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23 Jan

Fat Guacamole Devils

Breathing new life into a tried and true recipe is a simple way of adding variety to your diet. Take deviled eggs, for example. They’ve been around as long as any of us can probably remember, although you don’t see them at parties as often as you once did. It’s not because deviled eggs aren’t good, it’s just that they’re not that exciting anymore. You might, however,  start seeing them served more often again if enough people see the recipe for Fat Guacamole Devils Tamara Baysinger entered in our Primal Blueprint Cookbook Challenge.

Her take on deviled eggs eliminates the mayonnaise and uses avocado instead. This loads the eggs with even more healthy fat and gives the filling a creamy, rich texture. A teaspoon or so of lime juice and hot sauce liven things up and just like that you’ve got a flavorful, interesting new take on a classic recipe.

While these deviled eggs aren’t quite bite-sized (they’re not called Fat Guacamole Devils for nothing) they’re definitely the type of finger food we love to snack on. We can imagine eating these eggs pretty much any time of day that hunger strikes. You can serve them as snack food at everything from dinner parties to Super Bowl parties. If you want to dress the little devils up for a party (or just add more flavor and fat) follow Tamara’s suggestion of garnishing the eggs with chopped olives or crumbled bacon. Other garnishes to consider are cilantro, a fresh herb that always goes well with avocado, and paprika, a spice typically used to top deviled eggs.

Fat Guacamole Devils


  • 2 hard boiled eggs
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1 teaspoon hot sauce (or more to taste)
  • 1/2 teaspoon lime juice
  • salt & pepper to taste


Peel and halve the eggs and spoon their yolks into a small bowl.

Mash the yolks with the avocado, hot sauce and lime juice; add salt and pepper to taste.

Refill egg white halves with yolk mixture, and enjoy!

You want comments? We got comments:

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  1. One of my favorite recipes! I made it except I doubled the recipe (what do you do with the other half of the avocado) and added tomato and bacon. Check it out:

    Thanks for the inspiration Mark!

    Jes wrote on August 19th, 2011
  2. My wife and I are taking these and the walnut crust pie to the family Thanksgiving Feast. If they go over well I might sell the fam on Primal eating. If they go over poorly there will be more for me. I see no downside.

    EJ wrote on November 24th, 2011
  3. Delicious!!! I just made these this evening, inspired by Easter tomorrow. I looove deviled eggs, but these just might be even better! I used lemon instead of lime juice just because that’s what I had available… added a teaspoon or a little less of honey to keep the avocado nice and bright green (since these won’t be eaten until tomorrow, I don’t want them getting brown!)…went maybe a little extra on the hot sauce… and OMG they are Goooooood :-) Thank you!

    lovin' the good life wrote on April 8th, 2012
  4. Add some crispy cut up little pieces of bacon. So divine.

    Chuck wrote on April 27th, 2012
  5. I added cayenne pepper in lieu of hot-sizzle…. delicious! (any estimate on nutritional info of a six pack of these li’l guy’s? can’t be more than 3000% recommended daily fat intake, right?)

    JDIRT2019 wrote on May 12th, 2012
  6. I added garlic salt, fresh cilantro and a whole lot of Cholula hot sauce-absolute perfection! Thank u, thank u, topped it with paprika. Looks fancy!

    Lilly wrote on February 5th, 2013
  7. How long do you think these would keep in the fridge in an air tight container and wrapped with plastic wrap? Just curious if I could make these advanced for the week or not. Thanks

    jami wrote on February 16th, 2013
  8. I’ve made these for a party before – they were a hit (except I made them too spicy for some people)… I’m pondering how to do a portable version… Perhaps 2 overstuffed halves put together with a slice of crispy bacon wrapped around the long way to hold the filling in? *nom*

    PrimalMama wrote on March 23rd, 2013
  9. What a great recipe. Mine were *really* fat. I had just purchased a dozen turkey eggs and made these with them. Served them up alongside a salmon salad. Yum!

    Julian Greene wrote on July 14th, 2013
  10. I was going to do this cada’ thing, just before I got to the softened butter wasting there first, WOW! That IS why deviled eggs exist in the first place!

    I started thinking about all the ‘weird’ old recipes I found my old copy the White House Cookbook; where they could have used whatever they wanted; and then suddenly realized that butter was used in almost every instance that mayonnaise is now! So I tried drained tuna and crème fraiche’ WOW! I tried it with lunchmeats and citrus WOW! It’s fun to play in your food! Avocado, bacon and feta for example, with hard yolks make for a FINE spinach salad, perhaps some of your favorite toasted nuts, oh the possibilities! Just combine those fats for personal endurance and thrifty kitchens all! A pinch of maple flakes in savory, and a pinch of Himalayan/Fleur De Sel in sweet, can’t go wrong, and NO more is not better in a pinch! 😀

    Lucille wrote on July 24th, 2013
  11. I have been making these for a while, but I make mine by scooping out the yellow and separately mashing the avo with garlic, salt and pepper and adding only a little of the yellow – not a fan of too much of the yellow, mainly for the taste. Its my favourite snack or go to for breakfast.

    Insaaf wrote on October 7th, 2013

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