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19 Sep

Contest: Share Your Struggle

The Prize:

Hunks of grass-fed meat, raw nuts and dried berries all conveniently packaged together: If your struggle during the first week of the 30-Day Challenge was finding healthy snacks or Primal meals while on-the-go, Steve’s got you covered. The lucky winner of today’s contest will receive two Steve’s Club Samplers ($32 each) and five Grass-Fed PaleoStix ($30).

Bonus #1: Use promo code paleokitmda for a 10% discount through the month of September.

Bonus #2: 15% of the proceeds go to support Steve’s Club National Program to bring CrossFit and nutrition education to at-risk teens in cities across the country.

The Contest:

It’s been one week since the 2011 30-Day Challenge began. How are things going? Well, I hope. While I know many of you are already seeing and feeling the benefits of going Primal, I imagine there are those of you out there that are finding the transition to be less than a walk in the park. And why not? Decades of bad habits and poor eating don’t get reversed overnight. So today I’m asking you to share any struggle you’ve had in the last seven days of this challenge. Did you have a tough time kicking your usual bowl of morning cereal? Was the sandwich platter at your company meeting speaking to you? Were you unable to muster up the energy or willpower needed to attempt a Primal Blueprint Fitness workout? Big or small leave a comment below expressing your struggle AND how you plan to go about overcoming said struggle, and you’ll be entered to win the prize above.

Check back tomorrow when I’ll be attempting to address many of the common stumbling blocks you list in today’s comment board.

The Deadline:

September 19, 6:00 p.m. PST. Only 9 hours to participate in this one. (I need a little time to put tomorrow’s promised article together!)

Who is Eligible:

Any U.S. resident that faced some sort of hurdle or stumbling block in the first week of this challenge. Sorry worldwide readers. Most countries prohibit import of meat products.

How a Winner is Chosen:

A random drawing will be held among all entrants.

To track all the contests visit the 2011 Primal Blueprint 30-Day Challenge Contest Page for daily updates.

You want comments? We got comments:

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  1. My struggle is getting low-level cardio. My diet is going great, I’m lifting heavy things, but 3 hours of walking seems like a big chunk of my free time. I am doing yoga 3X or more a week, at a little over an hour each, but I’m not sure that is the same thing as a hike. I’m feeling great though!

    Mike Robards wrote on September 19th, 2011
  2. My struggle is my sweet tooth. Those chocolate croissants and huge chocolate chip cookies at the grocery store still look so good to me!!! To help with the cravings, I’ve gone home and made myslef a primal treat. I’ll make chocholate chip cookies with almond flour and not add any sugar to the recipe– to just sweeten the cookies with the chocolate chips that I add. Although not perfect, I feel this is a good compromise.

    Laura wrote on September 19th, 2011
  3. I did well the first 5 days- ate with the plan, weeding out grains and other unnecessary carbs. This weekend, though, I went out with the family and succumbed to the temptation of fajitas.

    However, I woke up the next day feeling less than stellar, much worse than I have been while following the plan, so hopefully that will keep me off the junk from now on.

    Elle wrote on September 19th, 2011
    • Fajitas are one of our family staples, only now sans tortilla. Add a big ol’ scoop of guacamole and plenty of salsa and you’re set! And walk away from the rice and beans. And the sopapillas. And the margaritas. Sigh.

      Molly wrote on September 19th, 2011
  4. My struggle is with eating clean in professional situations. I’m over the food-temptation issue, but it can still be hard to find ways of avoiding non-primal foods while not coming across as a food elitist.

    I have an all-day meeting later this week where the issue will arise. My plan is to bring my own lunch and not mention it unless anyone asks. If someone does bring it up, I’ll offer a very brief explanation (focused on MY choice for MY health rather than the evils of what they’re eating) and leave it at that.

    BarbeyGirl wrote on September 19th, 2011
  5. My struggle has been trying to stick with the Primal Challenge while still hanging out with my friends and having fun in college. It is also difficult on the weekends I think because I’m not busy like I am during school days, and I tend to just have a lot more time to go out and make bad choices about my food, haha. Also, school kind of got pretty hectic and I didn’t manage to get anywhere near as much sleep as I wanted.

    So, I need to work on not procrastinating so that I get my work done so that I can sleep. And I also need to just make better choices when I got out with my friends.

    Theresa wrote on September 19th, 2011
  6. SPRINTING definitely. It’s better than chronic cardio by a long shot, but it’s still tough to kick myself into gear. Thankfully, my wife was there yesterday to make sure I didn’t slip and we did it. So far, so good…gotta keep it up though….

