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Contest Results: Meet a Farmer

It turns out that when I announced the “Meet a Farmer” contest [1] and encouraged people to make a connection with their local food suppliers I overlooked the fact that many of the farmers themselves read Mark’s Daily Apple. So whether you took a picture of yourself and sent it in, or made the pilgrimage to a local farm or your town’s farmers’ market to grab a photo, you were entered to win the Primal prize.

Thanks to everyone that submitted a photo. I hope the experience was well worth the effort whether you won this contest or not. Speaking of…

The winner of this contest, chosen randomly, is MDA reader Luigi. Luigi is the one who snapped a photo with his free-range egg supplier, Tricia (the blonde woman with the bird).

The contest may be over but you can still meet and greet your local food suppliers. Make the effort if you haven’t already. I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.