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  1. I'm not sure which is better...
  2. A "Sin Tax" on Meat Would Improve Our Health and Environment
  3. Collagen caps?
  4. Any other Primal Health Professionals out there?
  5. When Cows Attack
  6. Redecorating your living room Primally?
  7. My First "small person" plane ride
  8. 7 Basic Things You Won't Believe You're All Doing Wrong
  9. Thumbs Down for CW Nutrition Programs
  10. Primal Toothpaste found in Portland, OR
  11. Kids are fat, happy meal toys are to blame!
  12. The "Fat Bashing" on this site has got to stop
  13. Infographic: where do Americans get their calories - 1970-2007
  14. I can't believe I'm hearing this on Dr. Oz
  15. Chronically Chapped Lips
  16. I want chickens. Chicken experts please come hither!
  17. 10lbs in a week and a half?
  18. Home Gardens
  19. About Success Stories (I just have to say...)
  20. Addicted to Food
  21. Graphical representation of Dietary Trends 1970-2008
  22. My latest blood results vs pre-primal
  23. Going Primal in BALI
  24. "Developments in clean-label ingredients"
  25. will power, binges and how i should really know better!
  26. Has anyone been to Jimmy's Farm (UK)?
  27. CW Crap in Reader's Digest
  28. Just a little poll for myself
  29. "Wholesale Meat Prices Up 25% Since Last Year"
  30. Lame doctor mini-rant
  31. Make your own cleaning supplies, cheap, no unecessary chemicals, easy
  32. A Better Way to Crack Eggs. Who Knew?
  33. Check it
  34. Use it for fun...a workout..or some chill time....
  35. Peeling skin above fingernails?
  36. Hangover Remedies??? Anyone....? -- Decidedly Un-Primal
  37. IF'ing Breakfast
  38. I just want to date people who understand this lifestyle...
  39. Primitive Brain Test
  40. Arthritis and pH balance
  41. ALWAYS hungry
  42. Freezing coconut milk/heavy cream?
  43. Another Japan quake!
  44. fitday not working!!
  45. Interesting article about depression drug treatments
  46. The Staff of Life
  47. Maintaining your optimal weight
  48. need advice
  49. Squats: The cure for low libido (NSFW)
  50. Primal singles/leghumpers/kayak partners?
  51. Any Scientists on here ?
  52. Lecithin, choline, intestines and heart disease
  53. Weak feeling half an hour after eating
  54. PETA: Feeding Children Meat is Child Abuse
  55. New BACON Cologne
  56. Weight loss- Normal?
  57. Sebum and sun exposure
  58. Culture shock: "Is this food?"
  59. pH Diet anyone?
  60. Primal and Not Getting Paid
  61. What do you cook with?
  62. Kilimanjaro climb - carbs and grains?
  63. Rave of the Day
  64. Free Magical Nature Machine to Cleanse and Refresh Your Soul and Spirit
  65. Coconut milk: the reason we outlive Africans (it's in french)
  66. Sunlight
  67. Being diagnosed Celiac turns out to be a good thing
  68. 4 years of poor sleep is really taking its toll on me..
  69. So is this what grass-fed dairy looks like?
  70. There is hope!
  71. Selling Primal Goodies
  72. Traveling with Vitamins
  73. Larabars in Santa Monica shopping strip
  74. You know you are primal when...
  75. check out this video on anti-inflammatory diet: sounds primal to me!
  76. Sugar Hangover?
  77. Touring the farm!
  78. One week on Primal-status report
  79. Primalize my computer
  80. Kid-friendly bento boxes?
  81. I want to be a primal babysitter!
  82. Always tired, always cold, always ....
  83. Concierge doctors?
  84. Time for one of the most difficult things I'll probably ever do!
  85. Tropical Traditions Healthy Buyer's Club
  86. Yikes, scary dental sludge.
  87. How do YOU assess a nutrition website's credibility?
  88. You'lll never answer the "what animal would you be?" question the same way.
  89. school bans home made lunches
  90. Cooking with tallow--greasy residue in mouth?
  91. Blog post: Move More, Eat Less?
  92. Flu vaccinations
  93. Best work-out/dance lesson DVDs?
  94. 7 Basic Things You Won't Believe You're Doing Wrong
  95. Being a good customer pays!
  96. I've started a blog!
  97. raw apple cider vinegar: mother
  98. JO's Food Revolution Begins at 8 PM EST Tonight. Will you be watching?
  99. Having trouble coping with the loss of my cat, 11 years together
  100. iFast and taking meds with food
  101. So, I guess this means I'm committed.
  102. Knees/kneeling
  103. ED! How many times, will I ever learn?!
  104. Wanted to yell: Go Primal
  105. Scuba Boots, revisited
  106. Used To Be Vegan...
  107. Will these make my boobs bounce too??
  108. Does coconut oil make you more assertive?
  109. What YOUR odds and ends?
  110. Just got my softstar runamocs
  111. More poop talk
  112. I'm Discouraged:(
  113. Weird things that taste sweet to you?
  114. Eft?
  115. NYC Councilman who proposed banning happy meal toys
  116. scarletto Jhonansson wears those shoes while running
  117. Joint cracking
  118. Job/work situation - 9-5 just isnt cutting it anymore...
  119. Hair Regrowth
  120. Electronic entertainment
  121. Are bras really needed?
  122. Making factory farms look bad, soon illegal?
  123. IF and working out...
  124. Really sleepy after lunch....why?
  125. The Market
  126. Water filters
  127. Realistic Goal Weight
  128. Nokeley vs. banana douche tonight
  129. Pushing Low Carb/Driving Co-worker's Crazy
  130. Okay, so, acne...
  131. World's oldest man Walter Breuning ate 2 meals a day!
  132. Freezer sizes & lotsa meat
  133. I used to be an A1 gal...
  134. Can I use the bottles Lemon / Lime Juice
  135. Vegan fail - vegnews magazine busted using photoshop photos of meat.
  136. Almond cheese
  137. recommended reading: The Gnoll Credo
  138. Blood sugar Numbers - How bad?
  139. Chicken is boring
  140. Mensa puzzle
  141. diabetes or pre-diabetes u can't eat just one meal a day?
