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  1. Seriously, what is the obsession with doctors?
  2. Toooo friggin funny...
  3. Blog post on efficiency of running barefoot vs. running shod
  4. reflux
  5. Anybody else have to deal with juvenile drama on a frequent basis?
  6. Health Department Destroys Gathering...
  7. Sore tongue and mouth
  8. Ultra Life Gold-gets rid of the "ghosts" in your DNA
  9. "4 Celeb Diets to Avoid" Yahoo Article
  10. Doctor stories
  11. another one for the ladies
  12. Kerrygold Dubliner Cheese
  13. WAPF Baby Formula Recipes
  14. Religion, Stargate SG-1, and Primal Philosophy
  15. Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura
  16. Pregnant "before" pictures posing as real "before" pictures..so annoying!!!
  17. What benefits have you experienced by adding bone broth to your diet?
  18. Egg shell and membrane
  19. Baseline of Vitals
  20. Hair Gel Substitue
  21. killers
  22. Bone broth casualty.
  23. How long does it take you to dry off after a shower?
  24. Warm liquids after a meal?
  25. Big fat yeasty pizza!!!!
  26. Emotional eating? Please help me understand....
  27. Under Attack!
  28. Kids, teens, children, fussy eaters and the primal blueprint
  29. Non Primal Mother - Menopause Supps
  30. Confusing people at Trader Joe's
  31. Heat Rash, Prickly Skin,
  32. Good for a Friday laugh :)
  33. Caffine and fasting
  34. What do you dislike most about going Primal?
  35. Look Who Got a New Work Station
  36. Are there places you go to that make you hate the entire world?
  37. Caffeine: Stop completely?
  38. question about weight loss and body fat
  39. Ancestral Health Symposium 8/9-11 at Harvard
  40. Roids
  41. Health Crisis since going Primal, S.O.S.!
  42. The Primal Lifestyle for Females
  43. Weeds
  44. Kidney Stones
  45. I hope Grok danced!!
  46. So I couldn't resist...who knew we were so powerful??
  47. I hate walking...
  48. "you will just gain it all back"
  49. Withdrawals or oral fixation?
  50. Humor
  51. liver cleanse
  52. Smart meters
  53. 30 Days and 11 lbs Later!
  54. Low Carb Flu?
  55. Not all doctors are stupid, not all doctors are stupid, not all doctors are
  56. Thoughts? Comments?
  57. Trying to restart Primal, please advise.
  58. Anyone know about Backpacking?
  59. RICE! All I want is RICE! With lots of butter and salt!
  60. Help me please desperate with acne!
  61. More test results.....
  62. Respiratory Allergies?
  63. Growing during winter????
  64. Canadian Peeps: Don't those Tim Horton's "Egg White Breakfast Sandwich"...
  65. What to eat when nauseous?
  66. I Hate Lifitng Weights...
  67. Carb Addiction - Need Advice!
  68. Interesting TV show
  69. carnivegetarinism :D
  70. Primal Air Travel
  71. Gall bladder?
  72. how much sleep?
  73. Hmmm....anyone think this is reparable?
  74. Fillings
  75. This is.......interesting...
  76. Someone help me!!!!
  77. Another Primal Dog Food Thread
  78. How do we feel about pregnancy weight gain recommendations?
  79. Beards
  80. Is there a chance I have diabetes?
  81. Menopause is not fun (for the ladies)
  82. How come so many old people are healthy and never ate primal?
  83. Looking to buy a few pairs of Merrell's - wanting advice please
  84. Dad mentions pain in groin/pelvic area
  85. facebook is censoring
  86. PEEPS! No, really. Literally. PEEPS.
  87. Critique my testosterone results, please (I am a female)
  88. How the Government Makes you Fat
  89. Real Food Ryan Gosling
  90. ATTN: Ontario, Canada Primal Eaters!!!
  91. This is why I'll vote for Obama
  92. Vitamin to counteract drug induced exahustion?
  93. Struggling college student
  94. if grok breaks leg, what do they do with him?
  95. Tall Poppy Syndrome/Jealousy/Crab Mentality
  96. I May Have Cured My Period Cramps
  97. Prednisone
  98. Unrefrigerated Meat - Safe?
  99. My family is pissed that I'm doing primal.
  100. Ice Age Columbus, SO PRIMAL!
  101. It's painful to watch another person fall apart on a CW diet
  102. Off-primal shock
  103. anyone wearin Reebok Realflex?
  104. How much carbs should I take a day?
  105. Why should I go low carb?
  106. Accupunture
  107. Not Ready For Potatoes
  108. What a douche!! Have fun watching this Primal pals!!
  109. yugo nostalgia
  110. Save money on VivoBarefoot (if your feet are small enough)
  111. Adrenal Fatigue
  112. Coolsculpting, the new lipo
  113. Lean Cuisine is so fash
  114. Not losing any weight but not gaining either
  115. 'Rainbow sheen' on my tuna steaks
  116. SF Stuff
  117. Am I doing well?
  118. Carbs Calories what?
  119. Transitioning the kids to primal... help please.
  120. PB with Severe Pain: Possibly Gallstones
  121. does going primal make you unkind?