    Phil Bear wrote on September 19th, 2011
  7. My biggest struggle is eating around my husband. He has no interest in doing PB, and I try hard to just go about my business and not wave it in his face. However, he keeps buying the junk food that we used to share, and he insists on pizza whenever we watch football. It’s hard to resist the lure of foods that I associate with sharing time with him. For now my answer is to have PB friendly snacks available for me (and for him to try), and occasionally cave to a slice when necessary.

    amy wrote on September 19th, 2011
  8. Struggled with many deserts during my daughter’s birthday celebration because I didn’t have many good primal alternatives around. I plan on stocking up on some berries and nuts so when a craving to cheat comes along, I have a good alternative.

    ChadC wrote on September 19th, 2011
  9. I’m struggling with getting enough protein. I’ve never been a meat eater – never liked the taste or texture. Only in the last few years have I started liking eggs, poultry, and fish (and I still have to really motivate myself to eat those things!) I’m avoiding anything processed during this challenge, so that limits me from relying on whey protein powder. Therefore, I’m having a tough time getting the protein I should be…

    The plan to overcome? Well, my boyfriend promised me he could cook me a steak that I would like, so we’re supposed to be trying that tonight. I’m also going to try to stock up on some jerky (which I do actually like) and maybe some sugar-free bacon/sausage from US Wellness Meats. I’ve hesitated because of the cost, but hey – what’s more important? The money or my health? I’m hoping that these changes will help me overcome this struggle!

    Carrie wrote on September 19th, 2011
  10. The hardest part for be is avoiding things like pizza and doughnuts when EVERYONE else in the room is eating it and enjoying it. It’s such a struggle to see and smell this delicious food that everyone else in the room is enjoying yet avoid it. To overcome this, I will just think of this as an opportunity to intermittently fast, and reassure myself that just a few seconds of good tasting food isn’t worth sickness, lowered immune system, and derailing me from my primal goals!

    Zachary wrote on September 19th, 2011
  11. My struggle was a birthday celebration with my family. My mom brought cake for myself and my boyfriend. Although we’ve been primal for about a year now, it felt rude to say no.

    In the future, I’ll be more assertive with my nutritional beliefs. Might be a good idea to bring a more primal dessert for myself and others to enjoy.

    Ldubbs wrote on September 19th, 2011
  12. The main struggle is probably the affordability of grass-fed meat and organic produce. We have limited availability of both and they are exorbitantly expensive. I’ve been going as primal as I can but I won’t be able to follow the lifestyle as cleanly as I would like until prices go down or we make more money.

    sqt wrote on September 19th, 2011
  13. My biggest struggle is all the sugary temptation that is around my office. On day one of the challenge someone brought in a huge cake! I am dealing with this by telling all my coworkers that I am giving up sugary sweets. Telling others makes the decision seem more real.

    Melissa wrote on September 19th, 2011
  14. My struggle is with getting in the suggested number of lift heavy things workouts. It is not so much a function of having enough time, as it is balancing working out with working. I work with clients off and on throughout the day (physical work) — hands on work that involves lifting and moving people: lifting their head/leg/pelvis etc. If I am tired or sore from a strength training workout, I cannot lift people safely for me and with a sense of solidity, support, and safety for them. And many evenings (after work), I am otherwise engaged. Tis a puzzle how to balance these. I can work out on weekends….though that is when I tend to play or move slowly for a long time. Lifting heavy things tires me for my play too……

    Karen wrote on September 19th, 2011
  15. I tore my groin… I am going to make the best of it, and have been putting my best effort into recovering and doing the other things like diet, rest, no stress.

    Tyler wrote on September 19th, 2011
  16. The dietary aspect has been coming along pretty well but it’s the Primal fitness that I have to start putting into focus!!
    This week will be devoted to make sure I lift some heavy things and do my sprints!!!

    Eva wrote on September 19th, 2011
  17. my struggle this week has been carb flu (i think!) – I’ve overall felt great after starting to eat primally, but I’ve been really, really, really tired. Like no energy at all. So I haven’t kept up with the exercise portion… I’ve decided to just worry about the diet for the next couple of weeks.

    sara wrote on September 19th, 2011
  18. My biggest struggle is sleep!!! I am a mother of two, wife and full time college student. (My husband also goes to school full time.) Sometimes my only chance to do my own homework is after my two kids are in bed and I can concentrate. That doesn’t usually leave me with a full 8 hours to get in some shut-eye. But I am still trying! And I have also been indulging in a short naps in the afternoon when I can which really helps.

    I am very proud of how I ate this last weekend. I had a last minute invitation to a conference out of town. I had NO time to prepare any food to bring, and wouldn’t have been able to refrigerate it if I could. So I made the choice that if I couldn’t put good food in my body I would fast. My lunches consisted of picking out the lunch meat out of the pre-made sandwiches and skipping on pretty much everything else. I even sat through a dinner at Olive Garden (a real treat to be able to go to since we only have ONE in the entire STATE I live in (<3 Montana!)) I stared those breadsticks in the face, said no way, endured the weird glances of the ladies around me that I didn't know very well and ate my salad with pride.

