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25 Sep

Contest: What Do You Want?

The Prize:

Tanka Bars. Snack food made of buffalo. That’s pretty much all that needs saying. In the pursuit of quick-fix meat-chunk eats, Tanka is offering up a handful of Tanka Bars, Tanka Bites, and Tanka Wild Sticks to the winner of today’s post. BONUS: Enter “MARKSDAILYAPPLE” when ordering from for a 15% discount off of regularly priced items.

YouBars. Energy bars can be nasty business. 95% of the energy bars on the market are simply candy bars re-branded for the cardio crowd. Heck, even Snickers has its own brand of energy bar which – big surprise – contains almost the exact same nutritional breakdown as a plain, old Snickers. What’s a Grok to do with so few Primal options?

Enter YouBar. Don’t like the options at your health food store? Why not make your own! YouBar is a family owned company that lets you design your own energy bar using real, Primal ingredients. Here’s my version:

Almond Butter, Whey Protein Powder (Extra Protein), Hempseeds, Pecans (Normal Nuts), Goji Berries, Unsweetened Organic Shredded Coconut (Less Fruit), Organic Clover Honey (Not Too Sweet), Cinnamon, Organic Ginger, Organic Cacao Nibs, Stevia.

The winner of today’s contest will receive a free box of custom designed YouBars (or shakes or trailmix if you so choose).

The Contest:

“What do you want from me?” It’s a tired Adam Lambert song, but it’s also an important question. My blog, my books, what I do is constantly informed by the thoughts and ideas of my readers. Today is your chance to tell me what you’d like to see on my part for the future of the Primal movement. In the comments section below, tell me one service, product, tool, or feature you’d like to see in the coming year. I’m leaving this one fairly open ended, no idea is too small or big.

A winner will be chosen at random. Agreeing with other people is allowed (and encouraged), but only the idea comments will be counted for drawing purposes.

The Deadline:

Midnight, tonight!

Who is Eligible:

Like other consumables, these don’t cross borders well. A substitute prize of equal value will be awarded in the case of an international winner.

You want comments? We got comments:

Imagine you’re George Clooney. Take a moment to admire your grooming and wit. Okay, now imagine someone walks up to you and asks, “What’s your name?” You say, “I’m George Clooney.” Or maybe you say, “I’m the Clooninator!” You don’t say “I’m George of George Clooney Sells Movies Blog” and you certainly don’t say, “I’m Clooney Weight Loss Plan”. So while spam is technically meat, it ain’t anywhere near Primal. Please nickname yourself something your friends would call you.

  1. I do think it would be great to a have more related to a woman’s experience, and womens’ health. I realize that you are a guy and this is all your brainchild, but I think it would bring more balance.

    Ariana wrote on September 25th, 2010
  2. I saw the pic of the book signing in Miami. I’m not sure if you have done that already (I’m sort of new around here) or plan to…but it would be fun to have you travel around and meet the people that purchased the books. I know I would love to have mine signed
    :-). My cookbook is getting pretty ugly though with splatters and such so I might be embarassed!
    Also I am in desperate need of a children’s primal cookbook. I tried to have the whole family go on the challenge, and suffice it to say it was a challenge. I may have gotten them to day 2 before they demanded PB & J’s.
    Other than that I think you have it pretty much covered for me.

    Mia wrote on September 25th, 2010
  3. Some articles on the blog aren’t as well referenced as other articles. “The Definitive Guide to Saturated Fat” is very well referenced (my favorite blog post), but “The Definitive Guide to Cholesterol” and “The Definitive Guide to Fats” do not give many links to outside sources supporting the claims made in the articles.

    I’m not sure if this is done because the supporting references are maybe laid out in your book or previous articles on the blog, but with a title like “Definitive Guide” I was hoping to find that kind of information in the articles themselves.

    David wrote on September 25th, 2010
    • To clarify: my idea is to make future (or existing) blog posts, especially the Definitive Guide ones, better referenced. :)

      David wrote on September 25th, 2010
    • I completely agree with this. As much as I agree with the Primal diet, I try really hard to make sure all the health info I read doesn’t come from just one source (i.e. Mark). It’s always a pleasure for me to see links to where the info came from, because not only does it become more verifiable but it exposes some potentially really cool websites to poke around for other stuff.

