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  1. 2,000 liters of water for one kilogram of wheat; meat? 16,000 liters
  2. The Primal Grind~ a Paleo Café in Toronto!
  3. Bidets?
  4. Leg cramps at night – any ideas?
  5. List your favorite podcasts
  6. I'm Coming Japan!
  7. Anyone Own Soft Star shoes?
  8. Herbal Coffee
  9. Small scale personal garden
  10. Kids watching TV bad for health
  11. Trouble swallowing pills.
  12. How did you discover primal/paleo eating?
  13. BBC sites study showing Keto diet REVERSES diabetic kidney damage.
  14. What's Wrong With The Primal Diet and Paleo Diet?
  15. This is how your meet gets to you
  16. Does anyone else here have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis?
  17. No, it's never too late.
  18. Road Tripping & Camping
  19. Intermittent Fasting: High Blood Sugar, Insomnia, High Energy
  20. The Cancer Treatment So Successful Traditional Doctors Shut it Down
  21. A Matter of Loaf and Death
  22. African Kalahari Desert Kudu Persistence Hunt
  23. Perth Primals...
  24. Converting Office Desk to Standing Desk.....ideas????
  25. My cankles --where did they go?!
  26. Does this make sense or am I rationalizing? Inflammation/Workout issue
  27. Help me get DH in crossfit-ready shape in 3 months (gaining weight/muscle)
  28. Primal workout Disney style
  29. Total energy independence is within US grasp
  30. Feeling like crap after non-primal easter day
  31. Lent Recap
  32. I Don't Care What Grok Would Have Done!
  33. Parenting and the Primacy of the Individual!
  34. So....how ya'll been doing?!
  35. Tri-State Area & Camping Help!
  36. Can you change a thread title?
  37. Getting my first VFFs for Mothers day - what style is best?
  38. Mulberries and Apricot Kernels and ???
  39. Advice for a big holiday in the US
  40. Vaccine-Autism Researcher Indicted for Fraud
  41. Useful apps - android
  42. Cooking made us human
  43. How am I supposed to deal with all this stress?
  44. Changes in hair texture
  45. Mark why do you fill my head with such crazyness! (gardening forum)
  46. Moving slow with pony (mini-rant)
  47. Primal Hormone Adjustment Symptoms
  48. Slightly embarrassing question about sex hormones
  49. I need Inexpensive Primal Vacation Ideas
  50. Week 6 - Chest pain, anxiety, and overall feeling bad.
  51. "Primal" Documentary Airing Tonight in SoCal?
