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Contest: Where in the World is Grok?

The Prize:

Toys! I write and talk a lot about nutrition and exercise, but there’s so much more that goes into health and wellness (stay tuned later today for an article on this topic). One of these is “Play [1].” So I’m giving away some stuff to play with…

Djubis. Frisbee is fun, but occasionally you need a change-up. Enter the Djubi [2]. My best description of this game would be slingshot lacrosse using the rules of Ultimate [3]. The balls have good zip, heavier than modern-day Nerf fare, they’re more akin to the old school, tough 1980’s Nerf balls that could obliterate a Lego castle if shot from an air canon. A box of these arrived at my office a couple weeks ago and my crew and I wasted no time cracking one open and having some fun. Tip: They’re best used in a large, open space, because they can really fly.

You may want to do this as a group, so the winner of today’s contest gets five pairs of Djubis [2]. That’s enough for a ten person game. BONUS: Djubi is giving a 30% discount for readers who use “PRIMAL” when placing an order on Djubi.com [2] (discount doesn’t include shipping).

Slackline. It’s a tight rope, a loose tight rope. Strap it between a couple trees, walk on it, bounce on it, do a triple reverse double banana whammy on it, whatever floats your boat. The folks at PrimalCon [4] had a chance to play with one of these things; and the GM of my company, Aaron, liked it so much he picked one up for himself. Courtesy of Gibbon Slacklines [5], winner gets a choice of classic slackline [4].

The Contest:

Grok [6] is everywhere. Or, at least, he will be after this contest. Gear up your mindgrapes, because today’s challenge is on the goofy side. On this post you’ll find a downloadable PDF of Grok. Download that PDF and print it out. Then use it to show folks where Grok exists around the world. Hold up Grok and take a photo of him in your lovely city.


  1. Download the PDF [7].
  2. Print out the PDF.
  3. Cut along the dotted lines.
  4. Write down where you live in the box.
  5. Hold Grok up in your hometown.
  6. Snap a photo.
  7. Email me [8] the photo. Include “Grok World Submission” in the subject line of your email.


Get it? Do it!

The Deadline:

September 26, midnight PST. Five days!

Who is Eligible:

Every person in the whole wide world! In fact, super bonus points for the most remote Grok sighting.

How a Winner is Chosen:

A random drawing will be held among all eligible entrants.