Contest: Share a Primal Recipe Link

The Prize:

What’s better than ghee? 100% organic ghee. And where do you find 100% organic ghee? Pure Indian Foods. According to PIF, they provide the only 100% organic ghee available in the market that has been made using the milk of pastured cows grazing on rapidly growing green grass in spring and fall only, when their milk is most nutritious. Pure Indian Foods will be sending one case (12 jars) of 7.8 oz. jars of Grassfed Organic Ghee (retail value over $130), and one Assorted Sampler Pack containing one 7.8 oz. jar of each of their six Herbal/Spice infused ghee flavors (retail value $89.95) to the lucky winner of this contest.

Check out Pure Indian Foods on Facebook and take advantage of this special offer: use discount code “ORGANIC-GHEE” when checking out and receive $5 off any order over $25. Valid until 9/30/2011.

The Contest:

Every Saturday I publish a Primal Blueprint recipe, but this Saturday is different. This Saturday I want you to point the Mark’s Daily Apple community to a delicious, must-try recipe you’ve found in the interwebs. In other words, include a link in the comment board below to a Primal meal you recommend. The link needs to be to another site, not MDA, and the recipe needs to be decidedly Primal; no vegetable oil fried wheat cakes topped with sugary sugar. Also, please include the name and/or a brief description of the dish.

Examples: – Paleo Beef Curry

and – How to Make Kombucha from Scratch

Feel free to link to your own blog if you’re a Primal foodie blogger.

By the end of this contest the comment board will be a resource for the community, with (hopefully!) hundreds of links to Primal bloggers around the world that are dishing out healthy meal ideas.

Note: All comments with links have to be manually approved by a moderator before they are published in the comment board. Your patience is appreciated.

The Deadline:

September 19, 10:00 a.m. PST. You’ve got the weekend to find and publish your favorite Primal recipe link in the comment board.

Who is Eligible:

Anyone in the world that knows how to copy and paste a Primal recipe link to a comment board.

How a Winner is Chosen:

A random drawing will be held among all entrants. Check back on Monday to see all the submissions!

To track all the contests visit the 2011 Primal Blueprint 30-Day Challenge Contest Page for daily updates.

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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    1. WOW!!! Thank you SO much- I was just this morning going to search for a primal granola- you made my day

    2. Ya beat me to it. I’ll have to come up with another recipe. This stuff is the bomb! I’ve made it many times & my husband will still eat it!(He’s picky sometimes)I’ve made it with macadamia nuts, pecans & coconut oil. The possibilities are endless. I’ve yet to try it with chocolate. It doesn’t need it.

    3. Yum! Cereal is the one thing my daughters miss sooo much since we’ve made the leap to this lifestyle. I can’t wait to surprise them with this some morning!

    1. My bread missing friend is so gonna love you for sharing this one! I don’t miss it so much, but she does. 😀

    2. I’ve made another one of her breads that uses less egg & no coconut flour. (grain-free sandwich bread) so nice to see one of her recipes without agave nectar & grapeseed oil!

  1. Curry Hot Pot

    found at (scroll down to the very bottom, its listed under ‘Other’.

    1 1/2 lbs boned chuck
    2 tbsp olive oil
    2 med. onions, sliced
    1 apple, peeled and cubed
    1 tbsp curry powder
    2 tomatoes, chopped
    1/4 cup raisins
    2 cups beef broth
    1/4 tsp pepper
    1 tbsp honey

    Cut chuck lengthwise into 1 1/2 inch strips and crosswise into thin slices.
    Brown in hot oil. Add onions, apple and curry, and sauté. Stir in the
    tomatoes, raisins, beef broth, pepper, and honey. Bring to a boil. Simmer,
    covered, for 40 minutes, or until the meat is tender.

    Fantastic curry, very fruity whilst being hearty. Goes great with some cauliflower rice.

    1. I’ve made this one, and I liked it! It was actually a little sweet for me, but it was great as breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

    1. When I went gluten free years ago I learned that cucumber slices and green peppers make excellent “vehicles” for all kinds of yummy things, like egg salad, tuna salad, lunchmeat…etc.

