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  1. But first, let's kill all the old folks!
  2. NPR: The Paleo-Diet: Not The Way To A Healthy Future
  3. Paleo curing Schizophrenia?
  4. weight gain after weight loss - Leptin
  5. Ethnoraphies!!
  6. Study shows that Fat Based Diet Reduces Endurance 50 percent!
  7. Autism and GAPS - A worthy Discussion
  8. Quitting Grains in Chinese (Daoist) Philosophy
  9. Hair Loss Drugs Cause SEVERE Impotence
  10. Please tell me how to lower cholesterol
  11. interesting video about high fat diet - in german
  12. BPA vs preservatives
  13. One Tree Hill The Vampire Diaries Dirt How I Met Your Mother Entourage One
  14. grasses part of early diet?
  15. Asthma Still on the Rise
  16. Hormone Orexin, brown fat, promising obesity research
  17. An interesting study
  18. How old was Grok?
  19. Local News Channel touting the benefits of "Caveman diet"
  20. Local New Channel touting the benefits of "Caveman diet"
  21. Fat Tax
  22. benefits of low-carb diet getting debunked?
  23. ALA, DHA, and EPA
  24. Too much protein not good?
  25. Flu Shot Question
  26. Are you a good pattern detective?
  27. Rant: a not-Primal research presentation
  28. 'Magic mushroom' drug may improve personality long-term
  29. Stale Food vs Fresh Food
  30. Getting off PPI (prilosec/omeprazole)
  31. some interesting proof of the two wave theory out of africa.
  32. Marvalous brand Omega 3... anyone heard of/taking?
  33. Not research per say...
  34. Food and gene expression
  35. Doctor's letter from 1977
  36. Brain may sabotage efforts to lose weight!
  37. "We Incorporate Genetic Information From the Food We Eat" Rice<>LDL
  38. Humeral and Femoral Structural Variation in the Great Plains
  39. Glycation damage
  40. Pregnant women warned against low-fat yoghurt
  41. PMS Solution Discovered
  42. Foods that keep you full: Yahoo article
  43. Long-term ketosis
  44. Dr Catey: Heart Attack Proof Diet: A Recipe for Heart Disease?
  45. 10,000 steps plus trips to the gym, it'll make you and the boss happy
  46. Dr Davis needs help - Belly Photos before & after
  47. Dietary Fat Intake and the Risk of Depression
  48. 19% of Dubai fitness conscious >>>What do you think???
