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  1. Gary Taube's New Book
  2. Barefoot professor in Virginia preaches shoelessness
  3. Primal and stuttering?
  4. 31 days!
  5. VFF/Minimalist shoe alternative
  6. FREE SHIPPING today at Tropical Traditions!
  7. Does pms affect your measurements?
  8. Thyroid issues
  9. Now it is a matter of life and death
  10. Help me past my own hypocrisy please!
  11. Henry Rollins
  12. Primal during WWII
  13. Got a freezer!
  14. Cholesterol Levels , advice needed.
  15. A fun part about being Primal....
  16. Anyone suffer from the Gout?
  17. Can those who know about cholesterol #s please tell me if I'm ok?>>>>>>>
  18. Primal penny pinching!
  19. Interviewing a Doctor
  20. tell me a joke
  21. Can I eat primal and do p90x and still lose weight???
  22. I'm so primal, they feel like family...
  23. Bradycardia
  24. How do I get my Vitamin D tested?
  25. I just an entire onion with breakfast
  26. Something good to do with pancakes
  27. going dairy free??
  28. Boorito!
  29. Blogs you follow?
  30. The effects of low-carbing on tweenagers
  31. Hilarious example of the power of sugar
  32. PB Christians? Looking for like-minded support?
  33. What's the Primal point of life?
  34. Professional liability insurance for the non-CW personal trainer
  35. Bloodshot eyes
  36. If you were going to lose your sense of smell...
  37. Weakened immune system
  38. I've just done a Griff...
  39. Peeling almonds w/o nutcracker.
  40. Diabetic people smell different?
  41. Anyone NOT sleeping on a Mattress?
  42. Primal families.... School lunches??
  43. The money question
  44. new campbells soup commercial
  45. State Fair Food
  46. Tortilla Chips and Phlegm
  47. Chilean miners - hypothetically how could PB have helped during time underground?
  48. If it's on The Onion it must be true :)
  49. A primal way to find a husband?
  50. Addicted to Bad Carbs.
  51. Not surprising (about The Biggest Loser)
  52. just for a laugh
  53. My practioner did the 1,25 Dihydroxy test instead of the 25-hydroxyvitaminD test>>>>
  54. Help with Parents
  55. Do you have a doctor you LOVE?
  56. VAP test- HUH?
  57. Street names annoying to vegetarians
  58. Apparently walmart really is cheaper =(
  59. Visiting elderly parents! The predicament....
  60. Primal when sick
  61. From Dr Mercola's site...cinnamon and diabetes
  62. Watch Les Stroud's "Beyond Survival"
  63. Anyone ever tried these shoes
  64. 30 bad are hijacking Wikipedia! Why aren't we b*tching about it??
  65. "Transition: How long"
  66. New Zealand government finally get with the program and pull Reductil!
  67. Hydrocephalus
  68. Another media claim - this time about genetics not diet making you fat.
  69. The deal on smoothies
  70. Plantar Fasciitis, anyone?
  71. What's Your Record for Nuts Consumed in a Day
  72. skinny fat
  73. Why Do Traditional Shoes Have Raised Heels?
  74. I bought large shirt today
  75. a weird thing happened...and I cried...
  76. Sugary Carbs = Energy ...
  77. Pondering what to hand out to kids for halloween
  78. Paleo Solution Cholesterol Numbers
  79. I'm a 36 yo female who wants off BCP once and for all>>>>>>>
  80. Question about Insulin and Baked Potatoes
  81. excessive leg fat
  82. organic palm oil?
  83. Freezer temperature
  84. Totally stoked for the Gorillaz show Sunday
  85. Everybody should take a refresher course
  86. Support the AHA
  87. Magnesium oil
  88. Skim milk powder in greek yogurt?
  89. Teenage Growth Spurt
  90. Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  91. Wedding Registry Ideas
  92. From my homeland - how scary is this
  93. Raw Chicken? Are You Kidding???
  94. Caffeine sensitivity?
  95. Body Odor
  96. Getting tired of wasting hard boiled eggs due to peeling issues - help please
  97. Blood Test, suggestions?
  98. Are there photos of anyone here in the contests?
  99. People are starting to think I'm crazy
  100. Primal Challenge reflections
  101. Primal helping with orgasmic difficulties?
  102. Discussion with registered nutritionist
  103. Attn: Active duty military groks!
  104. Problem downloading E-Book
  105. Perception change?
  106. Shiritaki miracle noodles
  107. Yay! No Sacramento signature dish
  108. Rodizio Restaurant In NYC
  109. Fitness question
  110. Numbers Too High?
  111. spaghetti tacos
  112. Ok I need some supplements (UK)
  113. You need to watch this movie! (Fat Head)
  114. How am I going to STOP losing weight?
  115. pass the honey, honey...
