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Dr. Lei: “I do?”

This week, I featured Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei’s b5media blog, A Hearty Life [1], in my weekly round-up of my perusings in the blogosphere. After checking out several of her posts, I proceeded to offer my opinion: Dr. Lei, while admittedly a very knowledgeable blogger with seriously impressive medical credentials, seems to be pretty traditional when it comes to heart health. (Well, actually, my exact wording was more along the lines of “another site that likes pills!”)

Dr. Lei took issue with this, citing several of her alternative-friendly posts on non-drug heart treatments like meditative breathing and natural statin alternatives. She was clearly bummed that what I took away from her blog was an exclusively traditional perspective. While our views aren’t really much aligned (as you all know, we are really big on prevention around here), Lei’s integrity, expertise and personal style deserve a lot of credit and a closer look.