    1. I tried this recipe this morning — wonderful pancakes!! Thx for sharing.

  2. I make these a lot for what Nom Nom Paleo calls “emergency protein”:

    Except I swap around the meats by using 1lb grass-fed ground beef and 1lb of Italian chicken sausage. I also sub green chile powder for the red pepper flakes (my hubby is from New Mexico – if it has green chile, he’ll eat it!). I cook them up and store in the fridge. They are tasty cold when I need a little something, or great heated and topped with marinara when I have time for an actual meal.

    1. I’ve memorized this recipe and make it all the time, the anchovy paste really is necessary. If you have a good Italian grocer, win!

    1. Thank you so much April! Tom Yung soup is one of my favourites! especially in winter when feeling a bit under the weather, it makes me feel better (the chicken stock perhaps?) I love adding a ton of cabbage to mine. I never had a recipe before & always made a packaged version – so I’ve gone without for several years now. Thank you I’m gonna make this alot this winter…

  3. Here is an absolutely delicious recipe called: Brazilian Chicken with Coconut milk.

    A fantastic blend of South American spices and herbs mixed into a thick coconut milk based sauce and served over pan-seared chicken breast. Trust me, this is one of those recipes you will come back to many times! If you are really feeling primal, feel free to throw some quality grass-fed butter right into the sauce as well!

    1. As someone who is venturing into paleo after spending close to two years as a vegeterian (I know, I know…), this chicken recipe looks amazing and I can’t wait to try it! Thanks for posting!

    1. Curious: Do you remove the fat from the pot after browning the chicken, as the recipe calls for? I’d be tempted to leave it in…

    These bacon wrapped chicken livers are amazing!! I found them through I am a cook at a health food coop and I made these there to sell and I tell ya…they swayed even the “I-HATE-liver!-I will-never-eat-it” crowd. I literally saw some faces light up!! I am always looking for was to use the offal, because usually it gets thrown away (SHAMEFUL, I know) and I hate to see any animal food tossed. I have tried things in the past that I thought were great, (however, I like liver; I grew up eating offal) but NO GO for most folks. These babies went quick!! I will definitely make these again. I actually got a “request” from a customer to make them
    again!! I did use a local brand of BBQ sauce that’s really “clean”. You’ll have to find or make one on your own. I think I will make these for dinner tonight! Yum.

    1. In the recipe for these livers, just click on the ingredient “maple barbecue sauce” and it will take you to the recipe for the sauce.

    1. I found where they talk about this soup, but could not find the recipe. It sounds good, too. I was gonna try it.

    1. I LOVE keema. I LOVE sweet potato. Never thought of putting them together in an omelet before. Sounds gorgeous! Of course… this means I need to make enough keema that we have leftovers. A rarity in our house!

  5. Hey everybody, I am a french follower of MDA, and I’d say you’d be surprised to see how many traditional french recipes are actually primal, or very close to it.
    So my suggestions for today’s contest is a traditional recipe from my home region:
    not sure if a kidgoat is something easy to get on the other side of the atlantic, but I highly recommend it, especially if it she´s been fed 100% with her grassfed mumy’s milk. (my neighbor is a goatherd which helps).
    Here it goes:
    however this recipe says to serve with potatoes which is kind of wrong and not even that traditional, the traditional recipe which goes with it is actually the awesome green paté “Farci Poitevin” which is a hell of a primal recipe ( just skip the unnecessay 2 spoonfulls of flour), full of fany greens and fat.

    bon appetit!

    1. I noticed this about French cooking recently myself! I just checked out several books on french cuisine from the library. 🙂

      1. I love French cuisine, everything is all creamy and buttery, and its easy to substitute traditional breadcrumbs in breading (which is quite popular) with ground almonds or dessicated coconut, so bon appetit 🙂


    Margarita Pork Chops! I love this one! It was recently posted on a site I visit OFTEN, Purely Primal: Cooking with the Good Stuff. I like to sneak in primal meals when I cook for friends, just to show them how awesome the food is. My husband, father-in-law, and good buddy LOVED this one. But then again, they call pork “vitamin P”…so I’m pretty sure they would have liked anything with pork.

  7. Braised beef short ribs with cabbage. I have made this recipe several times and it is so easy and so delicious. Just switch the veggie oil for olive or coconut.

  8. This one is from Sarah Fragoso–quick, very easy and delicious. She suggests you pressure cook the sweet potatoes but since I don’t have a pressure cooker and I love mashed sweet potatoes, I buy a huge bag every week and bake them in aluminum foil ahead of time for about an hour at 425. I add heavy cream, Kerrygold grassfed butter and cinnamon to my mashed sweet potatoes.

