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8 Jan

Dear Readers: What Do You Want from Mark’s Daily Apple?

QuestionsAs many of you know, it’s my life goal to help 10 million people get healthy. To that end, I’ve got big plans for Mark’s Daily Apple and the Primal Blueprint in 2014. From several new books and events, to a Primal certification and much more, it’s looking like it will be a great year. I’ll be sharing all the details with you next week.

But it all starts and ends with you, Mark’s Daily Apple readers. You continue to be my primary focus and, as always, this blog wouldn’t be what it is without you. So today I want to know what you want out of MDA. See the contest below. But first…

I’d like to whet your appetite with some juicy topics I’ll be tackling in 2014 blog posts. Here are just a few that I’m working on in draft form for publication this year.

  • What Do We REALLY Know About What Our Ancestors Ate?
  • Is a Calorie a Calorie?
  • How and Why Your Body Stores Fat
  • Why I Believe in Supplementation
  • How to Be an Endurance Athlete on a Ketogenic Diet
  • How to Reverse and Eliminate Type 2 Diabetes
  • The Best Exercise There Is, Hands Down

That’s just a taste of what I have in store for this year. Now it’s your turn…

The Contest

“What do you want me to write about?” My articles are constantly informed by the thoughts and ideas of my readers. Today is your chance to tell me what you’d like to see me research and write about this year. In the comments section below, tell me one topic you’d like to see covered, or one question you’d like to see answered, or the title of one blog post that just has to be written this year. I’m leaving this fairly open ended. No idea is too small or big.

A winner will be chosen at random. Agreeing with other people is allowed (and encouraged), but only the idea comments will be counted for drawing purposes.

The Prize

A 30-serving supply of Primal Fuel.

The Deadline

Midnight (PST), tonight!

Who is Eligible

Everyone. I’ll ship the Primal Fuel anywhere in the world.

Thanks in advance to everyone that offers an idea. I’ll see what I can do to give you what you want in 2014! Grok on!

You want comments? We got comments:

Imagine you’re George Clooney. Take a moment to admire your grooming and wit. Okay, now imagine someone walks up to you and asks, “What’s your name?” You say, “I’m George Clooney.” Or maybe you say, “I’m the Clooninator!” You don’t say “I’m George of George Clooney Sells Movies Blog” and you certainly don’t say, “I’m Clooney Weight Loss Plan”. So while spam is technically meat, it ain’t anywhere near Primal. Please nickname yourself something your friends would call you.

  1. I’d be very interested in learning more about the Psoas muscle. There seems to be some debate about which is best – to strengthen or to stretch. Personally I do both, however as someone that does a fair amount of sitting I wonder if I should forego the strengthening and just stretch.

    Kitty =^..^= wrote on January 10th, 2014
  2. Hi there!

    I’m a Paleo/Primal blogger currently based in London, UK, but I am originally from Spain. I have many friends and family in Spain and keep trying to explain to them about the benefits of a Primal lifestyle and have even started posting some information and recipes in Spanish on my site. But I can never really quote or offer links of information for them to keep researching on their own and truly believe what I am telling them…

    I feel that the Spanish speaking world, who does not speak English, could use a great source as MDA for information on this lifestyle, yet all they can currently do is do a google/bing translate, which doesn’t always work right.

    I would love to see your site (and books) available in Spanish for all of these people. In fact, I’m offering my help in translating, should you be willing to go that route!

    Best, Debra aka The Saffron Girl

    Debra wrote on January 10th, 2014
  3. Though it’s after the contest closing, here’s a thought I’ve been toying with: Similar to the idea that man’s digestive system hasn’t been able to evolve fast enough in comparison to society’s agricultural advances, are there similar ideas regarding how how man’s thinking processes work?

    By understanding our natural “primal” reactions to today’s events, could we manage today’s decisions better? How would Grok relate to the people in his life? Would he value them more; i.e., due to survival dependence, or would death or the risk of death be so ever-present that he would develop a detachment to emotional bonds?

    Kent wrote on January 10th, 2014
  4. This comment is more about when you post articles as opposed to what you post in your articles.

