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  1. On NPR's health blog today: Commenters Bite Back On The Paleo Diet
  2. Dr. Art Ayers on High Fructose Agave Syrup - AKA "nectar"
  3. Books
  4. Positive Attitude Linked to Long Life
  5. Nice interview with Robb Wolf...such an honorable, intelligent guy IMO
  6. Excess exercise 'hurts the heart' and cause dangerous long-term harm
  7. Why is oxidation bad?
  8. dealing with osteoporosis
  9. The China Study
  10. Cholesterol and mortality
  11. Loren Cordain - Origins and Evolution of the Western Diet
  12. Anorexia Realis
  13. Does dietary cholesterol increase serum cholesterol?
  14. Pharmageddon
  15. When you eat might be as important as what you eat study
  16. Phinney, Wortman, and Westman on Canadian First Nations Peoples
  17. Five-year-olds treated for depression and anxiety
  18. Flow-mediated Vasodilation (FMD)
  19. HCG diet
  20. monosaturated fat
  21. latest fitness equipment??
  22. Posture
  23. Interview with Dr. David Crews, Epigenetic Transgenerational Inheritance
  24. Antibiotic overuse may give bacteria an evolutionary boost
  25. Science behind the primal diet
  26. Loren Cordain interviwed by Andreas Eenfeldt
  27. Smoothies and Juices Rotting Children's Teeth Say Dentists
  28. Fasting and HGH
  29. Does sugar make you stupid? Study suggests it sabotages learning and memory
  30. Proposal to give statins to all over 50s in the UK!
  31. Why Asian Rice Diets Do Not Cause Degenerative Diseases?
  32. Anthropologists discover earliest form of wall art
  33. 30% of U.S. adults have sleepwalked, study finds
  34. School fare in 1748
  35. Chairs -- History, Design, etc.
  36. Vitamin D Deficiency & Sleep
  37. Sleep loss from 'social jet lag' tied to obesity
  38. The Bushmen Laughed
  39. Cooling Inflammation guy goes for Dr. Oz Again
  40. Curry's ability to fight cancer put to the test
  41. Can the USA get healthier?
  42. Amish farm kids remarkably immune to allergies: study
  43. Marks Reference-Dr. Castelli(Framingham Study) doesn't eat any fatty foods!
  44. Regular jogging may dramatically up life expectancy
  45. U.S. to partner with Big Pharma for drug discovery
  46. Potentially new non-destructive proxy for paleodietary analysis
  47. Sleep 9 hours a night to lose weight
  48. Deaths of young & fit athletes apparently rising
  49. UT Southwestern Doctors Make Obesity Breakthrough
  50. As America's waistline expands, costs soar
  51. 30% of Workers Get Far Too Little Sleep
  52. Berries May Slow Memory Loss
  53. Articles on sleep position and surfaces
  54. Elephant Meat and Bone Marrow
  55. "The Red Man's Dixie"