  49. Man more closely related to ourang-outang than heretofore believed
  50. New Skeleton Finds May Revamp History of Human Evolution
  51. Increased Vegetable Consumption Raises Cancer Risk?
  52. Obama Says, "GUT Social Security NOW !"
  53. Processing food predates cooking it theory (based on available evidence)
  54. Deadly Harvest by Geoff Bond
  55. Finger development in the womb
  56. The Origin of Our Species
  57. Gut bacteria vary based on macronutrients eaten
  58. Antibiotics May Be Permanently Altering the Guts of Humanity
  59. Jimmy Moore interviews William Davis
  60. Genetic Evidence for Archaic Admixture in Africa
  61. Becoming Human on PBS/Nova
  62. Review of Dr. Davis's book
  63. Cardio causes heart disease?
  64. Weight Loss Fast
  65. New Blog by Dr. Davis: Wheat Belly
  66. Carbs/Fat/Protein vs Obesity
  67. A cardiologist who really gets it
  68. More Dietary Abuse of Zoo Animals
  69. Stress Causes DNA Damage / Aging
  70. A brilliant health message from the US government
  71. in light of the Cholesterol hypothesis
  72. Weight Gain, Sleep Disorders, Migrains, Vitamin D
  73. Coking nearly 2 million years old, predates H sapiens
  74. New DNA Study
  75. Gizmodo article on vit D/sunlight
  76. Laetrile as a cancer prevention
  77. First 1000 days from conception
  78. The Esselstyn diet
  79. Scientific Method and the Decline Effect
  80. Science.
  81. Stephan's take on the Carbohydrate Hypothesis on Obesity
  82. nitrates, phosphates, etc accidental research
  83. Subsistence Economies of Indigenous North American Societies
  84. Hey Joe what do you know?
  85. Red Meat causes Type II Diabetes
  86. What's a safe amount of weight to be losing weekly?
  87. Child Development
  88. Homo Ludens
  89. Precision Nutrition?
  90. Large forehead: A novel sign of undiagnosed coeliac disease
  91. Saw this on Fox News!
  92. Article: You stop aging at 90
  93. Article in major Australian paper - "Eating to beat inflammation"
  94. Power Up Your Brain
  95. Breath
  96. Anti-fat propaganda conclusion, fat makes you happy, so you need to be sad
  97. Demise of the Neanderthals
  98. Pesticide/chemicals-in-our-food Research?
  99. Can I eat quinoa or beans, or brown rice, or sweet potato?
  100. After 50, how fast you run a mile is a better indicator than...
  101. I'm usually put off by yahoo.com news posts but...
  102. Consumer Reports "On Health" says "Olive Oil is bad for you"
  103. New Study finds link between low Vit D levels and Type 2 Diabetes
  104. Old Photos
  105. Fat Gorillas
  106. Another anti-CW article.
  107. Evidence for One Meal a Day
  108. nutrigenomics?
  109. Nearly 4 million years of Walking
  110. Betaine HCL studies, how does it work, and why is nexium a problem?
  111. You May Be Part Neandethal
  112. Primal Blueprint and Addiction
  113. Do you agree?
  114. Going Against the Grain
  115. Misguided USC, Charleston Obesity Study Funded by Coca-Cola Corp.
  116. Less stress for beta males
  117. Scientists Grow Gelatin Derived from Human Tissue
  118. Good Guys Get A Break in Baboon World
  119. Vitamin D in a New Light by Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD
  120. Asthma & Diet
  121. Neolithic French didn't have genetic mutation to digest milk
  122. Cholesterol again
  123. Senior Research Project
  124. Apaches and Mohaves
  125. Real Cultures Real Food
  126. Candidas albicans books?
  127. Unknown Tribe
  128. NYT article - Computer screens suppress melatonin
  129. Alert Bay, British Columbia
  130. Krishna How much it affect health if I skip breakfast ?
  131. News Stories
  132. FIbromyalgia and Flouride link.
  133. Salmonella outbreaks related to live poultry.
  134. ‘There Is No Scientific Basis For The U.S. Dietary Guidelines’
