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Contest Results: Show Your Primal Dish

A few weeks ago I asked you to share the best Primal recipe you’ve found on the internet [1] outside of Mark’s Daily Apple. There were over 600 submissions!

A few days later I held a contest [2] asking you to pick one of the recipes in that comment board [3], whip it together at home, snap a picture of it and email me the photo. Here are the results of that contest; 100 pics of Primal dishes from MDA readers around the world.

And the winner, by way of random drawing is…

Jennifer E.!

Jennifer made the butternut squash soup (from Balanced Bites [4] (page 5 of the comments)) with “meffins”. Jennifer’s meffins were a combination of three recipe ideas, two of which were submitted in the “share a recipe” comment board: WAPF – Morning Nourishment [5] (page 3 of the comments) and Bacon Wrapped Eggs [6] (page 4 of the comments).

As Jennifer said in the email she sent me, “I don’t like ‘fried’ eggs, so I made the Zucchini Egg Bake recipe from PBCB [7] and put that in the bacon-lined muffin pans.”

Congrats, Jennifer!

The contest is now over but I encourage everyone to use this comment board [8] for recipe ideas. There are some real gems in there. Grok on! [9]