    But I’d really love to be able to read your blog first thing in the morning, when I have a little time to myself. I’m on the east coast and as it stands, you publish at noon my time. It would be great if you could automate your posts so that we East coasters can be inspired at the beginning of our day.


    Ali wrote on January 10th, 2014
  5. I’d like to see more posts/guidance about the interpersonal challenges of living this lifestyle. I feel like I’m in constant jeopardy from family, friends and colleagues as every birthday party, holiday event and general social/business gathering is seemingly made “less comfortable” because of my “inconvenient” approach to life.

    Abstaining from courses and/or the whole meal is rude and so is bringing one’s own food to an event. It’s a significant challenge and wears on me.

    Mike wrote on January 10th, 2014
  6. Oh PRETTY PLEASE — more info about intermittent fasting for middle-aged women (peri / pre-menopausal)!

    Deecee wrote on January 10th, 2014
  7. Primal Lunches. Adults and kids.

    Sean wrote on January 10th, 2014
    • Packing lunches that is.

      Sean wrote on January 10th, 2014
  8. I want a helping of Master Formula on loan until I get government money but I don’t think Mark would send it. Until then I scrounge, but I really want to try that supplement. I have no credit card and don’t want one – bad credit.

    Animanarchy wrote on January 10th, 2014
  9. Would love to have you look into the training/prep necessary to perform crossfit without sustaining the common injuries of “weekend warriors”, and any other safe exercise recommendations you could make to allow for women of varying age groups. I’m 53 and the hormone/post-menopausal challenge has me constantly looking for varying forms of safe exercise to protect my joints and still challenge my system enough to see muscle building and weight loss (cannot BUDGE that last 10!).

    Lisa wrote on January 10th, 2014
  10. how about gluten in lotions, cosmetics, and other personal toiletries? I just realized that some of my lotions that my kids use have glutens in them.

    Kathy wrote on January 10th, 2014
  11. Hello Mark,
    I would like to offer a suggestion for you to write about. (I know I’m too late for the competition!) I have read many of your books, check your Daily Apple regularly and agree wholeheartedly in theory with the Paleo Diet. My problem is that I live in Europe, Vienna/Austria, to be exact. I am a native English speaker so your books are valuable to me and I love to read about a subject close to my heart, in my own language. Okay, where’s the problem? I can’t get the ingredients for your recipes. In every recipe there is at least one item that I either can’t get here or I have no idea what it is! Collard greens? Thickenthin Non/starch? Sounds just what I need, but where do I get it here?

    So, my suggestion is that you come over here to research a new book entitled “Primal Europe” and give us all your wonderful recipes with our ingredients!
    Rump steak is impossibly expensive, so some cheaper ideas would be wonderful. I am so sick of frankfurters and cheese. A chapter in your book, called “Medicine in the form of Vegetables” would be useful for those of us who grew up with two peas, a carrot and a lettuce leaf next to the meat.

    Maybe you have a translator of your books into German? Then, perhaps, I could find out what some of the mystery ingredients are. (Dictionaries are not much help with translating foodstuffs.)

    I realise this suggestion would interfere drastically with your enviable L.A. lifestyle and you may not wish to come to cold, gray Europe. Perhaps you have a friend who has travelled in Europe and knows what our foods are like. Collaborate with him/her on a new book. Please don’t leave us hanging here with a great idea but no way of painting the picture the way you do.
    Sylvie Granville
    (Not on an SAD but finding it hard to resist the temptations.)

    Sylvia Granville wrote on January 10th, 2014
  12. Being environmentally conscious on primal. Like eating locally sourced or organic meats. Growing foods in general. Practical principles we can use make a have a sustainable primal community/family.

    Jennifer wrote on January 10th, 2014
  13. Camaraderie
    MDA is all about improving ourselves as *individuals* but Grok didn’t live hunched over a rock with a mouse (a live one) in his hand, he lived in a community with other people. He or she hunted, gathered, told storied, fought other tribes, got killed by wild animals and buried their dead. How can MDA help improve our communities (not just the online ones) to help give people the same sense of connection and camaraderie that people in these small tribes had?

