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The Weekly Health Challenge

This week’s healthy challenge:

Eat lightly at all your evening meals this week.

Going to bed without feeling like a bumbling beluga has many wonderful health benefits, both immediate and long-term. Before you tackle yet another shoe-size burrito (what is it with those titanic burritos?), think about the health benefits of keeping your evenings on the lighter side:

– deeper, more restful sleep

waking up hungry – and more ready for the day (a sign of a properly operating metabolism!)

– better…ahem…digestion

– proper production of hormones for sleep and health, including human growth hormone and melatonin

– it’s better for the environment, because you’re using less

– it’s better for you, because you’re not taxing your heart while you sleep

– over the course of several weeks, you’ll likely lose a coupla pounds

– eating lighter just makes you feel lighter!

Good evening meals I like include salads and steamed vegetable mixes. These fiber knock-outs are usually no more than 300 or so calories.

This is Chatirygirl’s Flickr Photo [1]