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Before You Head Out…

Worker Bees’ Daily Bites:

Have a blast this weekend, Apples! Enjoy the latest health news before you clock out. We’re out!

They Put What in Orange Juice?!?

The secret side of food production [1]: don’t click unless you want the truth. Wise Bread [1] does a terrific job covering this in-depth expose.

Another little-known factoid: most (repeat, most) of the meat used in fast food, snack foods, and frozen foods is scraped by machine off of carcasses and includes lovely things like vessels and spinal bits. Think twice before biting into that pepperoni pizza or beef burrito.

Bettybl Flickr Photo [2]

Night Sweats

Ever wondered about them? Now you know [3].

Reduce Stress: Eat!

The always-hilarious and helpful Healthbolt [4] has tips to eat your way to less stress.

The Most Dangerous Drug

We ban heroin, cocaine and even “Mary Jane”. Yet studies show it’s probably this drug [5] that causes the most significant harm to humans.

Tim Porter Flickr Photo [6]

Good News to Click Out

Here’s some encouraging global health news [7]. Spout that at tonight’s dinner and just watch those jaws drop in wonderment. Or not.

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