      Calvin Bryant wrote on September 25th, 2010
  4. I would really like to see more regular video posts. They could be user generated or done by Mark and the worker bees, it doesn’t matter.

    I personally get really pumped when watching videos and they would really add a nice spin to the site.

    Funkadelic Flash wrote on September 25th, 2010
  5. I’d like to see more Primal iPhone apps

    Justin Yin wrote on September 25th, 2010
  6. It would be awesome if you made a children’s illustrated book featuring plenty of pictures of primal food and fun grok games. Would be a useful and fun way to get kids on board at an early age.

    Kat wrote on September 25th, 2010
  7. I agree with the other women: more stuff specific to women and primal families. I have a 2 1/2 and a 5 year old and getting them primal is sometimes challenging. Perhaps a separate forum section for families? For womens issues?

    Rina wrote on September 25th, 2010
  8. Mark, I want you to go hunting and tell us all about it. In the spirit of oral tradition, tell us the story of your hunt, maybe talk about how you feel about killing an animal, how much of the animal you used, how you cooked it, etc.

    There’s always a lot of joking about grok and tongue-in-cheek references to literally living primally, sure its not for everyone, but I think without some sort of spiritual connection to our past, it’s kind of boring to just talk about nutrition and fitness from a unique standpoint.

    James P. wrote on September 25th, 2010
    • I rather like this idea.

      tai haku wrote on September 25th, 2010
    • I second that. It gives you more respect for, and awareness of what you’re eating. If you ever come to New Zealand you’re
      welcome to come hunting and seafood gathering with my family and I (hopefully will get a chance in the next few days to go collect some seafood for our grokfeast!)

      Dan wrote on September 25th, 2010
  9. Arguments to use on your vegetarian whole grain loving girlfriend. Seriously. My partner is the one I most need to convince and have the hardest time with.

    Andrew Hunter wrote on September 25th, 2010
    • Maybe get her to watch Tom Naughton’s “Fat Head”. I sat down w/ my family to watch that and they all stood up converts. Hubby started reading “Good Calories, Bad Calories,” and he’s more rabid than I am now!

      Louise wrote on September 27th, 2010
  10. Here’s a product I would buy from you in a heartbeat:

    The Primal Blueprint for Picking Up Girls

    Zach wrote on September 25th, 2010
  11. I think a sub area of your web site (Cave?), perhaps synced with the iphone app, that would let members group up (Clan?) and track key bio markers, share their process, set goals, as they do their own 30 challenge. This could be graphed in different kid of ways, perhaps using many of the existing collaborative sharing formats that are out there. But you seem to have access to pretty good web building skills. Perhaps you could have a questionnaire to help foster groups (type of work, goals, geography, age etc…). I could see push notification if someone hits a personal goal, a public board for comments related for that specific group, polls – basically ways to make the 30 day challenge more personal and allow other ways for people to connect beyond the forums.

    smalldog wrote on September 25th, 2010
  12. The only thing I can think of is a Journal Club, like the kind we do here in med school twice a month. It’d be cool for you to review/explain a couple articles that show how scientific research is behind this way of eating/living. Hell, why just science articles? Anthropology or archaeology would be cool, too. You often cite papers, which is great, but maybe have it be a regular part of the blog?

    Everything else is great. What a resource. Thanks, Mark.

    Angela wrote on September 25th, 2010
  13. This is recycled from my idea for a contest that I thought of long after the contest contest was over. My idea was “Tell us how you sneak Primal movements into your day.”

    I’d like to see more posts on how to sneakily incorporate primal lifestyle changes into your otherwise CW life, especially little workouts and other hacks.

    Not all of us can run around in 5Fingers and such because we work 9-5. But I take the stairs two at a time at work and I sneak in Grok squats in the bathroom or between the shelves when I’m filing. Half the fun is trying not to get caught! Stalking coworkers (not in the criminal sense) might be entertaining… Anyway, I love posts about simple and low cost ways to be primal. (I think you’ve covered the food budget thing very well, but those are good reminders to have occasionally.)

