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July 03, 2007

Eat Your Flowers! (They’re Not Just for Slugs Anymore)

By Worker Bee

Did you know that many flowers are edible? Of course you knew that. But they are also nutritious. And tasty.

Even though we don’t “do” bread around here, we sure love that Wise Bread blog. They always have excellent articles ranging from consumer concerns to saving money to nifty foods. Though we don’t recommend deep-fried food, baked or grilled zucchini flowers would be delicious. Check it out!

Eat me!

This is Margie James’ Flickr Photo (CC)

You can also eat…


I'm bright and delicious!

This is Bumbleybee’s Flickr Photo (CC)


I count!

Photo (CC)

Yep, broccoli is actually a flower and not, in fact, a little tree. And one of the most nutritious foods on the planet.

Bachelor Buttons

So many to choose from.

This is Terry Bain’s Flickr Photo (CC)

A little bit spicy, but sweet underneath. 😉

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3 Comments on "Eat Your Flowers! (They’re Not Just for Slugs Anymore)"


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7 years 5 months ago

I have been researching and researching and I just can’t get the detail I need.
Which flowers can one eat daily (or a lot of without worry) .. I know some you can only eat some of and some are fine all the time but which ones are which I don’t know. I need details on which flowers/which parts of plant as well. Ugh. no one is willing to help me either.. Please help!

5 years 2 months ago

I have eaten violets, dandelions, roses, nasturtiums, field daisies… Here is a list i found

hoa h?ng
2 months 20 hours ago

I know some you can only eat some of and some are fine all the time but which ones are which I don’t know.