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  1. Obesity Commercial
  2. Advert/Label/Copy wording that makes you laugh (or cringe)
  3. Falling off the wagon now that the darn horses are going the right direction! Grrrrrr
  4. The state seeks to destroy small food producers
  5. Say no to more corn...
  6. coconut oil rec's
  7. And I thought OUR kids were being fed shit
  8. Ugh! I feel really bad today. Detox symptoms?
  9. Primal Pets
  10. Need advice from someone in the UK re GPs - I'M DESPERATE!!
  11. Okay. Sex drive question.
  12. Raw milk!
  13. People with or who had high blood pressure. How'd you lower yours on PB?
  14. I wonder when this will hit the market
  15. Overshoes in winter?
  16. CW fails again: article (blog) in NY Times
  17. pass the honey, honey...
  18. How am I going to STOP losing weight?
  19. You need to watch this movie! (Fat Head)
  20. Ok I need some supplements (UK)
  21. spaghetti tacos
  22. Numbers Too High?
  23. Fitness question
  24. Rodizio Restaurant In NYC
  25. Yay! No Sacramento signature dish
  26. Shiritaki miracle noodles
  27. Perception change?
  28. Problem downloading E-Book
  29. Attn: Active duty military groks!
  30. Discussion with registered nutritionist
  31. Primal helping with orgasmic difficulties?
  32. Primal Challenge reflections
  33. People are starting to think I'm crazy
  34. Are there photos of anyone here in the contests?
  35. Blood Test, suggestions?
  36. Getting tired of wasting hard boiled eggs due to peeling issues - help please
  37. Body Odor
  38. Caffeine sensitivity?
  39. Raw Chicken? Are You Kidding???
  40. From my homeland - how scary is this
  41. Wedding Registry Ideas
  42. Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  43. Teenage Growth Spurt
  44. Skim milk powder in greek yogurt?
  45. Magnesium oil
  46. Support the AHA
  47. Everybody should take a refresher course
  48. Totally stoked for the Gorillaz show Sunday
  49. Freezer temperature
  50. organic palm oil?
  51. excessive leg fat
  52. Question about Insulin and Baked Potatoes
  53. I'm a 36 yo female who wants off BCP once and for all>>>>>>>
  54. Paleo Solution Cholesterol Numbers
  55. Pondering what to hand out to kids for halloween
  56. Sugary Carbs = Energy ...
  57. a weird thing happened...and I cried...
  58. I bought large shirt today
  59. Why Do Traditional Shoes Have Raised Heels?
  60. skinny fat
  61. What's Your Record for Nuts Consumed in a Day
  62. Plantar Fasciitis, anyone?
  63. The deal on smoothies
  64. Another media claim - this time about genetics not diet making you fat.
  65. Hydrocephalus
  66. New Zealand government finally get with the program and pull Reductil!
  67. "Transition: How long"
  68. 30 bad are hijacking Wikipedia! Why aren't we b*tching about it??
  69. Anyone ever tried these shoes
  70. Watch Les Stroud's "Beyond Survival"
  71. From Dr Mercola's site...cinnamon and diabetes
  72. Primal when sick
  73. Visiting elderly parents! The predicament....
  74. Apparently walmart really is cheaper =(
  75. Street names annoying to vegetarians
  76. VAP test- HUH?
  77. Do you have a doctor you LOVE?
  78. Help with Parents
  79. My practioner did the 1,25 Dihydroxy test instead of the 25-hydroxyvitaminD test>>>>
  80. just for a laugh
  81. Not surprising (about The Biggest Loser)
  82. Addicted to Bad Carbs.
  83. A primal way to find a husband?
  84. If it's on The Onion it must be true :)
  85. Chilean miners - hypothetically how could PB have helped during time underground?
  86. Tortilla Chips and Phlegm
  87. State Fair Food
  88. new campbells soup commercial
  89. The money question
  90. Primal families.... School lunches??
  91. Anyone NOT sleeping on a Mattress?
  92. Diabetic people smell different?
  93. Peeling almonds w/o nutcracker.
  94. I've just done a Griff...
  95. Weakened immune system
  96. If you were going to lose your sense of smell...
  97. Bloodshot eyes
  98. Professional liability insurance for the non-CW personal trainer
  99. What's the Primal point of life?
  100. PB Christians? Looking for like-minded support?
  101. Hilarious example of the power of sugar
  102. The effects of low-carbing on tweenagers
  103. Blogs you follow?
  104. Boorito!
  105. going dairy free??
  106. Something good to do with pancakes
  107. I just an entire onion with breakfast
  108. How do I get my Vitamin D tested?
  109. Bradycardia
  110. I'm so primal, they feel like family...
  111. Can I eat primal and do p90x and still lose weight???
  112. tell me a joke
  113. Interviewing a Doctor
  114. Primal penny pinching!
  115. Can those who know about cholesterol #s please tell me if I'm ok?>>>>>>>
  116. Anyone suffer from the Gout?
  117. A fun part about being Primal....
  118. Cholesterol Levels , advice needed.
  119. Got a freezer!
  120. Primal during WWII
  121. Henry Rollins
  122. Help me past my own hypocrisy please!
  123. Now it is a matter of life and death
  124. Thyroid issues
  125. Does pms affect your measurements?
  126. FREE SHIPPING today at Tropical Traditions!
  127. VFF/Minimalist shoe alternative
  128. 31 days!