    After the weekend away I did something I haven't done before and I — yes, me — initiated the whole family to go outside and exercise at the "green grass hill," as my kids call it. My husband is usually the go-outside-and-play guy. We did push ups, pull ups, body squats, ran and rolled down the grass hill and sprinted back up with our kids on our backs. What a great way to end the weekend.

    Jacey wrote on September 19th, 2011
  19. My struggle- getting to bed earlier. On the weekends we sleep in and I feel super refreshed. That’s how I should feel everyday. This week the plan is heading to bed 15 minutes earlier, then maybe next week it will be 30 minutes. Baby steps. :)

    Brooke wrote on September 19th, 2011
  20. My struggle has been to get more sleep. I somewhat stupidly over-extended myself this past weekend, and ended up getting a cold because of it. I am taking today off from a hard workout and going to bed early (at 8!!) instead.

    Celia wrote on September 19th, 2011
  21. My struggle…once I eat any kind of food, it’s hard to stop. This Paleo girl doesn’t get full. Neither do my kids! I filled up on fat last week, however, and am learning to at least be satisfied. It beats ALWAYS HUNGRY on carbs.

    Lisa wrote on September 19th, 2011
  22. My struggle is the fact that I am staying in a hotel and don’t have the tools to cook awesome meals…. yet. I’ve been eating out too much and thus have not been eating the best quality meats. This might change tonight when I move to a different hotel.

    Aloha from Hawaii!

    Primal Toad wrote on September 19th, 2011
  23. My challenge this week was taking out the diet soda! I’m pretty much 95-5, but the diet soda has been my vice! I tried to go cold turkey and realized real quick that that was a mistake! I got an awful headache and sometimes my head was swimming. I talked to a few people on the forum and got lots of suggestions. This week I’m going caffeine free – diet soda. And hopefully next week I can just take out the pop all together!

    Croí wrote on September 19th, 2011
  24. My struggle is resisting Chinese food that my mom makes me. She has been accommodating and now only makes me fish and vegetables but she likes experimenting with different Chinese desserts and it is so hard to reject being a guinea pig for her. When I’m at my parent’s house I have a constant urge to snack for some reason too. Solution: Don’t go home.

    Jasmina wrote on September 19th, 2011
  25. My biggest struggle with week 1 was getting in two LHT sessions. I have my bodyweight workout set and just need to remember to do it twice a week! The plan is to block out them time on my calendar and set an alarm to alert me.

    On a positive note, I spent the week adjusting my running schedule to allow for 2 of 3 sessions to be based on the freedom to walk or run, and follow any path I choose at the time. Definitely a lot more fun! Run/walking through the zoo and along the lakeshore makes it more play & stress management than just moving slowly to cover a distance! Sure is a heck of a lot more fun than jogging around a park trail 5 times, tracking pace and distance.

    Also, my nutrition has been 100% YAY!

    Nicole wrote on September 19th, 2011
  26. My challenge is getting enough sleep. I do pretty well in the nutrition department, and have been doing well with fitness lately too, but with 4 kids, getting enough sleep is sometimes just not possible. So my action plan is to focus intensively on getting the kids and I on a schedule so that bedtime becomes more of a routine and I get more sleep (probably won’t help the 2 month old much though)

    Katie (Wellness Mama) wrote on September 19th, 2011
  27. My struggle is that I have Lyme’s disease and while I know that exercise is good for me, it’s been tough due to fatigue. I used to exercise 5 to 6 days a week before I got sick. So if I don’t feel like exercising I think of how good I used to feel before this illness. I also think about how good I will feel once I am done exercising for the day.

    Kristina wrote on September 19th, 2011
    • Oooo sorry to hear about the Lyme, I know how you feel! Had that sucker twice. It will get better!

      Nicole wrote on September 19th, 2011
  28. It was tough to avoid all the free beer offered to me at the beach music festival my band played at over the weekend. I was, however, able to substitute that with delicious red wine!!