  56. Doctoral Thesis: Higher intake of Carbs--> lower risk of diabetes !!!
  57. Insulin: An Undeserved Bad Reputation?
  58. "Cooling Inflammation" Guy Insists on the Importance of Bacteria Again
  59. Trying to understand autophagy
  60. Meat eating behind evolutionary success of humankind
  61. This article on sleep...
  62. Are we natural vegetarians?
  63. Another vegan checking out at 62
  64. Happy people have less risk of heart attack, study finds
  65. Any kind of physical activity lowers Alzheimer's risk
  66. Huffington post on Aging gracefully....
  67. Depression blood test for teens may lead to better treatment, less stigma
  68. Why is creatinine slightly low in a high meat lifestyle?
  69. Peer reviewed research?
  70. Paleo/Primal for friends mother in chemotherapy ?
  71. Paleo Bread
  72. gluten reaction or stomach bug
  73. Almonds-Pasteurization Diatribe
  74. Study finds significant skull differences between closely linked groups
  75. Chocolate and Sex
  76. Low Testosterone and curious if I can raise naturally
  77. A primer on Reading Scientific Research
  78. Red meat consumption, iron metabolism and accelerated aging
  79. Grok takes down a mammoth.
  80. Childbirth
  81. The Latest Insanity
  82. Mummy Gut Flora
  83. It's not sugar making Australian's fat....
  84. Vaccine to stop heart attacks could be here in 5 years
  85. Is sugar toxic?
  86. Benefits of Nettles Leaf
  87. Fitness and fat advise....
  88. Why Are There Not More People Dropping Dead...
  89. Too Much Sitting Can Kill You, Study Suggests
  90. Glucose/Carbohydrate link to cancer growth
  91. A Marijuana bud a day keeps the stroke away
  92. DNA Study: Domestication of Cattle
  93. Eating lots of chocolate helps people stay thin, study finds
  94. Bypass new cure for diabetes
  95. Grok and body hair?
  96. Ancient Hawaiians Managed Fisheries
  97. AAD notes increase in female adult acne
  98. I'm always hungry!!!!
  99. Tell the New York Times why it's ethical to eat meat
  100. Statins cause muscle damage, make it "hard to exercise" in NYT
  101. Ten Excellent Reasons to have a BYD LED bulb
  102. Mysterious Chinese Fossils May Be New Human Species
  103. Any Chemists/Biochemists here (Iodine and Energy) ??
  104. Red meat increases death, cancer and heart risk, says study
  105. If you doubt the Oxidative Effect of Grains... read this!
  106. Nice article by a doctor admitting they've been wrong!
  107. Dairy and weight loss
  108. Testosterone
  109. Heart Doctor on Inflammation and What Really Causes Heart Disease
  110. Blood pressure medication for the over 60s
  111. NYT article on statins and diabetes
  112. Dr. Oz Taken to Task by Gut Expert
  113. Tell me your thoughts?
  114. The Power of Raw Cannabis
  115. LDN: Miracle Super Antibiotic That Boosts Immune System
  116. Colon irrigation opinions
  117. Paleo Diet review in Canadian Living Magazine
  118. Did our ancestors really eat so much meat?
  119. Could It Be B-12? The Widespread Deficiency That Is Going Untreated
  120. Review article on Sugar consumption and health
  121. Interrupted Sleep
  122. BPA's Obesity And Diabetes Link Strengthened By New Study
  124. Sugar at breakfast helps with weight loss?
  125. The Gladiator Diet
  126. Lab Grown Meat
  127. Does eating slowly mean longer life and lower weight?
  128. Good news for IF'ers
  129. BPA linked to Obesity and Diabetes?
  130. How do we know who to believe
  131. Primal Health Research
  132. Ketosis
  133. Welcome Back Fat: The Booming Low-Carb Trend in Scandinavia
  134. Advice and feedback on my medications, please
  135. Paleo Informational Speech
  136. Massage Post Workout Helps Build Mitochondria
  137. My Doctor Is Whack!
  138. Diverticulosus/Diverticuitis
  139. Will the Edema in my Calves clear up with Primal?
  140. Need help finding an article
  141. Parkinson's, IGF-1, and Primal
  142. Gout
  143. china study question
  144. Hiroo Onoda - 29 Year Jungle Survival
  145. Child Development
  146. Researching help on why milk is bad for pregnant women and children?
  147. Atkins Fat Fast
  148. Coconut Oil Touted as Alzheimer's Remedy
  149. Statins: Now with elevated diabetes risk
  150. Ben/Moringa Oil - next best thing to Coconut Oil?
  151. Losing muscle as we age
  152. Soy - Cause of Infertility & Impotence
  153. Paula Deen coverage is pissing me off
  154. Controversial news story in UK.....
  155. Red wine not as good as we thought?
  156. How much would it cost to have better studies done?
  157. EXHIBIT - Big Food: Health, Culture and the Evolution of Eating
  158. Smoking Marijuana Helps the Lungs
  159. Help me pick my nutrition research paper topic
  160. are certain nutrients deficient in vegan and/or vegetarian diets?
