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  1. Australian Heart Foundation - 2013 dietary guidelines release. Oh dear...
  2. Grok didn't need mouthwash...
  3. Shakeology....is it Primal, or is it a bunch of chemicals?
  4. Did Paleo Man Process Flour?
  5. It Just Keeps Coming.
  6. The political dimension of the European "meat crisis" explained
  7. Another anthropologist theorizes through his hat
  8. Whey, red meat and cancer
  9. Debate: Cholesterol is not an important risk factor for heart disease
  10. Scientific American: The Myth of Antioxidants
  11. Please Educate Me About Probiotics
  12. Looking at the brain
  13. Scientist Wife Not Buying It
  14. Raw greens blocking nutrients?
  15. Sydney Diet Heart Trial revisited
  16. 2006 study - gliadins disrupt gut permeability @ molecular level
  17. Maybe not Chicken Bones
  18. Low Cholesterol Associated With 75 Percent Of All Heart Attacks!
  19. Bernarr Macfadden
  20. Most people who seem to have 'beef' with the primal diet are...
  21. Obesity researchers discover NPY
  22. HIT/Sprint Research
  23. Update to info on calories - many labels are WAY off
  24. I'd like to know what convinced everyone to make the switch?
  25. Exercise for the injured
  26. Small Meals a day disproval (Leangains)
  27. Nutrition and cancer recovery
  28. Names for Gluten
  29. Vegetarians 'cut heart risk by 32%'
  30. Low carb diet in Sweedish Women = higher incidence of heart disease
  31. Magnesium Deficiency and Constipation
  32. antisperm antibodies after vasectomy reversal--autoimmune thoughts?
  33. Melatonin for Sleep and Antioxidants
  34. Primal blueprint not new, check out Maker's Diet
  35. Is there any info on helping Gout with Primal eating?
  36. interesting news article
  37. Autoimmune diseases and what Primal did to mine
  38. Interesting article
  39. Where do I find good articles on early Man
  40. Harvard Health Letter Asks If You Should Take Statins w/Normal Cholesterol?
  41. Starving Cancer: Ketogenic Diet a Key to Recovery
  42. Flu shots
  43. New research on how insulin functions
  44. Must Watch!!!
  45. Anti research and contrary messages
  46. Lewy Body Dementia & acetylcholinesterase inhibitors/anti-cholinesterase...
  47. Grope Boobs for the Health of It!
  48. NTU study finds ways to prevent muscle loss, obesity and diabetes
  49. Water problems
  50. Some Christmas-themed psychological "research"
  51. Gunman's medications
  52. Fat in the blood...
  53. Ketosis promotes longevity and healthy ageing
  54. France Bans BPA in Food Packaging
  55. 300,000 suicides?
  56. Gut flora bombshell
  57. Prehistoric cheese-making
  58. Science of water filters?
  59. Help with Hashimoto's results
  60. Large breast just don't fly
  61. MS and Paleo
  62. Very interesting talk given at Low Carb Down Under conference
  63. Any truth here? Low iron levels, stubborn weight and lepatin.
  64. Researchers say dieting not worth it
  65. Salt is healthy? Low salt may actually increase mortality...
  66. mistake in bio book?