    Brian wrote on January 10th, 2014
  14. I know I missed the cut off but two things are:
    female hormones (I have major carb cravings first day or period)
    eye sight-any chance to repair bad eye sight with healthy eating/lifestyle?

    melissa wrote on January 10th, 2014
  15. Yes yes yes to some UK dates please Mark….as long as you come to Scotland.

    karo wrote on January 10th, 2014
  16. I would like to read your debate supporting Primal living against haters. I am constantly having to defend my diet and telling people that it works for me and cleared up nearly all of my tummy and other troubles doesn’t help them to understand. I’d like to hear what you say about: (these are all things that have been said to me) Isn’t all of that meat bad for you? I’m in nursing school and I’m a vegetarian and so I think your going to have heart disease because you eat red meat? Are you anorexic (when I decline office pizza and cake party fare)? What’s wrong with a little diary (I know some can tolerate but others cannot…why?) Why do you go through deprivation from soda and other junk and do all the work to prepare food; you only live once? Isn’t Primal expensive? etc, etc.

    Michele Moore wrote on January 10th, 2014
  17. Oil pulling. How, why and should I?
    I keep reading about the benefits of oil pulling. Now that I’m primal I use coconut oil for just about everything but haven’t started gargling it. Yet… I’d love to read an unbiased article from a primal point of view about this fascinating practice.

    Me wrote on January 10th, 2014
  18. Hi Mark, can we have more articles about the thyroid, and how to come up with a specific primal diet that supports thyroid issues and the connection it has with hormones and adrenal deficiency? Thanks!

    Amanda wrote on January 10th, 2014
  19. This website isgreat and so far I have about a dozen people entertaining or joining in on this at work and in my personal life. I would like to see more information on Gender specific adapation to the diet, macro nutrient macro ratios to get through the stalls. Also now when i talk to someone and they say they have this type of colon problem or this arthritus I type in paleo and the ailment. I think more articles that show Primal healthy ways that will treat common things that people getting older just feel like they have to accept as part of life. Thanks for the great work and sharing so much knowledge with the world.

    Shawn Tolman wrote on January 11th, 2014
  20. Since I’ve started Paleo I have noticed hormonal changes in my body. I would like to know if it was my lifestyle changes invoked a regular monthly Moon Cycle (I haven’t had a regular one in years) or is in coincidence?

    Ann Marie wrote on January 11th, 2014
  21. I’d like to better understand the interaction of DHA and cholesterol in our cell membranes and bodies. When DHA replaces cholesterol on our cell membranes do we know what effects that has on cell signalling, mitochondria, and our DNA? Cholesterol is good for so many things, but why is DHA removing it from our cell membranes, and what are the consequences of that, be they good or bad? I guess I would title the article “What your fish oil is really doing at a cellular level.”

    Joel wrote on January 11th, 2014
  22. How about using essential oils for health and wellness? I started using them this year to make cleaning products I don’t fear, and for relief of some age-related (arthritis) and other health issues. They have really helped me and many other people. I would love to get the word out to everyone!

    Pamela Reaves Rodriguez wrote on January 12th, 2014
  23. We all live the Paleo lifestyle the best we can, however, there are those times when we can’t be 100%. It would be great to have a list of non-paleo foods that have been graded on a scale system, say from 1-10. That way, if we have to “cheat” we can choose the least damaging option. For example…peas vs corn, rice vs potatoes, beer vs scotch.

    mark thomas wrote on January 12th, 2014
  24. i am a lost with information about hormones,, what is right and not foir a peri and full blown menopausal women.
    thanks for considering!

    michele wrote on January 12th, 2014
  25. purified water vs. tap water – pro and cons and/or flavored 0 calorie waters – are these OK or should they be avoided.

    Mike wrote on January 12th, 2014
  26. Mark,
    You have done some great work on quite a wide variety of potentially potent lifestyle variables, but there is one I haven’t seen much on.
    Given your triathlon and endurance sports background, I am sure you are familiar with the frequency by which endurance athletes get “lone” atrial fibrillation, an anxiety-provoking, energy-sapping and dizzying affliction that can reduce cardiac efficiency by 25%, leaving the victim short of breath and unable to exercise for the duration of the event, which can be hours or days. And if that is not troubling enough, as the most common arrhythmia in western countries, it is the commonest cause of stroke.
    So here is my two-bits request: A review of the triggers, and ultimately, the non-interventional prevention of atrial fibrillation.