    Shebeeste wrote on September 25th, 2010
    • Just imagined a guy doing Grok squats in the elevator, only to have the doors suddenly open for coworkers to get on and he straightens up as if “nothing to see here!’ :)

      Family Grokumentarian wrote on September 25th, 2010
      • You could try parkour in cube-ville – not subtle! You might be able to do that in a stairwell, though, if you have one.

        ScottMGS wrote on September 25th, 2010
  14. I’d would certainly like to see a page that would have information on the most primal friendly gyms around. I love the idea of StrengthBox and The Exuberant Animal, and have always wondered if there were something like that around me.

    Nick F wrote on September 25th, 2010
  15. I would love to get more ideas about children and the primal lifestyle. Cookbook for primal kids, more posts on children eating primal, etc…

    Emily wrote on September 25th, 2010
  16. Your site is already pretty perfect, and seeing as how you offer most of of your knowledge for free, not only can I not complain, but I’m hard pressed to think of what else I could possibly ask for. I guess maybe my only request, because I live in the Midwest where the winters are long, are some primal movements that can be done outside in the cold weather. And when I say cold, I mean really cold. Like we gotta bundle up in long underwear to check the mail. But still, it’s nice to get outside, but it’s hard to move around when packed in layers of clothing.

    HillyRu wrote on September 25th, 2010
  17. Information on whether or not one should limit eating certain foods. I mean, is eating 6 eggs per day really all that healthy for the long term? I don’t currently do this but am thinking about it because eggs are so damn cheap yet packed full of nutrition.

    And, what about coconut? Or other foods? What about nightshades?

    In general, should one limit eating too much of one thing on a regular basis?

    Primal Toad wrote on September 25th, 2010
  18. More posts for teens would be nice. I also second a primal magazine.

    alex wrote on September 25th, 2010
  19. I’d love to see a series called GONE SHOPPING ( or something like this) that shows primal food options you, or other Primal followers, find at your local “Hunting Grounds” (Vons, Ralphs, Whole Foods, etc, etc).

    I’m talking about the diamonds in the rough that may be overlooked in our quest to find primal foods that are easily accessible.

    For example: Vanilla Almond Macaroons by Laughing Giraffe, at Whole Foods. GREAT FATS!!!

    Things like this are awesome to discover.

    Dozer wrote on September 25th, 2010
    • This comment made me think of talking about “wild” options you can source in different areas. For example, I found out from a friend that the fruit trees I’d seen and admired for there beauty were actually producing a lot of edible fruit that was just going to waste on the ground. Or then there are certain greens that you can find locally for salads or whatnot. Basically, the hunt is awesome, but what about some tips on gathering?

      Mademoiselle wrote on September 26th, 2010
  20. A podcast would be nice.
    But more importantly more articles on kids. Be it recipes that kids might accept easier, or general nutritional information regarding kids.

    hmrf wrote on September 25th, 2010
  21. My only request is a better search function for this site. Trying to find a post on a particular topic will usually bring up w-a-a-a-y too many hits – a lot of them not really relevant – that show up only because maybe one word of the search term was printed somewhere in the post.

    JCB wrote on September 25th, 2010
    • I have often left MDA to go to Google to search for stuff on MDA because it gets the results much faster! Putting in two words on MDA often results in it bringing up results for posts with either one or the other or both! Using quotes to force searching the exact phrase in the MDA search box doesn’t seem to work for me.

      Family Grokumentarian wrote on September 25th, 2010
  22. I’d like a Grok window decal for my truck! 😛

    Sarah D wrote on September 25th, 2010
    • Great idea!

      Nicky wrote on September 25th, 2010
    • That would be awesome!

      Primal Toad wrote on September 26th, 2010
    • Nice thinking. I’ll look into it.

      Mark Sisson wrote on September 27th, 2010
  23. I suggest something simple for those people, like me, who are pretty large (was 297 lbs at 5′ 10″ as of Monday) and have some self image issues when going to the gym and other areas where there are people around.

