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8 Jan

Dear Readers: What Do You Want from Mark’s Daily Apple?

QuestionsAs many of you know, it’s my life goal to help 10 million people get healthy. To that end, I’ve got big plans for Mark’s Daily Apple and the Primal Blueprint in 2014. From several new books and events, to a Primal certification and much more, it’s looking like it will be a great year. I’ll be sharing all the details with you next week.

But it all starts and ends with you, Mark’s Daily Apple readers. You continue to be my primary focus and, as always, this blog wouldn’t be what it is without you. So today I want to know what you want out of MDA. See the contest below. But first…

I’d like to whet your appetite with some juicy topics I’ll be tackling in 2014 blog posts. Here are just a few that I’m working on in draft form for publication this year.

  • What Do We REALLY Know About What Our Ancestors Ate?
  • Is a Calorie a Calorie?
  • How and Why Your Body Stores Fat
  • Why I Believe in Supplementation
  • How to Be an Endurance Athlete on a Ketogenic Diet
  • How to Reverse and Eliminate Type 2 Diabetes
  • The Best Exercise There Is, Hands Down

That’s just a taste of what I have in store for this year. Now it’s your turn…

The Contest

“What do you want me to write about?” My articles are constantly informed by the thoughts and ideas of my readers. Today is your chance to tell me what you’d like to see me research and write about this year. In the comments section below, tell me one topic you’d like to see covered, or one question you’d like to see answered, or the title of one blog post that just has to be written this year. I’m leaving this fairly open ended. No idea is too small or big.

A winner will be chosen at random. Agreeing with other people is allowed (and encouraged), but only the idea comments will be counted for drawing purposes.

The Prize

A 30-serving supply of Primal Fuel.

The Deadline

Midnight (PST), tonight!

Who is Eligible

Everyone. I’ll ship the Primal Fuel anywhere in the world.

Thanks in advance to everyone that offers an idea. I’ll see what I can do to give you what you want in 2014! Grok on!

You want comments? We got comments:

Imagine you’re George Clooney. Take a moment to admire your grooming and wit. Okay, now imagine someone walks up to you and asks, “What’s your name?” You say, “I’m George Clooney.” Or maybe you say, “I’m the Clooninator!” You don’t say “I’m George of George Clooney Sells Movies Blog” and you certainly don’t say, “I’m Clooney Weight Loss Plan”. So while spam is technically meat, it ain’t anywhere near Primal. Please nickname yourself something your friends would call you.

  1. Many of us are coming into the Primal lifestyle later in life with older kids and teens we now want to raise to be healthy eaters. How do you handle a family who may feel resentful at losing some favorite foods?

    Carrie wrote on January 8th, 2014
  2. I’d like to see stuff on what healthy/reasonable portion sizes look like, and also information on mindful eating

    Sarah wrote on January 8th, 2014
    • Yes. I think you addressed portions and too much fat, but it would be good to hear it again.

      Gayle Moody wrote on January 8th, 2014
  3. I would love to see an article series on bodybuilding and primal living. I know it’s vain but I think a lot of people come to this site looking to aesthetic reasons.


    -Having a bodybuilding physique with all the health benefits of a primal diet

    -Thoughts on low carb bodybuilding diets. (Anabolic diet, BodyOpus)

    -Carb cycling for bodybuilding purposes

    -Pre-contest diet and peaking for shows using primal food sources

    -Bulking and cutting using primal methods

    -Using primal exercise and movements for bodybuilders and fat loss/ muscle gain

    -Female bodybuilding or figure competitors using primal eating

    Read more:

    James wrote on January 8th, 2014
  4. Please write an article on your thoughts that low heat cooking of meat is healthier than high heat cooking. Denise Minger presented at the Ancestral Health Symposium 2012 that this was the case, do you agree?

    David wrote on January 8th, 2014
  5. I am new to the Primal journey. I would love to explore ways to combine this new lifestyle with exercise and rehab for degenerative bones in the neck due to accidents and lower disc issues. Would love to hear how trained athletes overcome these issues as the continue in their careers.

    Anon wrote on January 8th, 2014
  6. I would like to see something about diet vs exercise- I know that my primal diet and activity are both crucial, but as someone new to this I can only make so many changes at a time. If I was to focus on one thing first, which is the place to hit the hardest first? If I want to experience changes in how feel, perform and look, and I was to start somewhere, would you go for exercise or total diet changes first?

    What is the interaction between the two?


    Becca Lupton wrote on January 8th, 2014
  7. Is love to hear your thoughts on testosterone and hormone replacement therapy for those who have tried all the natural ways.

    B-Mac wrote on January 8th, 2014
  8. I would like to see more about an ideal day to day exercise and meal plan. I understand you have a lot of articles on food and exercise, but sometimes putting it all together and kickstart a plan seems to be overwhelming to me!