    Mark F

    Mark Fromberg wrote on January 12th, 2014
  27. How about more on why legumes are problematic, especially peanut butter.

    lori wrote on January 12th, 2014
  28. 1. not all cavemen diets are the same, I would like to read up more on the food history of each region. My husband and I are from different geographic regions. Our bodies are still wired to what our great-great-great parents used to eat. I am not finding much about it. Since we grew up with our traditional foods, we tend to eat it, even though we don’t live in our ancestral countries.
    2. How we go beyond diets that benefit just us. I would like to learn what other people do to restore traditional agriculture in different regions. Pacific NW ate differently than Hawaii, for example. Local agricultural systems, besides producing great food, also support local communities. It is not easy, as many people think. It would be great to learn form successes and failures of others.

    Lien wrote on January 13th, 2014
  29. Would love to see more focus on the things that make primal different to paleo rather than the things it has in common as that information is already available. Your contributions on dairy, for instance, is of particular interest to me.

    Ben wrote on January 13th, 2014
  30. There is no doubt about it…primal is the way to go. I love this way of life and the way I feel. My question is on raw dairy. I understand the health benefits but is everything destroyed once heated? If I use raw cream in my coffee, does the heat kill off all the good stuff. What about raw cheese…again…does the cheese making process kill off the good stuff??

    janel hartman wrote on January 15th, 2014
  31. Mark,

    What are your thoughts on the farmed Atlantic salmon from the company C. Wirthy & Co.? I know in the past you have advised against buying farmed salmon due to its increased likelihood of contaminant, lower omega-3 levels, and diminished taste compared to wild, Alaskan salmon, but they have their farms located in Chile and Norway which, after doing some research, have some of the best farming practices around for salmon. The local megastores have stopped carrying the Wild Alaskan Salmon frozen fillets and Steelhead Trout that they had been supplying for years, and this is the only decent one I can find. What do you advise?


    Robert S wrote on January 15th, 2014
  32. I know this post is too late for the contest, but I would like to hear some how-to articles on how to read effectively and absorb the information. You seem to be able to ingest, implement, and re-communicate so much research and information.

    Reid wrote on January 15th, 2014
  33. A dedicated post on resistance training and additional energy requirements through food intake would be great. I’m so used to eating when I’m hungry and stopping when I’m full and like my big ass salads so much that for some time after I started intensively Crossfiting (about 5 times per week – I know it’s lots but I can’t help it, I really love it and I feel great for it) I didn’t realise I was severely undereating (about 1500-1800 calories per day) for the amount of exercise I was doing. Now that I’ve increased that (roughly 2300 cals per day based on Eat to Perform programme) my performance has improved by leaps and bounds, I am incredibly energetic all the time while the belly fat is slowly disappearing.

    You’ve touched on the fact that people doing intense exercise have higher requirements for carbs but I figured since I was feeling full and fine that would be enough. Eating this much more is sometimes a chore but not I realise I feel even better than I did before (couldn’t believe that was possible) and I think it would help us to get a dedicated post for it to be more aware… or maybe that’s just me who needed the clarification…

    Andreea wrote on January 16th, 2014
  34. Great! I’d like to hear more about your knowledge on a ketogenic diet. Thanks.

    Danny wrote on January 16th, 2014
  35. I don’t know if this has been suggested…. an app with latest articles, possible forum, food/exercise tracker.. carb counter, etc. I would certainly use it several times a day. I know there are several out there already, but all are conventional wisdom

    shana wrote on January 16th, 2014
  36. I know that I’m too late for the contest, but I would appreciate it if you would address the best exercises for people who are in their 70’s with painful knees. Walking, planks, push-ups are good, but what else is effective?

    Michele Shimizu wrote on January 17th, 2014
  37. Hello Mark,
    I would love a simple document which spells out the primal diet. I would love to even have a list of “eat these” and “dont eat these” foods. It would help for quick reference. I have purchased the Primal Blueprint and many cook books. Maybe the Blueprint could have a synopsis in the last chapter with all the do eats and dont eats….
    Just saying….
    Kind regards

    Susanne HArris wrote on January 28th, 2014

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