    The suggestion is an in depth look at how the Wii coupled with Wii Fit, EA Active and any other training games can help boost heart rates to 75% of max 2-3 hours per week in the privacy of the home. A group of volunteers to do the study over the course of a month might be cool too.

    And I do realize that for many of the exercises, you might not NEED the Wii to do them, but the game itself is motivation as it easily keeps track of your results so you can see progress. Are there other ways to do this? Of course. But that doesn’t mean this device can’t help a certain percentage of folks out there who need a little motivation boost.

    John Gallant wrote on September 25th, 2010
  24. I would like to see more posts about weightlifting. Technique, benefits, rep numbers, pretty much anything. I also would like to know how it affects your body (hormone secretion, metabolism, etc.)

    myles456 wrote on September 25th, 2010
  25. I’d like to see a centralized way of connecting with other Primal folks that are local to us. Kinda like Meetup, y’know?

    I searched the Forum, but didn’t find it, if it’s there…

    Reason for this request: We all know how tricky it can be to meet people with similar interests, and how challenging it can be to hang out socially with friends that have no frame of reference for our Primalish ways… how cool would it be to be able to hang out with fellow Groks/Grokettes and share a rib and a coconut water, rather than explain why we aren’t eating the breadsticks & beer?

    Adam Kayce wrote on September 25th, 2010
  26. I would like to see more success stories! Also which someone else suggested an East Cost PB Con!

    Anne wrote on September 25th, 2010
  27. more recipes and coupons/discounts!

    ashley wrote on September 25th, 2010
  28. I agree with a primal magazine; that would be a great idea! Also, how about a primal video blog to supplement the materials using YouTube?

    Stan wrote on September 25th, 2010
  29. PB bumper stickers


    a Grokette design

    Loving the ideas!!

    FairyRae wrote on September 25th, 2010
  30. More recipes

    Saffa wrote on September 25th, 2010
  31. It would be great if you could have specific information for women/children adapting to primal living. A “definitive Guide” to kids nutrition by age would be great! Also, guides to primal-approved cleaning and personal care products would be helpful.

    Wellness Mama wrote on September 25th, 2010
    • I second this!

      Maya wrote on September 26th, 2010
  32. I’d like to see a monthly magazine with a focus specifically on primal food and cooking. I’ve been a long-time subscriber to both Cooking Light and Eating Well, but they no longer suit my new way of eating! Your blog is great, and a mag would be a great way to widen your exposure. Throw a little primal food porn on the cover, and no one will look at the Playboys!

    Jen Z wrote on September 25th, 2010
  33. I’d like for you to offer a personal counseling service (for a fee of course). You could be like a personal nutritionist/personal trainer online.

    Bonnie wrote on September 25th, 2010
    • Love this idea.

      musajen wrote on September 25th, 2010
  34. I would love to see more research and facts to go along with the posts. Just so when I get some smart mouth that says “prove it” when I try to explain my lifestyle to them.

    And more recipes would be lovely.

    Oh, and perhaps like a weekly mind puzzle or something to go along with the WOWs for a little brain and body workout

    Ben wrote on September 25th, 2010
  35. more podcasts
    more videos of the bodyweight exercises, especially the advanced progressions
    the cookbooks and recipes are good – maybe ones with less coconut milk for those of us that dont like it

    kim wrote on September 25th, 2010
  36. I love what you do Mark, you have helped me out immensely what I would love to see from you is your own Primal whey protein line and possibly more sweet tooth alternative articles. I’m 21 and I love being primal but all my friends snack on sweets, I snack on fruit of course but I would love to know some more primal deserts. There has to be endless possibilities. Thanks for all that you do man!

    Matt Burke wrote on September 25th, 2010
  37. I would like the Forums to be more easily searchable, especially reporting search results by RELEVANCE. I often search for a specific food for advice on how to cook it, etc., but then end up sorting through dozens of journals or irrelevant posts. I use the Forum daily for advice, support, and inspiration, but it could definitely be improved and streamlined.

    Ayla wrote on September 25th, 2010
  38. I would like to see more articles from your wife that I could share with my wife.