  122. Primal musings...
  123. Need help to stop binge eating...
  124. light-headed, muscle weakness, breathless, constipation, little weight loss
  125. It works, it really works!!
  126. Weird energy . . .
  127. Reading Challenge--50 Books, 1 year
  128. Segmented Sleep
  129. Political Autism and Media Illiteracy
  130. I ate 8 strips of bacon for lunch
  131. Disaster Prep and Primal
  132. I ate 5 eggs for lunch
  133. Chronic sore throat: can it heal? How long will it take?
  134. Smiley test
  135. low blood pressure
  136. The USA is not "falling behind"
  137. Major Chocolate cravings since going paleo
  138. How to manage crazy stress?
  139. I feel like giving up ..
  140. Life is good. Primal is solid. Don't give up!
  141. Monsanto's Bt GMO corn to be sold at Wal-Mart with no indication it is gene
  142. Any Behind-the-Pay-Wall Experience at "Track Your Plaque"?
  143. What do you do if...(sex question!)
  144. Question for non soap users
  145. What's a good congratulations gift that you can take on the plane?
  146. Digestion Issues, Antibiotics, and Back Problems
  147. location, location, location
  148. Loving Primal, feeling better, but what's with the sinus drainage?!?
  149. PCOS, Hormones and so little energy
  150. Red wine? Sweet Red by Barefoot?
  151. Alternative to five fingers
  152. nanette
  153. that ol' nebulous yearning
  154. No more ear wax
  155. The march to make bacon a deductible expense
  156. Mmm, lab-grown meat
  157. Need help: Constantly freezing and bad sleep
  158. Kerrygold Butter and other food treasures
  159. Grok is keeping the plebs alive
  160. Frustrating dinner guests
  161. What causes dry or oily skin?
  162. PMS and Overeating
  163. 8 hrs of sleep really needed?
  164. In the flyer for a large grocery store chain...
  165. Most Interesting Man in the World on chronic cardio
  166. Just a vent about work...
  167. Tea is manly
  168. Does anyone have a PB poster they can sell me?
  169. Please help me help my Dad
  170. Nuke it from space, it's the only way to be sure...
  171. Antibiotics
  172. Top 5 workout songs?
  173. Why do I feel like i've killed a puppy after binging on "good" food??
  174. Primal Naysayers
  175. Intermittent Fasting without a Gallbladder
  176. Why do carbohydrates make you gain water weight?
  177. A Little worried about starting primal...
  178. Chocolate addiction gone!
  179. flow
  180. For a laugh
  181. Obama wants Wooden Nickels
  182. In 'n Out Burger
  183. No Settings - cannot change signature
  184. How to do hormone testing with irregular cycle?
  185. Aborigines
  186. Suggestion of an argument about ethics
  187. Any Winos???
  188. Seattle/Olympia Area Residents?
  189. What I really eat meme
  190. Has Anyone Conquered Insomnia?
  191. Wow... it's all so sad...SAD
  192. New forum: Tracking subscribed threads??
  193. A Creationist View of Evolution
  194. Tragically hilarious
  195. how much do you spend on groceries a week?
  196. Do you have a forum crush?
  197. For those who quit drinking adult beverages... How did you do it?
  198. Whole Foods Organic Whole Chickens $1.99/lb
  199. What brands of extra virgin olive oil are REAL?
  200. $$ Cost of eating primal
  201. Vibram Five fingers vs. the Merrel barefoot
  202. Joke or truth
  203. Discussion on small farm techniques for raising the healthiest animals
  204. The Drinking Man's Diet
  205. So what happens in NC when a kid's sack lunch doesn't meet USDA guidelines?
  206. My cat loves coconut oil, lol what?
  207. Paleo Summit
  208. Now THAT is a valentine!
  209. Boyfriend Went Vegan
  210. Will a Food Allergy Prevent Weight Loss?
  211. I seem to be in a distinct minority!
  212. Hitting the Primal wall
  213. Whats a refeed?
  214. Puzzled: Primal Weight Gain
  215. Another footwear option
  216. Oil Pulling
  217. Starting primal
  218. Those Shiftless Amish and Their Raw Milk
  219. Really??!!
  220. Lower Libido
  221. Over Thinking
  222. One for the ladies - Orgasmic birth
  223. Primal parenting
  224. Vibrams and Vibram Sole Material - UK
  225. Monsanto
  226. True Linkswear Tour Golf Shoes
  227. Marilyn Monroe's Eating Habits
  228. Cholesterol
  229. Is Nail Biting Primal?
  230. Reducing hair shedding?
  231. Comebacks to Primal negativity?
  232. Educate me about hydrogenated oils. Is this right?
  233. Bacon Milkshake
  234. Forum performance question
  235. Infographic on why carbs/sugars are bad!
  236. What happened to settings?
  237. PaleoFX Symposium in Austin, TX March 14-17
  238. Minneapolis-area job hire
  239. Did Cooking Make us Human?
  240. Earliest Evidence of Man Using Wild Grains and Tubers for Food
  241. Finally, Primal Underwear
  242. OUCH! School Lunch Table + Calf Muscle = Bad Combination
  243. Valentines Day...whats a boy to do girls?!
  244. A gross question about Vibrams FF
  245. Converting a vegetarian
  246. New SciFi movie that is not from Hollywood
  247. Good Bye and Take Care
  248. For those ladies to want to look totally shredded
  249. Cool video!
  250. Life Just Got A Little Easier