  9. Meffins (egg and sausage muffins) from Breakfast article in Weston Price journal. Article here:

    Recipe is about 3/4 way down page. Article a good read — everything recommended not completely primal, though this recipe is. For your convenience, here is it:


    Makes about 1 dozen

    1 pound ground pastured pork (other ground meats work too)
    12 pastured eggs, beaten Salt and pepper to taste
    about 1 cup cheese, shredded or crumbled
    1 cup cottage cheese
    1 cup chopped veggies of choice (onion, garlic, peppers, carrots, green onions, are all good)
    Herbs and spices of choice (sage, thyme, rosemary, garlic powder, onion, powder, chili powder, etc.)

    Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease 12 muffin cups. Brown sausage in skillet on medium heat and transfer to bowl. Use the leftover grease to sauté chopped veggies (adding extra fat if necessary; butter, ghee, coconut oil, lard or tallow). In a large bowl, beat eggs then add sausage, cottage cheese, sautéed veggies, onion, garlic powder, salt, pepper and other herbs or spices of your choosing. Spoon approximately 1/4 cup of egg/sausage/veggie mixture into each muffin cup, sprinkle with cheese and cook between 15 to 20 minutes, until egg has set.

  10. I invented this for those who handle dairy:

    Primal Berry Pudding Pie

    1/2 cup Greek or drained full fat yogurt (cultured!)
    2 tbl sour cream (fermented!)
    1/2 cup berries (frozen raspberries are cheaper and work great)
    1/4 cup chopped walnuts

    Mix it all together (or spoon the rest over the walnuts) and let sit for 10 minutes. It’s a fantastic dessert or lunch without any sweetener.

  11. – Paleo Granola recipe

    Just made this (though a bit differently) for a food swap today! And GUESS WHAT?! Instead of coconut oil, I actually used GHEE – how perfect! It was really, really delicious and I think the ghee gave it a richer taste than the coconut oil actually. Here are the ingredients I ended up using:

    -dried unsweetened coconut
    -sliced almonds (they give a really great cereal texture)
    -sesame seeds
    -TINY bit of honey
    -vanilla extract

    Sooooooo good – and now I get to share it with people who aren’t Paleo but this granola tastes 10x better than the oat crap anyway!

    Enjoy 🙂

    1. I’ve been coffee free since starting the ‘challenge’ ’cause I don’t want to do dairy. No dairy, nasty coffee. But I miss my coffee. I’ll try your recipe and see if I can tolerate coffee without sugar and cream. Thank you!!

      1. I didn’t have any dates on hand to make date syrup so I made an unsweetened version of this. Since I’ve been drinking my coffee black, I didn’t mind the missing sweetness. It was super spicy and delicious.

  12. We’ve been making our own sauerkraut. It’s easy to do and is awesome because it’s always there if you haven’t planned a veggie to go with your protein for a given meal. If you’re at all dubious about making this, I recommend checking out the book Wild Fermentation from the library – the one with the DVD. The DVD is a workshop of him making sauerkraut and answered a lot of the questions I had.

    Liver, Mango and green onion salad (maybe the best summer salad ever).

    Well, this is from my blog, which is in Hebrew, but for you, all non-Hebrew speakers, here’s a quick link to Google’s auto translate service (not perfect but you’ll get the idea)

  14. My absolute favorite recipe since embracing a Primal diet is Paleo Pad Thai from Health-Bent:

    I’ve made the “noodles” out of zucchini as recommended, out of spaghetti squash, out of cabbage, carrots, bell peppers, and all kinds of summer squashes. The more, the merrier! I usually make the recipe with shrimp instead of duck (because I alway have a big supply of frozen shrimp). It is SO good.


    Grain free artichoke sun-dried tomato stuffing. This uses a grain-free bread to make the “croutons” the stuffing is then made from. I LOVE this stuffing, which my mother-in-law makes with sourdough bread, but took it and primal-ized it.

    My husband said he might even like the grain-free version better than the one he grew up with, so I count that as a win.

    Totally craving this right now…

  16. Nothing say Primal like Dulse. Its a seaweed that grows where I grew up – Atlantic Canada. I look forward to going home during the right tides to snag myself as much of this treat as I can fit in my suitcase. I don’t care if all my clothes smell like the ocean.

