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  1. Yes, I read the primer, but I still don't understand!
  2. Migraines and inflamation
  3. What Sugar Actually Does To Your Brain And Body
  4. Ramiel Nagel's Book
  5. German documentary on Paleo diet
  6. Looking for articles on long-term satiety depending on daily caloric intake
  7. Neat little study on grehlin
  8. The link between grain-fed livestock/CAFOs and MRSA
  9. Computer Dating Revolution
  10. I am so excited!!!!!!!!!
  11. The Fremont Culture
  12. Dampier on the "Moskito Indians"
  13. How would you know if you were burning fat and ingested cals vs muscle
  14. Made a wiki about health, with paleo themes..
  15. "... an excellent dish ..."
  16. Artical on how fasting may promote heart health
  17. Omega 3 may aid in Muscle Growth
  18. High blood pressure question - please help?
  19. The Battle of the Little Big Horn
  20. Which came first, Agriculture or Religion?
  21. Transition to grain may have begun c. 20,000 years BP
  22. Please recommend a primer on paleoanthropology
  23. My dairy experiment
  24. sciatic nerve pain
  25. How fast can you run a mile?
  26. milk
  27. Browning oil
  28. First catch your bear ...
  29. How long is a lifetime?
  30. More on the Egyptian Princess
  31. Paleo is not high fat...
  32. Wholehealthsource.com recent posting
  33. Epigenetic (a.k.a. Functional) Orthodontics: building better faces
  34. How High Fructose Corn Syrup Will Kill You
  35. Choose Walnuts For Heart Health - And Maintain Or Lose Weight
  36. Scientists find "master switch" gene for obesity
  37. In need of convincing evidence and research.
  38. Cholesterol?
  39. Sitting Comfortably at Work
  40. analysis of raw China Study data
  41. Life Without Bread
  42. More on Gut Bacteria
  43. Optimum female state for health and attraction - does it exist?
  44. Researchers propose 'whole-system redesign' of US agriculture
  45. Blog post on 180 degree health
  46. Forks Not Knives Documentary??
  47. New paper - salt is healthy?
  48. If you want to watch Food Matters...
  49. Congenital Hypothyroidism - Labwork/Tantrums/Cytomel
  50. Ruminants helping Africa
  51. Sickle cell anemia
  52. Source of statistics on Americans' weight?
  53. Seven Basic Habits That You are Doing Wrong
  54. Stephan's new series on body fat set-point
  55. Sugar vs Artificial Sweetener
  56. New eating disorder??!!
  57. The Rock Bulks Up!
  58. How does research take place in philosophy?
  59. Paleo cures MS: Food as Medicine
  60. Yoga inversions
  61. Happy news from Sweden :)
  62. A reversal on carbs artical/It is about time!!!
  63. High-fat diet is awful, but it may reverse diabetes-related kidney damage
  64. Bacon Helps Cure Epilepsy
  65. The Neuroscience of the Gut
  66. Low-carb, high-fat diet could replace dialysis.
  67. Gut Bacteria Divide People into 3 types, Scientists Say
  68. digestive track?
  69. Hookworms!!!!!!
  70. Current Blood work.
  71. Looking for some studies on the effect of saturated fat on canines
  72. Nightshade research?
  73. Oldest known example of heart disease
  74. Sugar toxic?
  75. Breastfeeding moms: another reason to stick to primal!
  76. Has anyone ever had a heart attack on PB?
  77. Looks like I need to get out of the cubicle more. (Yahoo Link)
  78. The truth!
  79. Kids Make Parents Fat Now...
  80. Science Daily: Hashimoto's Affects Quality Of Life Even When TSH Is Normal
  81. Were we designed by God?
  82. no gallbladder?