  135. Importance of coconut in evolution
  136. Orange juice, reactive oxygen species and inflammation
  137. Diabetes has doubled worldwide--where's the outrage?
  138. Online Lecture on Fat
  139. N-3 Generation Gut Micro
  140. Deep History of Coconuts Decoded
  141. Good Review
  142. Mark Sission Clued up or Clueless?
  143. So I read the infamous "French Fry" article.
  144. Low carb diet featured in The Times
  145. Chemical Sensitivity and Nutrient Levels
  146. CW advice from crap research on what makes us fat
  147. Did Grok live long enough?
  148. Primal Diet in the news
  149. The sun and myopia
  150. New technique yields troves of information from nanoscale bone samples
  151. Iceman's Carbohydrate Diet
  152. Study finds drinking cuts risk of developing a cold
  153. Any comments on this?
  154. Thor Heyerdahl was right all along (or at least partly)
  155. Super Green Food
  156. The truth about cancer, and the Primal lifestyle!
  157. The Myth of "Chemical Imbalance"
  158. Pork Rinds make "10 Worst" List
  159. Don at Primal Wisdom giving up paleo.....
  160. Bread given rough ride in popular press
  161. Low Carb, High Protein slows tumor growth (Science daily)
  162. PUFAs even worse for African Americans
  163. Interesting article on Saturated Fat
  164. Interesting interview with Cordain
  165. What do you think about these blood test results?
  166. The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living
  167. Peripheral Neuropathy
  168. Factors influencing dietary change - studies?
  169. Study Says Bariatric Surgery Doesn't Help Obese Live Longer
  170. Interesting new book: read it?
  171. Check it out - what we've known all along!
  172. Modern humans shorter and smaller brain size
  173. The Truth About Calories... From Yahoo.com
  174. Online Documentary On Remarkable Gene-Targeted Cancer Treatment
  175. Help for my Mom
  176. The Munden Chantry Priests (mid 15th century)
  177. Obese child stroke victim aged just six
  178. So I got this email from Weight Watchers today....
  179. Rebuttal of US News Best diets by Cordain, Wolf
  180. The Origins of Infectious Disease
  181. Great article on the Government's diet misinformation since the 1960's
  182. STUDY: Sitting Can Be As Deadly As Smoking...
  183. Guinea Pigs and Scurvy
  184. Chemicals and Autism
  185. Super Breed of Medicinal Cannabis
  186. Ancestral Appetites
  187. Yes, I read the primer, but I still don't understand!
  188. Migraines and inflamation
  189. What Sugar Actually Does To Your Brain And Body
  190. Ramiel Nagel's Book
  191. German documentary on Paleo diet
  192. Looking for articles on long-term satiety depending on daily caloric intake
  193. Neat little study on grehlin
  194. The link between grain-fed livestock/CAFOs and MRSA
  195. Computer Dating Revolution
  196. I am so excited!!!!!!!!!
  197. The Fremont Culture
  198. Dampier on the "Moskito Indians"
  199. How would you know if you were burning fat and ingested cals vs muscle
  200. Made a wiki about health, with paleo themes..
  201. "... an excellent dish ..."
  202. Artical on how fasting may promote heart health
  203. Omega 3 may aid in Muscle Growth
  204. High blood pressure question - please help?
  205. The Battle of the Little Big Horn
  206. Which came first, Agriculture or Religion?
  207. Transition to grain may have begun c. 20,000 years BP
  208. Please recommend a primer on paleoanthropology
  209. My dairy experiment
  210. sciatic nerve pain
  211. How fast can you run a mile?
  212. milk
  213. Browning oil
  214. First catch your bear ...
  215. How long is a lifetime?
  216. More on the Egyptian Princess
  217. Paleo is not high fat...
  218. Wholehealthsource.com recent posting
  219. Epigenetic (a.k.a. Functional) Orthodontics: building better faces
  220. How High Fructose Corn Syrup Will Kill You
  221. Choose Walnuts For Heart Health - And Maintain Or Lose Weight
  222. Scientists find "master switch" gene for obesity
  223. In need of convincing evidence and research.
  224. Cholesterol?
  225. Sitting Comfortably at Work
  226. analysis of raw China Study data
  227. Life Without Bread
  228. More on Gut Bacteria
  229. Optimum female state for health and attraction - does it exist?
  230. Researchers propose 'whole-system redesign' of US agriculture
  231. Blog post on 180 degree health
  232. Forks Not Knives Documentary??
  233. New paper - salt is healthy?
  234. If you want to watch Food Matters...
  235. Congenital Hypothyroidism - Labwork/Tantrums/Cytomel
  236. Ruminants helping Africa
  237. Sickle cell anemia
  238. Source of statistics on Americans' weight?
  239. Seven Basic Habits That You are Doing Wrong
  240. Stephan's new series on body fat set-point
  241. Sugar vs Artificial Sweetener
  242. New eating disorder??!!
  243. The Rock Bulks Up!
  244. How does research take place in philosophy?
  245. Paleo cures MS: Food as Medicine
  246. Yoga inversions
  247. Happy news from Sweden :)
  248. A reversal on carbs artical/It is about time!!!
  249. High-fat diet is awful, but it may reverse diabetes-related kidney damage
  250. Bacon Helps Cure Epilepsy