    Good dulse is purple when dried and has a slightly sweet taste that you really appreciate when living a no sugar added lifestyle. Those not brought up with it are best to introduce it as flakes and work up to munching on the leaves but primal people I think are more adventerous and might go right for the full leaf.

    Taken from

    Avocado Dulse Dip

    1 large avocado, mashed
    2 tsp dulse flakes
    1-2 tbsp finely chopped red onion
    4 cloves garlic
    2 tbsp lemon juice
    salt and cayenne pepper to taste

    Combine ingredients and mix well. Let sit refrigerated for at least an hour to let the taste of the seasonings fully emerge.

    Garden Salad with Dulse and Walnuts
    2 large handfuls arugula or other salad greens
    1/2 cup dulse fronds, picked over and torn into bite-size pieces, or 1/4 cup dulse flakes
    Sea salt to taste
    2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
    2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice
    Freshly ground black pepper to taste
    1/4 cup roasted walnut halves
    Arugula blossoms for garnish (optional)

    Place the arugula and dulse in a salad bowl and toss with salt. Drizzle on the oil and toss again. Add the lemon juice and pepper and give a final toss. Taste and adjust the seasonings. Garnish with walnuts and arugula blossoms if using. Serve immediately.

    1. I second this! This is soooo tasty! It’s a regular in my house now.

    1. Sorry, this was supposed to say that we don’t even BOTHER with the pesto…

    1. Oh, thanks for that one! Getting a quick breakfast for my husband has been a challenge and these can be made in advance and zapped. Getting him to fully accept primal has been a challenge, but now I can use his love of chorizo to tempt him into my cave a little further. ;o)

      I’ve spent all afternoon bookmarking exceptional recipes! Good job, guys!


    I made it up myself, it’s basically a savory steak, cut up and swimming in a creamy tomato sauce with your choice of soft or crunchy veggies topped with delicious Greek Feta cheese…
    Hope you try it, in my opinion, it is the best!


    This is a video and written instructions on how to make COCONUT MILK from packaged dried unsweetened shredded coconut.

    There are various recipes on the web. This is a basic one to start with. I eventually made a simple cone shaped filter bag out of no-see-um fabric (used for tent windows me thinks) that works really well.

    1. These are so good. Still more sugar on the candied ginger than I would like, but I’m definitely going to make them instead of gingerbread (with flour and Crisco – I can’t believe I used to do that) for the holidays.

  19. someone else may have put this up too… but I had to add another ‘vote’ for it. I think this bread is saving my relationship. Since we are both going gluten-free and I am transitioning more and more to Paleo… (not sure I can get him to give up rice, made the switch to brown rice.) This recipe allows me to quit buying Udi’s (the best GF bread we found). Plus, he says he likes it better than Udi’s. And all you need to do is throw some bacon and a fried egg on a couple slices and you have one excellent sandwich.


    Lamb’s tongues, turnips, and bacon

    If that doesn’t get your attention and your appetite then I don’t know what to tell you. Tender tongue, salty bacon, caramelized shallots, and turnips to soak up all the goodness. This makes a soothing and lovely fall or winter soup. The Nose to Tail cookbook isn’t 100% primal but it is a great ‘odd parts’ cookbook.

    1. I should add that THIS recipe is totally primal–there are other recipes in the book that have grains or beans in them, but on the whole this book is about cooking with animal fats and featuring rather than hiding organ meats and other odd cuts.

    2. Thanks for sharing this! We are soon getting a couple of pastured lambs and I was wondering what to do with the tongue!

  21. Cashew Nut Butter Chicken.

    THIS recipe does call for ghee which is completely appropriate given today’s sumptuous prize. I haven’t tried it yet (and I think I’d not cook the cashews for 40 looong minutes)but I’m definitely printing it out so I don’t forget it. Easy to do with all these links!

    Great idea, Mark!

  22. Key Lime Chicken Breasts

    Being a college student, a skillet and a stove top are all that I have to really cook with most of the time. Chicken breasts + herbs/spices/extra virgin olive oil are pretty much my staple foods, due to how economical and great-tasting they are.

    1. I’ve made this one, and it’s delicious! I’ve also tried it with different squashes, and that I didn’t find as impressive for some reason.