  129. Primal and stuttering?
  130. Barefoot professor in Virginia preaches shoelessness
  131. Gary Taube's New Book
  132. Catching/Throwing Improvement
  133. What bloods should i have?
  134. Paleo in other languages ... ??
  135. Yahoo attacks Paleo Diet. FAILS.
  136. changes in the way you approach your romantic life?
  137. This crap angers me!
  138. Best blood glucose meter?
  139. fewer grains/sugar = higher fasting BG?
  140. The Daily Plate's just dump this shit in my inbox
  141. Wherefore art thou fat?
  142. Orthorexia- Do you obsess about everything you eat? Is it a problem?
  143. carbs in breast milk?
  144. Music - what lyrics or sentiment personifies primal to you ?
  145. STOP! No more posts about 30,000 year old bread :-)
  146. Men Vs Women - Who is more unhealthy?
  147. Carb Flu....again?
  148. Primal artwork at its best.
  149. New to PB - Noticing my sleep is a bit off
  150. What those research studies REALLY mean
  151. You suck as a man!
  152. The same thing every day. A rant.
  153. What's your Primal 'heroin'...?
  154. 15-Day Low Carb Detox - good idea...?
  155. You like to bake, particularly cakes - Solution!
  156. Gluten free bread advertised on TV!
  157. Just got back from the gym
  158. What kind of pan should I use to fry eggs in?
  159. Sweat More in Your Sleep?
  160. I have nick named it "travelling stomach"
  161. Evolution as a basis for nutrition - do you really care?
  162. Primal Pregnancy
  163. Week 2 of PB ... extreme hunger
  164. Underweight binger?
  165. Great place to buy Vibram's!
  166. Thermography?
  167. I got a new toy: a blood glucose meter!
  168. The bonuses you hoped would happen, but didn't...
  169. I am having a BIG problem!!
  170. IF double workout question
  171. According to Vegan History...
  172. Upcoming Surgery
  173. No shampoo questions?
  174. Use of Products and Colon Hydro-therapy...
  175. Primal--ie first--use of money
  176. Yes we ARE Omnivores
  177. Home from the Hospital
  178. How do I know if I have the right size VFFs?
  179. Happy friday!
  180. Primal Pets?
  181. Omega-3 before surgery? (blood thinning aspect)
  182. Cholesterol test raise your life insurance cost?
  183. TSH getting higher??
  184. Pig Shirt
  185. Halloween TRAUMA
  186. I love my mum to bits - but I DO wish she wouldn't try to be 'helpful'...
  187. Kitchen Gadgets, and nicknacks
  188. off topic- Teeth whitening
  189. Propoganda of a various nature
  190. Freedom Fail
  191. Overheard today....
  192. Am I eating enough...?
  193. One thing I can excel at besides primal and the cello...
  194. Sudden severe depression in teen
  195. Okay...i sense I have been a little harsh. Now LOVING Jamie Oilvers work!
  196. Calling all Granny Grokettes and Grandpa Groks!!
  197. US-Style 'Superfarm' mooted for Lincolnshire
  198. Cooking shows/hosts on TV?
  199. Just had a panic attack...
  200. Scientific American: Painful childhood can take decades off one's life expectancy
  201. Dog and his "primal workout"
  202. Brock Lesnar got smashed and I love it!
  203. Anyone else wish David Attenborough was their (grand)dad...
  204. Why do so many people hate rain?
  205. For those who've PMed me
  206. Beginning of the End for British Dairy Farming?
  207. Gotta be good
  208. No link to free ebook on subscribing.
  209. I forgot to celebrate
  210. "Walk Around" Weight/ BF %
  211. Stone age telegraph
  212. I'm beginning to get some very odd looks round the common...
  213. Can't Get Much "Odder" Than This---Corset Piercings :-X
  214. Taking a forum break
  215. What makes us lighter?
  216. Poison Ivy
  217. Is anyone using Intelligen Nutrients products?
  218. I will be 100% today
  219. Medicinal herbs to be banned in the EU.
  220. halloween....candy.
  221. Dog question please?
  222. Skin help, please.
  223. Tanita home scale for BF%? (measuring BF)
  224. Fage-tal Attraction (or What The Hell's Wrong With My Head...?)
  225. Wedding water retention
  226. I will be 100% today
  227. Game- A-Z of Primal Blueprint words
  228. Can I have tea?
  229. low carb flu
  230. HELP me re-grow my hair!
  231. Sensitivity to taste of plastic utensils and Styrofoam cups?
  232. Primal elimination?
  233. For all you organ meat lovers!
  234. Grocery Store Mania
  235. Time to rock the costumes... come on people!
  236. Breathing Fresh Air While You Sleep
  237. Do You Use the Microwave Any More?
  238. High Lipase levels with primal lifestyle
  239. According to The Guardian - We are all mad! You gotta read this article!!!
  240. Post a Favorite Video
  241. Down to last 10 pounds-what to expect?
  242. 9 months primal: blood lipid & thyroid results
  243. Does anyone use Google Buzz? Crackbook Alternatives
  244. Admin approval for journal posts?
  245. Rudolph's coming home for Christmas.... but I want him gone!
  246. European VFFs
  247. BBQ Challenge: Smoking a full sized Turkey
  248. FREE--yes ---free books
  249. Zinc supplements
  250. Anyone like Dexter (TV show)?