  67. EFSA rejects rat-tumour study
  68. Stone boiling
  69. How our thoughts can affect us
  70. Looking for egg whites vs eating whole egg study
  71. Fish Oil - The Good, The Bad, and The Rats
  72. Advice for aspiring scientists
  73. Epigenetics and the brain
  74. American Gut is live
  75. Sleep - how to
  76. Neanderthals may have overheated
  77. Pork caused rbc to clump?
  78. Professor of Anthropology, Nathaniel Dominy speaks on diet
  79. What is the "other" magic factor in obesity & disease?
  80. Cavemandoctor has a nice write up on HG diets
  81. Dr Oz Smack-down
  82. Antibiotics Disrupt Gut Flora in Infants
  83. Chris Masterjohn on Cholesterol
  84. For sale APPLE IPHONE 5 & APPLE IPAD 3 TABLETS : thomp.luiz@hotmail.com
  85. Chris Kresser on Cholesterol
  86. EvoS Summit 2012 is up and online
  87. African Hunter-Gatherers Are Offshoots of Earliest Human Split
  88. Primal/Paleo x Population = Unsustainable
  89. Ketones and Saturated Fats, Additional Resources?
  90. An object lesson in getting what you want out of a study
  91. Coconut Oil for cooking: is it good or bad for you?
  92. Affect of a single saturated fat meal on arteries
  93. BBC Prehistoric Autopsy, latest paleo from the BBC, good stuff
  94. Simmering Resentments
  95. Formal Critique of the book "Wheat Belly"
  96. Autism in the US and Italy
  97. Why leaving the heating off and avoiding the gym could help you lose weight
  98. New Analysis of Human Expansion
  99. Why weren't the Victorians fat?
  100. High-carb foods associated with cognitive impairment: Mayo Clinic study
  101. Tonalin CLA supplement for fat reduction
  102. Skipping breakfast primes the brain to seek out fat
  103. Number of obese people in France doubles to seven million
  104. Steve Phinney and Richard Johnson: Ketones, Uric Acid, High Fat and Health
  105. Meat doesn't leech calcium after all(?)
  106. Whey Protein and rBST
  107. Great info about Kennewick man / PNW Grok
  108. Dr. Weil - Carbohydrate density, obesity, and chronic inflammation
  109. Vitamin D3 Supplementation: Useless or even Harmful?
  110. Paleo vs PCOS
  111. Swedish Study ABC News Report Low Carb Diet Increases risk of heart disease
  112. is it best to eat fish instead of taking fish oil supplementation
  113. Vitamin D and Calcium supplement reduces mortality
  114. Rock Song from 1972: There is a serious point to this
  115. Research that vegan diet is best and our ancestors were not big meat eaters
  116. The Burden of Mood disorders - another reason for primal lifestyle?
  117. Quite the bomshell
  118. Whether you are fit or not you still get Acne? Do You Agree?
  119. Australian sugar consumption down
  120. Dr. Eades' Research
  121. CBC News - Blood pressure drug benefits overestimated for mild cases
  122. Fermented foods & probiotic supplements: friend or foe?
  123. Amazonian tribal warfare sheds light on modern violence says anthropologist
  124. Requesting Carbohydrate Curve Research References
  125. Ronald Krauss on Red Meat & Dairy Sat'd Fat
  126. Psychology Today: Your Brain On Ketones
  127. Article Further Supporting Diet Based on Genetics
  128. Bad cholesterol: It’s not what you think
  129. Visceral fat, anorexia connection, solution
  130. "Eating for Health, Not Weight "
  131. New genetic light shed on human evolution
  132. Jenny Rule was on Jimmy Moore's podcast discussing low carb weight problems
  133. 180,000-Year-Old Mutation Allowed Humans to Become Vegetarians
  134. Idiot says he's proved chocolaye is addictive
  135. Wegener's Granulomatosis
  136. Genetic Roulette
  137. How Schools Damage Children's Backs
  138. LDL-C and LDL-P risk markers
  139. Rural dwellers and home cooked meals
  140. The Cell
  141. Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy
  142. AJCN article
  143. Diet, Alzheimers and Type 3 diabietes
  144. Lies lies lies lies
  145. High fat diet undermines sleep
  146. Dr. Richard Feinman on Cancer
  147. Good article on gut microbiota in Sydney Morning Herald
  148. Does the Latest DNA Research Support Primal?
  149. How about a nice big bowl of poisonous opiate?
  150. Eating Meat Allowed Humans to Conquer Globe
  151. Even in Normal Range, High Blood Sugar Linked to Brain Shrinkage
  152. Organic food no more nutritious than non-organic, study finds
  153. Interesting article on the many ways a calorie is not a calorie!
  154. Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Richard Johnson About The Fat Switch