    SuperMike wrote on September 25th, 2010
  39. I’d like to be able to get a transfer of the Grok On image so I could put it on my own t-shirt etc. Also, other Grok On products like metal water bottles would be cool.

    musajen wrote on September 25th, 2010
    • This is a brilliant idea – an iron-on Grok silhouette for the t-shirt of one’s choice!

      Family Grokumentarian wrote on September 25th, 2010
  40. I would love to hear Mark Sisson elaborate further on his Damage Control Master Formula. There is simply not that much information available on his website regarding the manufacture and quality of his product.

    Some specific questions and issues I would personally like to see addressed about the Damage Control Master Formula follow (NOTE: the source material for most of the following is from Dr. Mercola’s website):

    Magnesium stearate is a flow agent that is basically chalk. Some research suggests that this chalk filler stimulates your gut to form a biofilm, a sort of sludge lining, that acts as an effective barrier to the absorption of not only that particular vitamin but ALL the nutrients you’d normally get from food sources as well. Also there is some research that has shown that magnesium stearate suppresses your natural killer cells. Also check out the following link: Why do you you magnesium stearate? Do you have an alternative viewpoint on these matters?

    Do you use synthetic isolates or ingredients? You can experience side effects of synthetic isolates from the additives and the unnatural state of the synthetic supplement. Studies show your body treats these isolated and synthetic nutrients like foreign substances. This is why your urine will oftentimes turn some shade of glow-in-the-dark yellow when you take synthetic vitamins, as your body is simply flushing these foreign substances out. Your body only absorbs a small percentage of an isolate form of vitamins and minerals – and it utilizes even less. You get the best bioavailability in whole food form. How is the absorbability/bioavailability of the supplement’s ingredients?

    Concentrated formulas make you absorb less. When you take vitamins or antibiotics that are concentrated above what is found naturally, in nature, your small intestine actually forms defenses against the absorption of these excessively concentrated ingredients. It does this by creating a biofilm, a barrier that effectively blocks the absorption of nutrients, as a form of self defense, if you will. According to Dr. Klinghardt, who frequently monitors his patients’ nutrient levels, oftentimes the more supplements you take the less your body actually absorbs. What are your thoughts regarding this and the concentrations that you use?

    Since certain amounts and types of nutrients need to be carefully measured to avoid any potential toxic buildup once they are consumed, what long-term safety criteria do you follow to avoid this toxic buildup from occurring?

    Since not all nutrients in certain amounts work well together (i.e. the competitive relationship with other nutrients that can occur) how is proper nutrient balance ensured?

    Using an ethanol solvent will artificially inflate the ORAC value, therefore ORAC values can easily be inflated with any machine. Is each batch tested using an acetone/water solvent?

    Who is the manufacturer of your supplement? Do they follow strict quality control standard practices? Do your supplements undergo independent laboratory analysis to verify that what is on the label is in fact in the bottle? Is the lab is in full compliance with current NSF Good Manufacturing Practices? Vendor Certification Program? ISO 9001 certification? ISO 17025 certification? Do they ensure finished products meet and exceed quality standards — adherence to United States Pharmacopeia (USP30) specifications?

    How does your supplement compare with whole food-based multivitamins such as Dr. Mercola’s who claims to have addressed all of these issues mentioned?

    How else would you support the claim that your supplement is the World’s Highest Potency Multi-Vitamin-Antioxidant?

    I live in an extreme climate, where the temperatures can get as low as -60 F! If I had the Damage Control Master Formula supplement auto-shipped to me on a monthly basis and the product were to freeze in transit (this has happened to me before with other products) could these extreme freezing temperatures damage the product or reduce it’s potency in any way?

    In other words, I want to hear ALL the nitty gritty details regarding your supplements!

    L. Freeman wrote on September 25th, 2010
    • I too would like to know the forms and sources of each of the ingredients in The Damage Control Master Formula. For example: coenzyme 10: is it ubiquinol or ubiquinone? Is the source Kaneka? If the form and source of all of the ingredients is really top notch then I can’t imagine why this information isn’t readily available on the website, or at least via a link.

      Joseph Thorpe wrote on February 6th, 2011

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