Cure Foot Problems Permanently
  242. Carbs are essential for effective dieting and good mood, Wurtman says
  243. The Biochemical Magic of Raw Milk and Other Raw Foods: Glutathione
  244. Wheat Lectin - WGA
  245. 8 Ways Soda Fizzles Your Health
  246. Sima de los Huesos
  247. "I was wrong about veganism. Let them eat meat – but farm it properly"
  248. New study states that animal protein and animal fat puts low-carbers at risk
  249. Adopting a vegan diet will improve our health – and the planet's
  250. Organic farms have better soil