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23 Aug

The Other Egg

Reader Stephan emailed me earlier about some very smart fuel you might want to consider: duck eggs. Apparently duck eggs are incredibly rich in nutrition – 100% of your daily B12 (well, by government standards anyway). And apparently those who are allergic to chicken eggs can frequently still do well with duck eggs. Never tried ’em myself, but I think I will. Anyone else tried them or any other unusual eggs?


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  1. Mark-
    Tell us how they taste! I’ve had blue and green chicken eggs but it’s still chicken.

    Crystal wrote on August 23rd, 2007
    • We raise Mallards and Khaki Campbell ducks here. There eggs are larger than chickens- we have them too- and they are richer tasting. And for a special occasion- they make THE BEST cakes too.The Campbell ducks actually lay 2 eggs per day- no joke- I love them!

      Nancy wrote on August 19th, 2012
  2. I have had quail eggs. They are pretty much the tiniest bite ever, but good.

    Sara wrote on August 23rd, 2007
  3. Betcha they’d be tasty with cat-bacon (unsmoked, of course) and a short stack of kentucky blue grass pancakes.

    Joe Stankowski wrote on August 23rd, 2007
  4. Same here Sara,
    I occasionally get the quail eggs. They are small. 😉
    They are not easy to find,
    I see them only at the local asian supermarket.

    Tatsujin wrote on August 24th, 2007
  5. I have tried goose eggs. Too tart!!

    severn wrote on August 24th, 2007
  6. I find cat bacon to be too stringy. I recommend squirrel. 😉

    Sara wrote on August 24th, 2007
  7. I have eaten, duck goose and turkey eggs, If I recall acurately, turkey eggs were simular to chicken only larger, ducks and goose are stronger and lots darker yokes, while the goose eggs had a rubbery texture. I also ate pecock eggs, but I can’t remember much about them.Also the goose eggs were mostly yoke. We had a freind about twenty years ago who raised every type of egg laying bird possibly known to man.

    Ron wrote on August 28th, 2007
  8. I had an emu egg before from whole foods, biggest omlet ever!

    Steve wrote on February 28th, 2008
  9. I have a pair of quakers and used to eat the eggs, when she was still laying. Found them ‘gamey’ in the beginning but ended up preferring them to chicken eggs because they had so much more flavor. Slightly bigger than a jumbo chicken egg.

    David wrote on February 16th, 2011
  10. I just had my very first duck eggs ever and I’m never going back to chicken eggs unless duck’s are unavailable for whatever reason.

    After consuming 2 jumbo duck eggs I had a feeling of happiness come over me and smiled even though there was nothing to smile about in the house…odd.
    Maybe it was the high amount of B12.
    Duck eggs are also higher in the fat soluble vitamins A (as Retinol), E, D and K2…and are much higher in all the minerals needed to grow strong bones and teeth.

    Primal Palate wrote on June 22nd, 2011
  11. I just got into this site and I love these various egg posts! Eggs… yay!
    Where I live duck eggs are really popular. They are eaten in a variety of ways and I love them! Especially the salted duck eggs which are preserved, they are super salty so probably not the healthiest way to eat the duck egg…
    Before moving to China I never ate eggs. Just didn’t care for them. Now I love all sorts, especially quail, duck, and the teeny tiny family farm eggs (chickens w/out access to ‘roids!) when I can find them – they are the most expensive and super cute, not to mention delicious. The tiny farm eggs you can hunt own here taste so much better than store bought chicken eggs it is insane! It’s like a creamy-eggy dream.

    I make a mean tea egg, I wonder if that would appeal to other readers? Tea eggs make my world go ’round! If ever in China, DO buy a tea egg on the street side. The darker, the better.

    Tea eggs are simple to make and great for those who love hard-boiled eggs. You can use any kind of egg! Chicken eggs are most common for this delicacy here.

    How to make a tea egg…
    It’s super easy!

    First, prepare the water or ‘broth’ for boiling the tea eggs.

    You’ll need:
    Pu-er or Oolong tea (NOT bagged stuff)
    Soy sauce
    Star anise
    Cinnamon sticks
    Chinese 5-spice powder
    Orange peels (optional – I love the hint)
    Salt (optional, you can always add it later, I usually skip it)

    Put above contents into boiling water and simmer for at least 20 minutes.

    Now that you have the ‘broth’ ready, in a separate pot:

    1. SOFT boil the eggs – do not hard boil now or they won’t be as rich in flavor in the end.
    2. Remove from water and gently crack the eggshell all over, or make a couple large cracks. I always crack them all over so they look pretty.
    3. Place the cracked-shell, soft boiled eggs into the prepared boiling ‘broth’ and boil for a few hours. The longer, the better. You can store them in the broth if you want to as well.


    Hope this approach is primally acceptable!

    da tu zi wrote on July 14th, 2011
  12. are quail eggs healthier then chicken eggs? I have quail eggs at a local supermarket and the labels say that the quails are grown antibiotic – free and have no extra chemicals etc added. They taste just the same as chicken eggs but I read that they have a very high cholesterol content. I just like to change things to keep things interesting instead of eating the same stuff everyday.

    Srinivas Kari wrote on June 22nd, 2012
  13. Love quail eggs poached on top of salmon with a little dill sprinkled over. Duck eggs are great as well. We have a local grower just down the road for both of these so are very lucky.

    Tracy-Anne wrote on August 28th, 2012

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