  23. Homemade roast beef – made with nothing but salt, pepper, olive oil, and love.
    I cook this and freeze it, and depending on how much I’ve trained and walked during the day, I will eat up to 2 pounds at dinner. If I eat Boar’s head “organic” grain fed deli roast beef, it would cost me 11 bucks a pound; homemade roast beef from grass fed cattle never costs me over 5 dollars a pound.

    1. They add onion powder and garlic powder in this recipe but you could feasibly make this however you’d like with whatever spices. I like mine spiceless so I can taste the meaty flavour – this comes from a former vegetarian 😉

  24. A fall/winter staple at our house is Beef Carbonnade – Belgian beef stew with beef, beer and onions. We’ve slightly adapted this recipe, from Cook’s Illustrated originally, to be fully primal – just use arrowroot instead of all-purpose wheat flour to thicken, and use a healthy fat of your choice in place of the vegetable oil (ghee, coconut oil, lard, whatever!). If you can’t have gluten (I can’t), sub red wine for the beer. Serve by itself or with cauli mashed potatoes.

  25. I began my search with “grain free recipes” (seemed logical enough) and came up with this yummy-sounding dish:

    In the process, I learned about Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) and the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD). I don’t have any known gut diseases (myself or in my family), but I totally agree that what we eat affects both our gut health (I’m sure mine needs improvement) and mental health (probably could use some help there, as well), so surely the information available on this topic is worth checking into (even if I don’t have any symptoms of disease – as a prevention measure).

    The recommended diet seems very much inline with primal / paleo / ancestral, so I’m interested in learning more. 🙂

    1. SCD for sure is very much in line with primal / paleo / ancestral diets. I started following the SCD in Jan 2010 for IBS. It was someone on the SCD Facebook group that pointed me to this website 2 months ago. It was nice to find another big community of people eating the same way I do! And MORE RECIPES that I don’t have to convert. Yay! 🙂

  26. Here is one of my old recipes. For those who still want to have “pasta” once in a while. It is working perfect in my primal diet. This one is a mix of fats and bright colored vegetables.


    This is a spanish tortilla recipe. At first, I admit, I was not sure if this would be good or if I could successfully cook it. I tried it and it was AMAZING!!! This was a recipe that really showed me that you can have wonderfully tasting foods on the paleo diet. You just have to be open and creative. And I have Sara from everyday paleo to thank for helping me learn how to cook. Her recipes are amazing!

  28. Ugg I got beat to the punch. At least I know im not the only cheese crisp lover out here winencandy.

  29. This was the recipe that allowed me to convince my mom to give paleo a try at least. Still a long way to go, but well, Southern ladies need their grits and this showed her that anything is possible “even with paleo”.

    It’s also great because since I’m living in Japan and ovens are rare to have at home, the more recipes without needing ovens the better!

    Paleo Grits from the upcoming Paleo Comfort Foods book (the recipes is from a “sneak peek” of the book.

    1. Thanks Lauren, I’m making that tonight! I have fresh Rosemary from the garden.


    Egg cupcakes are a fantastic and easy start to the day! You can get ready for work or working out while they bake!

  31. The wonderful FREE Cattail. Shows you how to collect, clean and fix Cattail Root. I have collected young Cattail during the spring and eaten them raw on salad. VERY good. This link will tell you how to cook them so they are like “mashed potatoes” and also slice and FRIED like fried potatoes. Hope you all give mucking around for Cattails a try.

  32. Ground Lamb and sweet potato sheppards pie, made this several times. It’s easy to experiment with various spices if you wish. It’s also inexpensive and feeds a family of four for at least 2 dinners. In the context of the volume of the overall recipe, this calls for a very small amount of flour (2 TBSP) to thicken things up a bit. I usually omit the flour and and a bit less stock and it still tastes great.

  33. Spicy Grilled Elk Burgers (with paleo modifications):

    I buy chipotle peppers fresh or canned in water, then make the adobo sauce myself (tomato paste, cumin, chile pepper, turmeric, olive oil, salt); ketchup is either homemade or just extra tomato paste; and of course, no hamburger buns.

    Delicious — spicy and slightly sweet!