  52. For those with Diabetes
  53. Holly Shit we all have an eating disorder!!!!
  54. Am I fooling myself?
  55. Primal as "Orthorexic"...wtf??
  56. Questions for Full-Time Employees
  57. How does weight loss occur?
  58. any input
  59. Help with understanding subclinical hypthyroid
  60. This quote is great!
  61. Does anyone raise their own meat?
  62. How are you handling higher food prices?
  63. No shoes in the summer
  64. My Easter Brunch
  65. This is New! My Feet are swelling!
  66. Aww, what a cute little tr*ll on the blog.
  67. Today's MDA about Smell
  68. Ugh, is it regular flu or carb flu?
  69. Soooooo... the workplace "Biggest Loser" contest wrapped up today.
  70. Agence de traduction
  71. Can reduced leptin affect children? (cross posted from the nutrition board)
  72. Unbelievable Energy
  73. ancestral health symposium
  74. Feeling constantly tired
  75. Gardening-heirloom varieties? Fertlizers/soil builders?
  76. Damn you, Tucker Max.
  77. Eating Around the World
  78. PAST seminar in Kansas.
  79. Some Lab Work Questions
  80. The British Royals only eat grass fed beef
  81. So I screwed up and had a milkshake...
  82. Primal Business Men... And their clothes...
  83. When will my period come back??
  84. Other Uses For Nonedible "Food" on PB.
  85. Munching on Chicken Poo
  86. The US Government Hard at Work
  87. Causes of Eczema?
  88. Any effect on Hot Flashes or other Menopause Symptoms when going Primal?
  89. Lactase Persistence: A Scientific Question
  90. A final showdown!
  91. Primal Element
  92. I am NOT My Scale (A Reminder/Rant to Self)
  93. sextexting IS cheating
  94. Need help choosing an exercise
  95. Buying an axe over a chain saw
  96. Kick Out Ontodaarintet NOW Please! SPAMMER!
  97. What is your experience with binge eating before/after PB?
  98. The Bacon Song
  99. Poop and Blood!?
  100. I need one of these...
  101. Vibrams on sale ($60) at City Sports
  102. Hubby just brought home dead bunnies!
  103. Allergies & Sinus Issues
  104. Okay, do athletes NEED carbs?
  105. The importance of poop regularity
  106. Edmonton - things to do?
  107. Test Your Breath
  108. How quickly do cholesterol levels change?
  109. What gives?
  110. Toronto-what no to miss...
  111. Primal Blogging... Help me with a name?
  112. Eat more, lose weight
  113. at home cortisol/dhea test question
  114. What's your food budget?
  115. Primal Blueprint Skit - Any Ideas?
  116. Calorie Counting Revisited : Distillation and Update
  117. Today I did Chronic Cardio
  118. Well, Osama is dead
  119. How to explain this...?
  120. Primal for Dogs
  121. Dr. Visit on Thursday -- what bloodwork to request?
  122. The first month has been a rollercoaster ride, and I love Rollercoasters...
  123. Ideas for feeding kids who don't like ANYTHING!
  124. I want this to work, but so far it's really not...
  125. Soliciting advice for Muffins with Mom Day
  126. Well there it is, you blame the govt, but its your responsibility to choose
  127. Well, Canada is dead
  128. Sex!
  129. Blood Lipids results really baffling me
  130. How to survive on not enough sleep?
  131. carbs are a staple for so many people in the world
  132. How can she be paleolithic?
  133. Help me out- leptin resistance
  134. You lied about ab exercises!
  135. teeth grinding
  136. Question for those who have CAT(S) - one kitten or two?
  137. I can't find that recipe
  138. A thread wherein guys rant, complain, and chat about MANLY MAN THINGS
  139. What to do with beef fat? (make candles??)
  140. Should I return these Vibrams or try to get used to them?
  141. Had my First Kombucha Today. I'm Hooked!
  142. Reno River Festival-Anyone going?
  143. Shaken Baby Syndrome: CW wrong
  144. To medicate or not to medicate
  145. Primal success - but mental lag...
  146. Why am I still hungry!?
  147. D3 vs D
  148. This just in: Resolved: Best bit on the pig?
  149. Is there a difference between Primal and Paleo?
  150. Farm in the Houston area (Tomball) - http://gramenfarm.com/
  151. Meat Glue? Ew!
  152. Carp Hunting, Anyone?
  153. Coconut Butter = Mouse Bait
  154. Fng
  155. Please help my mom has kidney stones
  156. Avocado
  157. Guitar equivalent of Starting Strength?
  158. Any DIY brewers here?
  159. Positive thinking for weightloss?
  160. Best place in the world to live the Primal Blueprint?
  161. grass eating hominid
  162. The Rebirth of a "Good Fry Up" or "Who told you I have Lupus?"
  163. Let me know what you think
  164. Moving...
  165. Anyone else with folliculitis?
  166. Carb Cycling Official Thread
  167. What am I doing wrong?
  168. family vacation
  169. Orgasms!
  170. Primal Charity
  171. A Perfect Primal Vacation - 5 Nights - Less than $600
  172. Tummy Ache After Eating--- Almost 1 month primal
  173. Getting HIM there
  174. being chased across a rooftop???
  175. The Problem with Bacon
  176. flat belly?
  177. Why being a foodie isn’t ‘elitist’ (Eric Schlosser article)
  178. Itchy skin
  179. Just starting out...feeling FAT.
  180. Primal Con question??
  181. Test results are in.............
  182. Primal breasts
  183. Restart, recharge, a little triumph to get back in the saddle
  184. Protocol for dealing with conventional wisdom on fruit
  185. Seborrheic Dermatitis? Help!
  186. Visited My First Farm Today!!
  187. Lesser evil when you have visitors - wholemeal or regular flour?
  188. Sunwell Snacka for the Win!
  189. Are Carb Eaters more Susceptible to Heat Stroke?
  190. Motorcycles
  191. Ahhhh.....help me deal with an insensitive parent!
  192. Vegan Bacon! FUNNY, wsfs
  193. Stopped all soap two weeks ago
  194. Happy Mama`s Day
  195. I'll miss my Mom on Sunday
  196. Red, dry lips during transition?
  197. Falling off the wagon, stupid enough to admit it
  198. Primalize Your Pantry 5/14
  199. Sitting at an angle
  200. Post stroke father on blood thinners
  201. more or less exercise if hypothyroid?
  202. Is Dirk Nowitzki primal?
  203. Perioral Dermatitis- Can anyone share information
  204. What can you do today that you couldn't do a year ago?
  205. Moccasins
  206. Shudder (before pics)
  207. Cave of Forgotten Dream- documentary on oldest known figurative art
  208. IBS Diarrhea - - Hormonally Triggered
  209. keratosis pilaris
  210. The things you learn on Primal!
  211. Foam Rollers?
  212. Ouch!
  213. Memorials--how do you remember your dead?
  214. dogs, ticks and coconut oil
  215. Tests for inflammation
  216. Do you get sunburns?
  217. Morgellons: Real or imaginary?
  218. Go to immunity boosters?
  219. anyone have/had progress similar to mine? I'd love to hear your experience.
  220. The Little Surprises..... and not the good kind!
  221. Today i failed,,, -___- damn... what am I doing wrong?
  222. Favorite Teen Heart Throb
  223. Easy way for U.S. to save $1/2 billion per year on health care
  224. Blocked pores and pimples - hormones or nutrition?
  225. I entered a body fat loss challenge and need some help
  226. Interesting Situation: Need Primal Expertise!!
  227. Are you a fat thin person or a thin fat person or none of the above?
  228. Hot chips and Kool-Aid.
  229. The downside to keeping bacon fat
  230. Double Rainbows & Pansy Pooping Unicorns!
  231. Shake weight- hilarious!
  232. CRP still very high after Whole30
  233. Moving The Goal Posts (Just 20 More Pounds!)
  234. Dogs are Primal too
  235. Oh my poor digestive system!
  236. This is the best thing I have ever seen.
  237. These Vitamin D tests are the same- NOT!
  238. The Warrior Dash
  239. Seizures and fasting?
  240. Who is sleeping LESS after adjusting to primal?
  241. Gucci Goodwill - A Treasure Trove Awaits
  242. For Fans of The Food Lovers' Primal Palate...
  243. I'm doing my cortisol test today!
  244. I *really* want to eat my Primal lunch...
  245. Roger Ebert Gets It Wrong
  246. I can't get my kid to stop play fighting!
  247. Wow... Vegas
  248. The ripples of our lifestyle are spreading!
  249. Bacon Jerky!
  250. Ex-vegan seeking advice