  83. Intestinal flora link to heart diseices
  84. The western diet and lifestyle and diseases of civilization
  85. Work Hours May Predict Heart Disease Risk
  86. My blood pressure journey and a question or three...
  87. A new perspective on dairy
  88. I thought cheese was good!
  89. Gastric Bypass surgery used to treat Type II Diabetes
  90. Hush: The following research was removed from government sites
  91. More mainstream support for Primal/Paleo
  92. Evolution: Not only the fittest survive
  93. How Western Diets Are Making The World Sick (NPR story)
  94. Macro Balance and Lifespan
  95. Life Extension and food quality vs quantity
  96. Grass-fed vs. Grain-fed Article From CNN (and Cooking Light)
  97. Evolution Read
  98. Moms' Junk Food Habits May Alter Kids' Brains
  99. Estrogen Dominance
  100. Thyroid damage from too much muscle meat (ie methionine)
  101. This is what paleo/primal nutrition is all about!
  102. Hypothyroid - Reccomend best source to learn about it
  103. IHOP Eggs and Celiacs
  104. The Iron Age
  105. Cereal Reduces hypertension risk?
  106. Serotonin and Sex in Mice
  107. Jogging or Having Sex Significantly Increases Risk of Heart Attack
  108. Any autopsies or artery scan?
  109. Does your body remember how to produce glucose?
  110. Scientists create animals that are part-human
  111. Mainstream Gluten Sensitivity Research Surfaces
  112. Psychology today picks up two famous Paleo bloggers!
  113. Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
  114. NPR story: Diet May Help ADHD More than Drugs
  115. Whey Protein Isolate Question
  116. Fatty fish reduces macular degeneration
  117. Primal Survey
  118. Finding Good Research
  119. Lithium-More evidence for Longevity Benefits
  120. Another ridiculous NY Times article: billionaire pours millions into CW
  121. Eating for you blood type?
  122. Protein and endometrium
  123. Ridiculous NY Times Article
  124. Literature Esplosion!!1
  125. They're going to make $ off of obesity one way or another
  126. How to reinforce the Grok WOE
  127. New Theory On How Humans Made Their Way To The Americas
  128. Get some fat in them boobies
  129. More info on where Grok and Grokina lived
  130. CDC: 1 in 3 Americans Gets Less Than 7 Hours of Sleep
  131. New Study Excercising before bkfst.....
  132. Low-Carbohydrate Diets and All-Cause and Cause-Specific Mortality
  133. Aggressive diabetes treatment increases heart risks
  134. Help Understanding My Cholesterol (VAP)
  135. The Fructose Files
  136. Leptin Resistance with PCOS
  137. Low D Levels in Kids Raises Insulin Woes
  138. Low Carb, Losing Fat & Calories-- Dr. Michael Eades explains...
  139. New Law #6 Research
  140. More 'red meat = bowel cancer' shenanigans
  141. Time Magazine Article on Whether We Should Eat Like Cavemen
  142. Article on Paleo-athropologist's work regarding Human Evolution and Pets!
  143. Articles on Heart Disease
  144. Who's NOT presnting at this seminar !!
  145. My Sugar Primaer
  146. Using Educational Toys Outside The Classroom
  147. Is there a carb toleance spectrum?
  148. Dangers of chronic cardio
  149. She's hot, I can smell it
  150. Fish Oil - Help with Brands?
  151. Google Trends
  152. Gorillas Go Green: Apes Shed Pounds While Doubling Calories on Leafy Diet
  153. New Primal Sports Car
  154. British Government to warn against red meat
  155. U.S. Government redefines "nutrient dense"
  156. Vitamin D Controversy
  157. Supplementing with fish oil: aye or nay?
  158. How to make a fat monkey
  159. Operations Research - Linear Programming?
  160. Help me, I need some information
  161. Human Frames and Human Brains Shrunk with the Advent of Agriculture
  162. Just got a call to be in a Research Project...
  163. The Empire Strikes Back
  164. Blood Sugar Question
  165. Interesting blog post - On Diet Gurus and Fad Diets
  166. Dietary Fiber Intake and Mortality in the NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study
  167. Grains - Book Recommendations?
  168. Taubes fat rats, awful implications
  169. Oesophageal Atresia (repaired)
  170. Links
  171. Programmed by evolution for food and sex
  172. Diet Soda Research
  173. 5 Year Old with Pancreatitis, CW fails again
  174. Phyto-oestrogens in beer ...
  175. Macular degeneration
  176. repairing barren land with cows manure?