  161. Too Much Vitamin D May Cause More Harm Than Help!?!
  162. Debating with vegans, need help! :)
  163. The Many Heads of Gluten Sensitivity - Interesting Article!
  164. So what do you guys think about the so called "Carb Blockers" in pill form?
  165. Hysterical US News Rating of 25 Easiest Diets to Follow
  166. How do you explain this lifestyle to others??
  167. Research on in utero learning that relates a lot to primal thinking
  168. Help Solve the Pharma Mystery!
  169. Dr. Terry Wahl's research?
  170. best shower filter on the market
  171. Bugs may be resistant to genetically modified corn
  172. Magnesium Creatine Chelate Study
  173. how can i lose about 8 pounds in a week? PLEASE 10 POINTS?
  174. Food We Eat Might Control Our Genes
  175. Monsanto's GMO Corn Linked To Organ Failure, Study Reveals
  176. Experts say "Add vitamin D to Scotland's food"
  177. Nursing Home Serious Questions
  178. Fasting Blood Sugar Question
  179. Nothing new, but nicely written: vegans/vegetarians gone back to meat
  180. What about blood type
  181. Now Ive seen it all.....lard pills
  182. Article about saturated fat in Men's Health
  183. Another article i saw this morning that made we want to puke
  184. Simplicity Of Wellness
  185. Noble or Savage? By Jason Godesky (Part 1 and 2)
  186. The oil we eat: Following the food chain back to Iraq
  187. Otzi the Iceman and his delicious animal fats
  188. Proof continues to pile up
  189. L-Carnitine questions
  190. Facial hair/long hair and tracking skill
  191. Egg consumption - Prostate cancer risk
  192. Muscular Dystrophy: Does any one have this?
  193. The Worst Drug Addistion of ALL TIME
  194. Caveman research?
  195. Weight loss in elderly women
  196. Two questions about the book
  197. Was Grok being stupid, or was he that smart?
  198. Weston A. Price-Facial Structure-Mechanism
  199. Paleo for baby
  200. Early deep sea fishing
  201. Update on statin usage
  202. How do you maintain your body after weight loss?
  203. Carb overload?
  204. Peer reviewed studies to convince a research biologist friend
  205. Eat Right 4 Your Type
  206. Cholesterol drugs for kids now????
  207. Wondering whether anyone might be able to offer some help
  208. where are the high fat vs. low fat debates?
  209. rheumatoid arthritis flaring up since going primal?
  210. Cancer vacine?
  211. Cholesterol Revisited
  212. High Endurance Mice - gene for improved Ketosis switched on
  213. Hydration: importance in weight loss
  214. Western diet destroying the health of the Pacific Islanders.
  215. Pubmed - Rehinking Dietary Cholesterol
  216. iPhone App for Diabetes
  217. iPhone App for Diabetes
  218. Human Metabolism explained
  219. Protein and cancer research
  220. Loren Cordain full of it?
  221. Zombie cells making you age?
  222. Need some help with diet meal plans?
  223. A good study and clear reporting!
  224. Red Meat is bad for you? Proof that this is bull?
  225. Any truth to : limited, complete foods = increased longevity?
  226. But first, let's kill all the old folks!
  227. NPR: The Paleo-Diet: Not The Way To A Healthy Future
  228. Paleo curing Schizophrenia?
  229. weight gain after weight loss - Leptin
  230. Ethnoraphies!!
  231. Study shows that Fat Based Diet Reduces Endurance 50 percent!
  232. Autism and GAPS - A worthy Discussion
  233. Quitting Grains in Chinese (Daoist) Philosophy
  234. Hair Loss Drugs Cause SEVERE Impotence
  235. Please tell me how to lower cholesterol
  236. interesting video about high fat diet - in german
  237. BPA vs preservatives
  238. One Tree Hill The Vampire Diaries Dirt How I Met Your Mother Entourage One
  239. grasses part of early diet?
  240. Asthma Still on the Rise
  241. Hormone Orexin, brown fat, promising obesity research
  242. An interesting study
  243. How old was Grok?
  244. Local News Channel touting the benefits of "Caveman diet"
  245. Local New Channel touting the benefits of "Caveman diet"
  246. Fat Tax
  247. benefits of low-carb diet getting debunked?
  248. ALA, DHA, and EPA
  249. Too much protein not good?
  250. Flu Shot Question