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Fitness & More in Five

Yo, Apples!

You can get fit by following the Rule of 5.

– Craving something unhealthy? Drink a big glass of water and wait five minutes.

– Don’t feel like working out? Just do it for five minutes (once you start, it’s easy to keep going).

– Feel hungry all the time, even after you’ve eaten? Eat half your plate, then wait five minutes. Your brain will register that you’ve eaten and you’ll be able to cut down on those monster portions (and that monster in your stomach).

– Feeling stressed? Breathe deeply – in through your nose, out through your mouth – for five minutes. I promise, you’ll feel so deliriously happy by the end of it, you’ll think you swallowed helium or possibly even something illegal. This breathing exercise is also terrific for your immune system and brain.

– Just about any problem, stress, craving or issue can be resolved if you simply wait five minutes. Follow the rule of five and see if you don’t feel better, fast.

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