  34. It’s hard to make a bad crab cake because if all else fails, you can just eat the lump crab straight from the container. There are a lot of good crab cake recipes out there but this is the first one I’ve found that tastes just like the ones we used to get back in the day at Lexington Market in Baltimore. How appropriate that the recipe is called “Maryland Crab Cakes – The Real Ones”

  35. Well, I don’t have my own website, but I regularly post my recipes on MDA’s forum because I absolutely love cooking. I have my own personal “Food Porn” thread on the forums, but since I can’t link to MDA, I copied and pasted my recipe from my Food Porn thread to another forum. It’s a recipe for Braised BBQ’d Beef Short Ribs.

    They’re pretty good and they’re 100% Paleo/Primal. If anyone’s interested in checking out my Food Porn thread for some other ideas, give this link a look:

    The ribs are on Page 11.

  36. I started my primal recipe trek right here…which sent me to lots of primal food links…like and of course George at his site will make U want to climb thru the screen then there’s they R a recipe sharing site so there’s always lots of goodies….BUT i also like to think outside the box & forage thru the Internet for Really Good Chef’s who believe in local & sustainable cooking like Tom Kitchen a Scottish chef his site is gourmet, but simple ingredients. There’s some dishes that don’t conform to Primal, but things like R right on the money. Primals interested in offal could find lots of great recipes. I am doing the Challenge and am having so much fun trying a lot of new dishes.

  37. DANG!!! It could be a primal challenge in and of itself to cook up all this stuff!
    I might just try it…

  38. We eat a lot of Asian cuisine in our house and these are a couple of our favorite. So delicious, we don’t even miss the rice!

    Sweet and Sour Salmon Masala. The rich, spicy and fruity flavors found in this dish are common in South Indian cuisine.

    Mixed Seafood Red Curry. This creamy, red curry is a gorgeous adaption of my basic Thai Coconut Curry recipe.

    (By the way… this quick post has taken me over an hour… I had to stop and visit all the other recipes along the way. Keep them coming!)

  39. Spaghetti squash is almost in season! I encourage everyone to try it with some marinara or similar sauce. So delish!

    1. I truly do not like spaghetti squash. Ever tried making pasta with slightly dried zucchini strips? Put a hot topping on them and they kinda cook themselves, too perfect.

      1. Try Spaghetti Squash with Basil Pesto! 1 box frozen spinach drained & squeezed, 1/2 c grated parm, 1/2 c olive oil, 1/3 c fresh basil leaves (or more!), 1/4 cup pine nuts, S&P,1/4 tsp ground anise seed (optional) – put it all in a food processor and blend away! Scrape sides of bowl after 30 seconds and process a bit more adding more EVOO if you want, to desired consistency. This stuff will literally melt over your hot spaghetti squash! Enjoy!


    The hardest thing for me to give up was the sugary sweet desserts. I found this recipe and have modified it slightly. My wife and I doubled the ingredients for the crust as suggested, but also add cinnamon and coconut to the almond meal crust.

    For our “sugar” we have tried many things. Of course the more traditional tasting cheesecake requires sweetener, but we fell in love with our berry blend. We just threw a bunch of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and a few blueberries into the blender. If your berries are not ripe, add water 1 tsp at a time until the fruit is blended smooth and add to the “batter”

    Also, to make it a “real” dessert, we made a ganache….just chop up your favorite high quality dark chocolate. Heat cream until hot (not boiling– you can use the microwave, but I don’t think grok had one)pour 1/2 of the cream onto the chopped chocolate and stir…add additional cream to make sure all the chocolate is melted, but it should not be too liquidy. After the cheesecake is cool, dump on the chocolate and smooth with spoon, and refrigerate….yum.

  41. Mmmm gheeee (:
    (you have to scroll a bit to find this one among the other cabbage recipes, so I pasted it here; it’s SO good!! I loved having it with a cheese omelette for breakfast (: I left out the sugar because it’s totally not necessary, and I also think I used some chicken broth instead of the wine.)

    Braised Red Cabbage

    1 red cabbage, sliced
    3 onions, sliced thinly
    2 tbsp. butter
    4 apples, peeled, cored and sliced
    4 whole cloves
    1/2 c. red wine vinegar
    1/2 bottle dry red wine
    1/2 tsp. sugar
    Dash salt

    Melt butter in large saucepan. SautÈ onions, then add cabbage, apples, sugar and salt, cloves. Mix well . Add vinegar and wine. Cover and cook over low heat until cabbage is soft and liquid has absorbed, stirring occasionally (approximately 1 1/2 hours). Serve with pork or chicken.