  177. Fat in cells responsible for diabetes
  178. "Atkins Exposed" - Is this true?
  179. Interesting Blog over at FatHead regarding the law of thermodynamics
  180. Kurt Harris Evolving Carbohydrate Macro vs PHD 'weight loss'
  181. Denise Minger is my hero *again*
  182. Question: How do you cook Goat Meat
  183. Ketosis: Important for Fetal Development?
  184. interview with Robert Lustig
  185. Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize Winner, Takes Homeopathy Seriously
  186. Question about Insulin Sensitivity?
  187. This blew my mind...
  188. FDA Approves Nonexistent Product from Nonexistent Company for Human Testing
  189. cancer book
  190. Soaking Grains, Oatmeal makes them safe to eat
  191. MGUS or Multiple Myeloma or ?...Need help!
  192. Primal support from Dr. Tony Goldstone of Imperial College of London and Hammersmith
  193. On the Soap Question
  194. Omega 6 recommendations - what's the evidence?
  195. sustainability
  196. Lectins, are they everywhere?
  197. lack of autism in Amish culture
  198. "Opposing views" in the Paleolithic Diet Wiki article?
  199. Aspirin and toothpaste
  200. Evolution theory is still a theory!
  201. Even short breaks help heart
  202. Insanity Workout Routines - Amazing progress
  203. Friedewald equation > Iranian equation for LDL estimation
  204. READER'S DIGEST / "The New Science of Dieting"
  205. What are the best medical anatomy illustrations?
  206. anyone gain weight if they incorporate dairy?
  207. Glutens in other grains
  208. Leaking Heart Valves
  209. New Gary Taubes Interview
  210. Tomatos contain compounds which help lipid metabolism, says this study from....
  211. The Movie "Forks Over Knives"
  212. Why exercise doesn't make you thin.
  213. Sigh...
  214. Dr. Davis Confirms Primal Blueprint Diet - Shocking Report
  215. Exercising To Lose Weight is a Myth
  216. Humans started wearing clothes about 170,000 years ago (vitamin D related)
  217. A reversal on carbs - LA times article
  218. Diet During Pregnancy Impacts Infant's Sense of Smell and Alters Brain Development
  219. Painkiller and water retention
  220. Autism vaccine study an elaborate hoax...
  221. Does The Mind Influence Gene Expression?
  222. The Decline Effect...Scientific Research
  223. Deepak Chopra...embarassing
  224. Improving Self Control
  225. Our brains are getting smaller
  226. *a little TMI* No period for about 2 years...??
  227. Neandertalsí Extinction Not Caused by Deficient Diets, Tooth Analysis Shows/ article
  228. The more I learn, the more I am confused
  229. Needs Help with Burning Mouth Syndrome
  230. 2 grams cinnamon per day lowers blood sugars
  231. The challenges of trying to estimate cancer rates in ancient times
  232. "Good Calories, Bad Calories" by Gary Taubes
  233. Human teeth found in Israel... 400,000 years old.
  234. Reversal on Carbs in the media!
  235. Vitamin D gets more complicated - Chris Masterjohn
  236. Animals Enjoy Eating Psychoactive Plants
  237. Reccomendations for those with autoimmune diseases?
  238. Neanderthals Really WERE meat eaters! :-O
  239. Neanderthals Really WERE meat eaters!
  240. more good news
  241. Blood Pressure
  242. Evidence for effectiveness of fasted training
  243. Advanced Health Formula Over Daily Maximums
  244. Question: Survey For Vitamin D Dosage
  245. Vitamin D and kids
  246. Re: Alzheimers
  247. China Study: Wheat and Weight Gain
  248. Meat Calms Men
  249. Atkins Diet vs Eco-Atkins new study
  250. how quickly do cholesterol numbers change