    Smitha wrote on January 8th, 2014
  9. Tips for ridding grains from your child’s diet (or at least seriously reducing them). I’m paleo, my daughter’s dad is paleo, but I still feel as though grains make up 60% of my daughter’s diet (she’s 5). It’s very difficult to get her to not eat so many grains, not to mention what they give her at kindergarten! I don’t want her to grow up with the same “grain issues” that I did… I’d love an article about this!!

    Andrea wrote on January 8th, 2014
  10. I apologize if these would be redundant posts, but I’m fairly new to the site and haven’t read the extensive archives:

    1. Top 7 lifestyle changes that make a difference, in order of most impactful to least.

    2. Why running is NOT bad for your knees, and how to keep the knees healthy as we age.

    Freeman wrote on January 8th, 2014
  11. As early MDA adopter, I want a debate between Mark and Joel Fuhrman.

    The 2 lifestyles are the leading edge of nutrition these year, and the question of meat impact on digestive cancers (intestines and colon) should be set once and for all.

    Both communities would greatly benefit, and this fits the 10 million goal.

    Em wrote on January 8th, 2014
    • Yes, yes, yes!

      Christina Taylor wrote on January 8th, 2014
  12. I’d like to see something on long term implications of the primal and/or paleo diet and lifestyle, by those who have been doing it for a while now, say 8 years or more – has the weight stayed off? Have the health conditions it helped to reduce or eliminate stayed away?

    Lauren R wrote on January 8th, 2014
  13. 1. The effects of going too low carb for too long
    I’d like to hear about the long term effects of going too low carb, specifically when young people (teens, early 20s) adopt and stick to what they think its Primal (many consider primal or paleo to be low carb). Many young adults try being vlc while still working out and I find this particularly an issue for females. Being a female who did this myself, I now have been dealing with so many issues surrounding hormones and anxiety.

    2. More about females specifically (especially the effects of this diet on our horomones and ways to make sure we’re balanced and not painting ourselves into a corner)

    3. Why we should (or should not) eat ‘proper’ carbohydrates, male vs female

    Lindsay wrote on January 8th, 2014
  14. How can someone with fibromyalgia (chronic pain/chronic fatigue) follow the paleo lifestyle if she can’t do intense workouts? it’s almost impossible to lose weight or get fit.

    Sandeep wrote on January 8th, 2014
  15. I’ve been “primal” since Aug. I still have a hard time with no grain. I miss pasta, french bread. I didn’t eat alot but maybe once a week. None of the subsitiutes I’ve look for are tasty for me. I get bored with vegetables and would like new ideas.
    Even meat can get tiresome at time. I wouldnt mind great steaks all the time but I don’t have the money for that.
    I would also like more info on collagenous colitis and the primal diet. Not much info out there on this

    Maria wrote on January 8th, 2014
  16. I have been contemplating about the following thing – it is preferred to eat seasonal regional food. But in today’s age of limitless travelling and moving for jobs around the world, shall we stick as much as possible with what is in season in our region where we were born (in my case central Europe) even when we live on the other side of the globe, or shall we eat according to where we currently are? Im not talking about food tourism here, Im talking long-term living in a foreign country far from my own.

    Blondie wrote on January 8th, 2014
  17. Would love to see some info on what to eat for energy.. specifically if I workout in the AM; what kinds of things are best to eat for dinner the previous night that will benefit me in the morning workout.

    Gary wrote on January 8th, 2014
  18. Great idea Mark! I would love to see something on how to go Primal when you’re morbidly obese and suggestions for how to adapt exercises etc until your body becomes fitter and stronger.

    Kimster wrote on January 8th, 2014
  19. I am new to your blog and newsletter so you may have covered this but… I would like to learn more about the best way to incorporate fiber into a low carb diet.

    Charlene D wrote on January 8th, 2014
  20. So, it’s flu season down here in the south, and you go to the hospital because your throwing up, etc… And other than meds, the one thing you’re going to get prescribed is to eat crackers and drink 7-up (I’m obviously being very generic).

    I think it’d be nice to see you address if this is wise for someone of the paleo mindset/belief and what some alternatives might be.

    Phillip wrote on January 8th, 2014
  21. I would like more information on cholesterol and tryglicerides, optimum levels for health. I dont know if I beleive what my doctor is saying. I am refusing to take statin drugs.

    Teri wrote on January 8th, 2014
  22. As a school teacher, I would like to see a post about diet and how if affects students’ performance academically and behaviorally.

    Brian wrote on January 8th, 2014
  23. This is just one example, but when specific brands (e.g. supplements) are mentioned, they tend to only ship to the US. I would love if there were more recommendations for mainland Europe and the UK (and the rest of the world depending on where you live). Perhaps even some altered “recommended best foods” lists for different areas depending on what is readily available and cheap in that country.