  116. CW fails again: article (blog) in NY Times
  117. Overshoes in winter?
  118. I wonder when this will hit the market
  119. People with or who had high blood pressure. How'd you lower yours on PB?
  120. Raw milk!
  121. Okay. Sex drive question.
  122. Need advice from someone in the UK re GPs - I'M DESPERATE!!
  123. Primal Pets
  124. Ugh! I feel really bad today. Detox symptoms?
  125. And I thought OUR kids were being fed shit
  126. coconut oil rec's
  127. Say no to more corn...
  128. The state seeks to destroy small food producers
  129. Falling off the wagon now that the darn horses are going the right direction! Grrrrrr
  130. Advert/Label/Copy wording that makes you laugh (or cringe)
  131. Obesity Commercial
  132. Senior Member?
  133. How Many Times Do You Poop Per Day?
  134. Mechanically Seperated Chicken?
  135. Converting Regular Shoes to Barefoot?
  136. Anyone in the UK order from iHerb...?
  137. Is anyone familiar with NAET?
  138. Primal Winters
  139. FRESH - The movie. Get it while it's hot!
  140. This room has smelt of bacon all day...
  141. Will ya look at the size of that cleaver! YA DON'T MESS WITH HIM!!
  142. How much sleep do you need?
  143. I'm not feeling well. Help me troubleshoot?
  144. Tattoo
  145. Video on the Cree
  146. IF and sleep patterns
  147. Contest Overload
  148. Great t-shirt on today's woot
  149. Scrambled Eggs and "sticky" pans
  150. My Only Regret....
  151. Any advice about carb flu?
  152. What the hell are THOSE?
  153. For those who have bought the Primal Leap Kit
  154. Is Primal Leap Forum only 30days
  155. What does "inflammation" really mean?
  156. Question for Primal Ladies
  157. I think the time has come to say goodbye
  158. Paleo-future TV
  159. Query for NZ / Aussie / US / Canadian Groks
  160. Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) & gluten intolerance?
  161. Primal eating after wisdom teeth removal
  162. Does anyone do trapping?
  163. Ganglion
  164. Pity Party For One
  165. O. My. God.
  166. Hair loss
  167. Concerned Family?
  168. Food ideas for a Backpacking excursion
  169. Hot Primal Folks
  170. Gotta get cost-effective
  171. Is anyone from Sun City, AZ?
  172. Pb'er in the grocery store!
  173. Looking For The Perfect Gift?
  174. Being Primal was easy until I started thyroid meds!
  175. Kevin "Bacon"
  176. What to say to the Grain eaters?
  177. 13 pounds lost in 12 days!!
  178. telling the dentist about my diet, +metformin question
  179. Focus
  180. All the more reason to not wear heels...
  181. could somebody *please* tell me what DH stands for?
  182. "The most violent cookbook I've ever read"
  183. Didn't someone post an advertisement for sugar?
  184. Change my screen nickname - how do i?
  185. As if i needed more incentive not to eat bread!!!!!
  186. Plateaus info/questions!
  187. Where to find frugal staples, online
  188. Immune system WIN
  189. I would love some help preparing for my first Doctor visit
  190. Did I do myself some 'damage' when I IFed for 36 hours?
  191. belly bloat or psoas issues?
  192. Enlarged lymph node since going primal.
  193. What supplements do you take?
  194. Getting *to* Sleep
  195. School Nurse lectured me!
  196. differences between primal and cordain's paleo
  197. One bullet - Nigella or Sophie...?
  198. "White coat syndrome"
  199. Taubes vs Oz - The ultimate showdown!
  200. Do I have diabetes?
  201. In the Wild Sighting - New Mexico
  202. Anyone here used Primal to help with ED recovery?
  203. Kettlebells, gripper work and primal blueprint
  204. Somebody STOP me!!!!
  205. High LDL?
  206. I guess I'll be IF'ing this afternoon and maybe tomorrow
  207. Madrid meet up?
  208. Hair (alopecia)
  209. Early morning leg cramps
  210. Currently in week 2 and I have some questions
  211. This made me angry
  212. Engineer carnivores out of existence - people are truly nuts
  213. Just bought a 5acre piece of land. Time to get my hands dirty.
  214. Kitsap county gathering
  215. fish burps?
  216. Ludite apologies
  217. Need Advice for Overweight Child
  218. How to increase nutritional density of bread
  219. I hate Primal Diet....
  220. How to hike with my 1 year old?
  221. Sound health in 8 steps
  222. Hospitals Suck
  223. Slow cooker cooking temps
  224. right now watching One Nation, Overweight - on CNBC...
  225. unflavored-gelatin?
  226. Unilever looks to Cavemen for nutritional advice
  227. Where to find iPhone health-related apps?
  228. Can we have a proper discussion on cortisol and its role in sabotaging our WOL?
  229. Study primal eating
  230. Oliver Stone should make a CW vs. Paleo conspiracy movie!
  231. You VS Grok?
  232. Primal Lifestyle on Colbert
  233. List of cheats I should binge on?
  234. smoking pot and being primal
  235. Unexpected side effect of primal eating....
  236. Paleo/Primal, Salt & Vasovagal Syncope
  237. Preaching to the choir. Eliminate wheat, eat lots of fats and get plenty of vitamin D
  238. Unilever supporting Caveman diet?
  239. Pb without a gallbladder
  240. Primal Music
  241. holy.shit.
  242. Anyone in the MD/VA/DC area?
  243. ACE Personal Trainer Exam
  244. Primalism and the Menopause
  245. Before/After Photos... Inspiration!
  246. mixed race, genetic diversity, etc
  247. Flu vaccine
  248. I know I'm going to regret this...
  249. The Only Reason I Didn't Win the Brain Contest
  250. Questions for the Cyclists