  142. Restaurant Leftovers
  143. Barefoot Shoes And Corns
  144. Hair growth?
  145. anyone willing to host Primal Accelerated Success Training Event in CaryNC?
  146. Has primal isolated you? Dealing with social occasions...
  147. Eating out, enjoyable or stressful?
  148. What Bostonians ate in the 19th century
  149. "Mike Tyson Loves Being Vegan..."
  150. Laying down equivalent to sitting?
  151. Tofu Burger?
  152. Please vote! Aging research.
  153. lightheaded/dizziness???
  154. Where weight is gained and lost.
  155. Do you take this WAY to far?
  156. Robb Wolfe, Gary Taubes and Greg Carver in discussion - excellent
  157. Help me design a primal bootcamp please!?
  158. 132 pound toddler
  159. Could Mg cause acne?
  160. I might be doing this wrong...
  161. Anyone else notice "primal" is the new fad word?
  162. I'm sorry...
  163. Ear lobes and heart disease
  164. Grok Knows How To Say "NO"... Do YOU?
  165. Tropical Traditions, FREE SHIPPING TODAY ONLY
  166. Laser treatments for age spots
  167. Disappoinment
  168. Curious about forcing calorie deficits & effect on the body
  169. Tired, certainly no surge in energy
  170. Emily Deans on how your brain likes ketones ...
  171. Alternatives to Coconut oil for skin care
  172. Anyone pick up a sweet-tooth AFTER going Primal?
  173. Primal Blueprint book came in today's mail!
  174. Does anyone have trouble eating on this diet?
  175. What would you do if meat was made illegal?
  176. Bought my first hand gun. Anyone else own one?
  177. Extra Skin...
  178. Somewhat OT: Any Game of Thrones fans?
  179. Pregnant mums, better get those sugars and carbs in!!!
  180. Having problems, need help...
  181. Weird..anyone had anything like this happen?
  182. "Ancestral Health" logo: something is amiss
  183. How unhealthy are chlorinated pools?
  184. Incontinence solved!
  185. Kids games like kickball deemed unsafe by state
  186. There HAD to be a fault.
  187. Humans lived with Dinosaurs
  188. Best wood to use for utensils?
  189. so freaking TIRED OF THIS
  190. My God how
  191. Climate Changers take another defeat
  192. A little humor...not for the light hearted ;)
  193. My pants are falling off...
  194. How do you explain your eating habits in a social situation?
  195. Coconut Milk Brands
  196. Is the Adrenal Fatigue Pupil Test reliable? How'd you heal your adrenals?
  197. THIS IS IT. I'm going into medicine.
  198. Pittsburgh area primals
  199. Against life alert systems
  200. Proper Care and Feeding of Trolls
  201. Segmented sleep....waking up after 4-5 hours, then sleeping again
  202. Experiencing Erectile Dysfunction on the Primal Diet
  203. Might be a stupid question about lightening
  204. Is anyone watching Oprah today? If you can, you should.
  205. Funny CW Moments 2011!
  206. Same Sex Marriage Public Polls
  207. Hey wait a minute... (an insult to bananabrain)
  208. NPR--Fresh Air interview/Herzog
  209. Bitter Orange
  210. More on breathing...
  211. WOW for hardcore pb'ers only
  212. I'll never be as Primal as my wife...
  213. Help me talk myself out of the Easter candy
  214. Modern Paleo Magazine
  215. Strong Moment!
  216. This might be over the top buy it made me laugh
  217. Costochondritis (pain in sternum) help?
  218. When you're tempted to break down and cry....
  219. Robert Lustig on KQED Forum
  220. TOMS shoes - primal?
  221. Dear neighbor who brings me cake....
  222. The Self-sufficient Simple Life: Let's discuss how to prepare...
  223. How do you get Doctors to listen to you??
  224. I'm becoming blond again!!!
  225. What is with people?
  226. Emily Deans, diet and autism
  227. You gotta love auto-correct...
  228. I don't know who...
  229. Primal Victory is Mine!
  230. Happy Earh Day everyone
  231. Is there a primal way to organize?
  232. Sigh...my bio-weapons got me sick : (
  233. The Biology behind why Primal works
  234. That primitive look
  235. How do you eat your marrow?
  236. Primal Cruise 2011 - Who's Game?
  237. basal cell carcinoma
  238. Body Composition on PB
  239. Imagine that!
  240. question for primal parents??
  241. My husband rocks!!!!!
  242. Only 29 tickets left for Ancestral Forum
  243. Is there a primal way to stop wrinkles / lines developing?
  244. Highway through the Serengeti= end of the Great Migration
  245. Teva Zilch
  246. Best Dream ever!
  247. Oil'd by Chris Harmon
  248. Sun Deprivation and Depression
  249. Woman sues theme park for witnessing death...
  250. 2,000 liters of water for one kilogram of wheat; meat? 16,000 liters