    Windsor Oaks Band wrote on September 19th, 2011
  29. Kicking the Cole zero habit is definitely the biggest struggle for me. I’ve been turning to green tea and sparkling water with lemon when cravings hit

    Mayanway wrote on September 19th, 2011
  30. My biggest struggle is going into a Mexican restaurant with friends and they bring that big basket of warm chips and salsa. I can do fine ordering Fajita’s without the tortilla’s or a taco salad and not eating the shell. But those dang chips call to me every time. I honestly am capable of eating every chip in that basket and have done so. What I have done recently is promise myself not to eat more than five chips. I went the other night and I am down to just 2 chips now. So I am slowly weaning myself away from them. Why do they have to be so good. :)

    Kevin wrote on September 19th, 2011
  31. This first week of the challenge I struggled with snacking. I was a big snacker before starting the challenge and the first couple of days were great because I really listened to my body, but towards the end of the week I was getting bored with the primal snacks I did have :( so I ate more chocolate than needed

    Julianne wrote on September 19th, 2011
  32. My only struggle is likely common and involves work/social functions with food, where the only offerings were sandwiches and pizza last week. I made the mistake of not eating properly beforehand last week. So, I plan to be better prepared this week!

    Nellie wrote on September 19th, 2011
  33. Things that have been tricky for me this week are sleep, traveling, energy levels and a body that needs time before I go lifting heavy things.

    I’ve been trying to get a good solid sleep going every night but the temptations of staying up late with friends (I’m visiting them) or using the internet (I’ve been mostly without it this summer) are sometimes keeping me up to late. I’ve had the opportunity to sleep in in the mornings until I wake up on my own which is nice but the schedule isn’t doing me any favors!

    The traveling and visiting various friends and not being completely in charge of my own food world as well as the foods offered while actually traveling (planes and ferries and so on) are rarely primal and I find myself caving in to sodas in particular.

    I’ve wanted to get out and move but I have also felt fairly low energy so being lazy has happened more than actually makes me feel good. But my body is trying to recover from my extremely physically busy summer, eating a straight up SAD diet for that whole time and the fact that I’m shuffling around, eating MUCH less, and of different foods.

    I want to go lift something but I’ve developed tendonitis in both elbows this summer from repeated heavy lifting at work and while it’s not super bad I just feel that my body needs a bit more time before I go to lifting on purpose!

    So my plan(s)?
    Try to shift my sleep to happening a bit earlier in the night and especially to not let the internet be my reason for being up to late. Friends are one thing but random prodding of the internet not so much. (not to mention all that melanin suppression from staring at the screen!
    Eat as well as I can and avoid the obvious things like soda, ice cream, and bread. Relax a bit about things like rice or salad dressing that has weird ingredients until I get home.
    Eat more to help bring my energy up and also accept that my body is in a state of healing and I don’t have to feel like a superhero right now.
    Get out a move! My dog is bored too so it’s time to go for a run even if I can only get 5 minutes out before I’m all done! Then we will walk. Walking I can do!
    And finally I’ll get to the lifting soon. It will come. But I need to listen to my body telling me to give it a bit of time first.

    Dang. That turned into a novel. I didn’t realize just how many things were being difficult until I wrote them down!

    Noctiluca wrote on September 19th, 2011
  34. My biggest struggle this week was planning a snack and a meal on a hiking trip. I made Primal Energy Bars for the first time, and they were a big hit! However, after the hike, we wanted a meal and ate at a local brew pub. I settled on a smoked turkey chili which contained some beans, and my husband ordered a burger and ate only half the bun. That’s progress.

    Denise wrote on September 19th, 2011
  35. My stuggle this week was tailgating the OSU/UM game. Although we had mountains of grilled chicken wings and steaks, it was very hard to resist the bowls of chips, cupcakes, cookies and the Hurricane Punch.

    jennifer wrote on September 19th, 2011
  36. apparently my biggest struggle is getting my comments to show on here :-/

    Mike Gager wrote on September 19th, 2011
  37. I am not struggling with giving up bread or potatoes; it is the sweets that i miss. I have rewarded myself with sweets for years, so giving it up is hard. I think I’m going to try some primal bread or primal almond pancakes once a week as a treat, until I can retrain my mind.
    In the fitness department, I am struggling because I have planter fasciitis. If I push too hard, it can get really painful. I’m working on massaging it and wearing my vibrams, but it is slow going. I think I will continue to go slow and maybe try to do sprints on a stationary bike.

    Claire EL wrote on September 19th, 2011
  38. My struggle has been the prevalence of non-primal appetizers at parties I’ve attended over the past two weeks. The last one I brought some raw pecans to much on, but I bet some primal meat snacks would help more!

    mike from chicago wrote on September 19th, 2011
  39. I have been struggling to give up oatmeal. I don’t know what it is, but a big bowl of oatmeal with blueberries and honey in the morning is just so comforting! Oh well, I guess it is bacon and eggs for me….

    Kristin wrote on September 19th, 2011
  40. My problem has been eating a healthy lunch. I do not have the capabilities where I work to cook a healthy lunch except for the microwave, and it has been hard to work around that for me. However me and my husband have started doubling what we cook for dinner to have leftovers the next day. We’ll see how that works out.

    Tori Kean wrote on September 19th, 2011

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