  42. It’s time for melons around here and there’s nothing better than a really fragrant melon for dinner, with tomatoes, olives and tarragon. Or with salt, basil and prosciutto. For the sweet-toothed, you can amend the second recipe for dessert as follows: cantaloupe with salt, olive oil and torn spearmint leaves. Use a little bit of a large-crystal, flaky salt such as Maldon’s or Fleur de sel. Table salt or kosher will not work.
    (For the last recipe on that page you’d have sub kelp or konnyaku noodles, though I haven’t checked whether either of those are primal)


    I have had this tilapia with mango salsa 3 times in the past month, and it is awesome. I actually just mix the marinade ingredients, heated on the stove just a bit, and pour them over all my tilapia filets, each of which is in its own little aluminum foil boat. I close down the foil and stick them all in the oven, and when they come out, I will pour the extra sauce from within the foil packets over whichever steamed vegetable I’ve decided to throw on the plate with this, whether broccoli/cauliflower, asparagus, or whatever tickles the fancy at the time 🙂 I have also substituted butter in place of the oil on the fish “marinade,” for a different taste, and it was just as awesome.

  44. This Steak Ceviche is incredible! Although the video does not show amounts of what to put in, I just eye-bald it and it turned out great!

  45. I started up a blog which is more of a clearinghouse for my own parenting thoughts than an actual Paleo blog, but a while back I threw together an egg bake for supper that went over really well with the whole family so I wrote it down on my blog, along with some ideas on how to customize it. My recipes are more like guidelines, really, but hopefully there’s enough direction in there to be useful.

    1. Oh, and skip the part about discarding the fat. Serve it with a salad or roasted veggies instead of polenta or mashed potatoes.

    2. love love love pioneer woman, and many things she makes can be made paleo

    1. That was my first Primal baking success- that cake is fantastic!! The icing was kind of a fail for me, though. lol

  46. Thai Curry Coconut Curry Stew (about half way down the page);jsessionid=216D209F5C35E2729AAF8CF438AC93AB.hydra?id=1498939&pageNo=4

    A favorite I come back to time and again, particularly in winter. A stewy blend of chicken, curry, coconut milk, veggies and peanut butter (great without peanut butter for a change of pace as well). Hearty enough that spooning over a bed isn’t really needed, but when I do, I choose riced cauliflower.


    One of my all-time favorites from Sarah Fragoso’s website. I have a few recipes I’ve created too, such as Thai Red Curry Marinated Chicken Breasts with Asian Slaw, but I don’t have them published on the web so I have no links to provide. I’m always willing to share recipes I make, though, so feel free to message me if interested.

    1. I can’t wait to get a grill! This is gonna be the first recipe I make when I do! It looks soo good.


    This is for Puerto Rican Pernil (pork shoulder)

    Its not from a primal or paleo web site but it deff fits into both.
    Since my father is PR, and we always had this stuff on the holidays and such I always make sure to bring back a special like this once every month or so. NOT TO MENTIon that you can do amazing things with the left overs like this..
    I would just sub the veg oil for any other oil you would like thats friendly on your plan ( even bacon fat NUM YUMMY! )

    Dont worry if you are not use to eating puerto rican food, this is a good choice to start.

  49. Carrot C –

  50. I loved the chicken livers my mom made when I was a kid. Of course, she made them in wheat flour and shortening! I modified her recipe the other night and they smelled and tasted just as good as I remember. Two bonuses: they were cheap, and my 6-year old liked them!

    Chicken Livers

    1. AAnd of course those steroids are primal in some magical way

  51. We went a bit overboard on trying new recipes this weekend….

    My kids loved it all:
    Curried Meatballs from Everyday Paleo (
    Italian Sausage Meatballs from Mark’s Daily Apple (
    Fruit N’ Nut Bars from Everyday Paleo (
    Pumpkin Spice Cakes from The Food Lovers’ Primal Palate (

    My husband and I have been eating primal for a month-ish now, but I’m really trying to get the kids to understand how important the things we put in our bodies are. They’ve been helping in the kitchen, and we’ve even made a plan to go visit the local farm where we’ve been buying our meat. Next step is to start packing their lunches for school. The school lunch menu is decidedly neolithic.