    Lara wrote on January 8th, 2014
  24. Mark, I am a 56 year old male and after 1 yr of living the primal lifestyle I am stronger and leaner than I was in my youth. When people ask me what I did and I explain the Primal Blueprint , they tell me that it is extreme. I would like to hear about better ways to convince people how simple and natural the primal way of living is. Thanks Tom

    Tom wrote on January 8th, 2014
  25. I’d like to hear your thoughts on leaky gut and autoimmune conditions, and how they may be triggered by diet.

    Maya wrote on January 8th, 2014
  26. I’d like more information directed towards women. Specifically, middle-aged women. Hormonal struggles, weight loss, age appropriate work-outs and balancing macros for the female needs. I think, in general, females need a higher carb count to feel their best and to find that sweet spot for weight loss.

    I’d also LOVE to see a pole offered – to measure the demographics of MDA followers. You might find it easier to target interests and needs if you have a target demographics. Besides, I’m just curious! :)

    Tomi wrote on January 8th, 2014
    • YES! Would love to that demographic info.

      Rema wrote on January 8th, 2014
      • +1

        Elizabeth wrote on January 8th, 2014
  27. I’d like to learn how to break through a plateau. I’ve been eating extremely well, and doing all the lifestyle things you recommend, and have at least 30 more lbs to lose, but haven’t lost anything for months.

    Kathy wrote on January 8th, 2014
    • +1 :)

      Darlene, San Francisco, CA wrote on January 8th, 2014
  28. Paleo is not a fad diet. Tired of media calling it a fad diet.

    Kari wrote on January 8th, 2014
  29. The nutritional needs of kids after the mothers milk

    Ish wrote on January 8th, 2014
  30. Poop – what should a healthy primal persons poop be like?

    David wrote on January 8th, 2014
    • If Grok was feeling ill….and found a pile of poop from a healthy animal or person…..would Grok give himself a taste –> poop transplant?

      Matthew Zastrow wrote on January 8th, 2014
  31. I’m always fascinated by the modern inventions that CW tells us are essential, but that we actually don’t need, or could even be harmful to us. Like cushioned shoes, or shampoo. What else am I wasting my money and heath away on, that I’d actually be better off without?

    mightywindmill wrote on January 8th, 2014

    JESSE008 wrote on January 8th, 2014
  33. I think a great topic for 2014 would be a closer look into the impact that the SAD has had on our brains, and what types of foods/brain training/exercise can be done to assist in reversing this process quickly and effectively.

    Another topic would be a comprehensive look at men’s health issues related to common problems like prostate issues and the best foods to combat it.

    Not a topic idea. But it would be great if you had an app that provides better access to the wealth of information on your site. Organizing all of the data by topics would be very helpful for thorough understanding of what has been written on the site.

    Thanks for all of the great information! Keep up all the great work!

    David H wrote on January 8th, 2014
  34. I would love to learn more about how to incorporate primal living with my teenage boys. They have such a high metabolism, how can I keep that going and improve their diets? Peer pressure to eat junk is high in the area…..quick teenage approved menus would really help me.

    Michele wrote on January 8th, 2014
  35. Hints, tips & tricks on how to make favorite recipes primal. Maybe giving helpful substitutions for frequent, non-primal ingredients as well as how to use almond flour instead of coconut flour

    Cynder60 wrote on January 8th, 2014
  36. Info on how gut health influences the appearance and health of your skin.

    Diana Gore wrote on January 8th, 2014
    • +1

      Matthew Zastrow wrote on January 8th, 2014
  37. I have a 7 year old boy and would like ideas on how to cut carbs for him without him feeling like he is missing out. He loves carbs, granola bars, pancakes etc… but I eat low carb and would like to transition him with the least amount of pain possible. He is a little picky so that makes it tough…
    Thank you!

    Charlene D wrote on January 8th, 2014
  38. Mark,

    I’d love to see you on a show like The Biggest Loser. Watching the show preach the virtues of whole-grains just makes me cringe. Maybe you can do a biggest loser type challenge with some human lab rats and other health bloggers to see which method of living works best, CW or PB.

    Nick Ball wrote on January 8th, 2014
  39. I would like to see more on whether or not there is much merit to the idea that different body types require different diets. In particular, it fascinates me that my two children eat pretty much the same but one of them has always been very overweight while the other stays fairly slim. It seems he has a body that simply processes the same food differently than his sibling. Similarly, my wife and I can eat pretty much the same (in fact, I eat a much higher volume of food than her) and she remains very overweight while I do not. Activity levels are all about the same so it seems to be mostly different body responses to food. Even more fascinating to me is that my overweight child & wife both consistently have much better blood test results than my thinner child and myself. Can there really be a universally appropriate diet for all people? Or are some bodies built for a high carb/low fat diet while others thrive on a high fat/low carb diet, for example.

    Aaron wrote on January 8th, 2014
    • +1. Also, is there anything to the idea that people from different areas of the world have evolved to eat differently.

      Christina Taylor wrote on January 8th, 2014
  40. I would love ideas on how to teach my mini Gork to go primal even though the schools are teaching the SAD diet.

    Melissa wrote on January 8th, 2014

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