  155. Autism and maternal inflammation
  156. Issues with Primal/Paleo/Low Carb - Low Testosterone?
  157. Natural Medicine Costs
  158. The Atkins diet, updated
  159. New research on dietary treatments for Alzheimers
  160. If you are diabetic or pre diabetic, you may find this site useful
  161. Dr Rosedal on Calcium
  162. Found this interview with Ornish and Rosedale from 1999, interesting
  163. The Hydration Myth.....sports drinks debunked
  164. Can your food make you fit?
  165. Bioenergetics Podcast
  166. Effect of fat & caffeine on post-prawn dial BG
  167. Bacteria and Parasites...
  168. Eating walnuts daily may improve sperm quality
  169. Research that Shows that Legumes are Bad for you?
  170. Mat LaLonde podcast with Chris Kresser
  171. University of Cambridge: You may not have Neanderthal blood after all ...
  172. Tooth Chemistry Confirms Early Homo Loved Meat
  173. Asthaxanthin?
  174. "Conflict of Interest" in Journal Articles
  175. University of the Witwatersrand: Australopithecus diet
  176. Archaeologists Officially Declare Collective Sigh Over “Paleo Diet”
  177. Archaeology: ritual use of caffeinated drink
  178. The Evolution of Walking Upright
  179. The Power of IF
  180. Any actual researchers on here?
  181. Dietary Cholesterol
  182. Witness to a Last Will of Man
  183. Any research out there that supports a theory that calm people are thinner?
  184. "Dangerous Grains" by James Braly & Ron Hoggan
  185. Cinese Volleyball Team Stymies Itself
  186. New study: High-Fat Dairy, Obesity, Metabolic Health and CVD
  187. Article about Hadza on BBC news this morning
  188. Colorado Killer
  189. Are EFA's really essential?
  190. So-called Thrifty Gene
  191. Rethinking Human Origins
  192. Study proves Primal is unhealthy?
  193. Blood work back - Low T??
  194. inflammatory gut microbiota from grain-centric diet as cause of obesity
  195. Neanderthals may have used "medicines"
  196. Irish study shows institutional food damages the elderly's gut microbiota
  197. BMJ study on paleo diet and ischemic heart disease in women?
  198. Physical inactivity kills 5 million a year: report
  199. "Roundup Ready" Gut Bacteria
  200. Lama Charqui
  201. Cholesterol and Fats in your Blood
  202. Hyprlipid: Are you free T3
  203. New Anti-Paleo Screed..please refute at your leisure!
  204. Children's Posture
  205. Vitamin/mineral products absorption research?
  206. Recent study showing possible link between dairy fat and bad bacteria
  207. Tim Noakes
  208. Sitting Less May Add Two Years to U.S. Life Expectancy
  209. cancer & low body temperature
  210. Gut Microbiomes of Hunter-gatherers
  211. Great USDA food pyramid articles?
  212. Danish Prehistoric Bog Sacrifice of 200 Victims
  213. Flavor Is Price of Scarlet Hue of Tomatoes, Study Finds
  214. White tongue options
  215. Plains Indians
  216. Incredible Human Journey (BBC)
  217. The Omega Mystery
  218. Study: 15 % of Finnish adult population follows low-carbohydrate diet
  219. You Really Are What You Eat
  220. New Low Carb Study Misses The Point
  221. USA Today - 6/26/12 - Low-carb diet burns the most calories in small study
  222. Newbie with interest in our primal biological clocks relative to Mark's PBP
  223. So much for "you can't milk a wild animal" ...
  224. why mark?
  225. Bad Breath Basics
  226. Any metabolic adavantages to being heat-acclimatized?
  227. Another Interesting Trend
  228. Ketosis Meter Being Developed
  229. Oldest Rock Art in Australia
  230. Blood Pressure meds
  231. Two interesting low-carb podcasts
  232. Corelation between magnesium and obesity/weight loss
  233. Do You Take Matt Stone Seriously?
  234. Jerry A. Coyne - 2009 - Why Evolution Is True
  235. Talk about going primal ...
  236. 10,000 germ species live in and on healthy people
  237. Michael Rose Professor & Director of NERE, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
  238. Omega 3s don't help?
  239. Study: Cooked meat contains carcinogens in significant studies, review?
  240. Should women IF?
  241. Pawnee
  242. Low-carb diet tied to higher cholesterol
  243. Cui Bono
  244. So What Rreally Causes Plaque?
  245. Shrinkage?
  246. dairy & weight loss
  247. doubts training
  248. Hyperlipid on Overfeeding Studies
  249. Skulls of Americans "getting bigger"
  250. The Evenk of Siberia