  52. Delicious brownie recipe –

    Has a bit of honey but I found I can use half what the recipe calls for and they are still really tasty! Even my non-paleo friends gobble them up and request the recipe 🙂

  53. This is my absolute favorite brand of ghee. You can eat it by spoonfulls right out of the jar. It has ana wesome caramel flavor to it which always seems to be hard to get when I try to make ghee myself.

  54. Meatballs with Egg inside (Beef-Egg Pakora)

    I think I have a winner.
    I came across this recipe on a tip of my friend who knows how much I LOVE Indian food. One of my favorite snacks/appetizers popular in Indian restaurants is Egg Pakora(Egg Bhajji), but since it has a hefty coating of breading around it, my friend suggested to check out this recipe that substitutes deep-fried graham flour breading with GROUND BEEF.
    Try it out. It’s to die for.

  55. Pressure Cooker Primal Chicken Curry:

    1/4 cup ghee
    2 small onions, chopped
    2 tomatoes, cubed
    1 green bell pepper, chopped and seeds removed
    1 head cauliflower
    3 cloves garlic, crushed
    1/2″ ginger root, crushed
    1 tbs garam masala
    1 tbs turmeric
    1 tbs hot chili powder
    1 tbs indian mango pickle or relish pickle (hot)
    1/2 tbs salt (or to taste)
    2 cups water
    1 lb chicken legs (or any other chicken cut. I prefer bones and skin because it makes the curry thicker.)

    Chop the cauliflower to the desired size and cook using the desired method (I like using the microwave).

    In the base of a pressure cooker with the lid off, heat 1/4 cup of ghee. Add chopped onions to the ghee and allow them to cook until they are translucent, then add the chopped pepper and allow to soften. Set aside onions and pepper. Brown the chicken in the ghee on all sides, and add back in the pepper and onions. Add in the tomatoes, garlic, ginger, and the rest of the spices. Pour the 2 cups of water over the ingredients and stir. Place the lid on the pressure cooker, and allow to come to pressure. Once at pressure, allow to cook for 12 (firm) to 18 (fall off the bone) minutes. Serve over cauliflower. Enjoy!

    *Note: this recipe, like most fragrant foods, is better the second day!

  56. Braided Beef with Anchovies and Olives –

    I backpacked South America for 2 months and Argentina was a gastronomic delight! Patagonian lamb and grass-fed steaks bigger than my head (800g so almost 2 pounds a serving! or all you can eat meat buffet!)

    I also discovered an amazing restaurant (1884) and promptly purchased his book: 7 fires. Not everything in there is primal but the concept certainly is: mastery of fire to cook simple food with a strong focus on meat.

    I highly recommend it.

  57. Spicy-Stuffed Peppers:

    A spicy ground turkey mix with cauliflower rice in place of regular rice. Also inside are sauteed onions, tomato and garlic. These stuffed peppers are versatile enough to be a hearty dinner for two, a kickin’ appetizer, or a buffet style entree. However you present them, they are sure to please and will have your friends begging for the recipe.


    My blog is, and almost everything on it is Primal – this is my way of showing others how we eat (and let me tell you, we eat good)! Some of the recipes are based off MDA inspirations, but this one in particular is my own creation. I had coffee spiced lamb at a restaurant once and tried to recreate it primally at home!

    Also…the cupcake recipes are gluten free, do use unrefined sugar, and are as Primal as possible! Enjoy!

  59. I love living primally. These new recipes all look good to me. I am always looking for ways to incorporate healthy food into new recipes.

  60. This web site is the model of value for time spent reading it, regardless of the message. I appreciate the effort it must take and I think other folks wishing to leverage the web for something actually useful could take a lesson from it. Thanks.

  61. Are there any decent Primal substitutes for noodles? I’m dying over here.

  62. Dave – zucchini sliced thin using a vegetable peeler for fettuccine or a knife for lasagna noodles or julienned, sliced cabbage works, spaghetti squash subs for spaghetti, cauliflower and broccoli stem can be sliced using a vegetable peeler as well for fettuccine, cauliflower grated is a great sub for rice – steamed cauliflower purée is an excellent sub for mashed potatoes. I am sure there are tons more, but it’s early, and I’m on my first cup of coffee so hopefully that’s enough to get you started.

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