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Contest: Primal Iron Chef

The Prize:

A Vitamix! That’s right, a $500 blender.  I’ve had one of these for over ten years now, and the things hold up. Want to make your own salsa? Almond butter? Puree some veggies? Or maybe you just like to drink your steak. The Vitamix will liquefy pretty much anything. It’s the Bugatti of the blending world. Courtesy of Gail Goodwin from Inspire Me Today [1], the winner will receive a Vitamix Blender [2].

In addition to the blender, the winning entry will also be featured as Saturday’s blog post right here on MDA.

The Contest:

Cue the dramatic music, take a bite of your favorite vegetable, steel your fiery gaze at the audience, because it’s time to play Iron Chef: Primal Edition!!! (hold for applause). Reader Nate [3] came up with the idea for this one. For anyone not familiar with the popular Japanese import cooking show, chefs are tasked with creating an assortment of dishes that all include one secret ingredient. For the MDA version…

  1. Create a recipe using the secret ingredient.
  2. Write a step-by-step walk-through describing how to make the recipe in 1000 words or less.
  3. Include pictures of the finished recipe as well as pictures showing the process.

SECRET INGREDIENT: COCONUT. In whatever form [4] you choose.


For examples of how to do it, look at any recipe on my site. Here they all are: Primal Blueprint Recipes [5].

Another feature of Iron Chef is the short time limit. You do have more than a hour to complete this one, but it’s still a time crunch as all entries need to be emailed to me [6] by midnight this Thursday. Due to the short time limit, I’m not anticipating many entries for this competition, which means if you do enter, you may be competing against only a handful of people for one of the better prizes. If you’re a blogger, this is a great opportunity to get a little exposure (and, of course, a blender). Once your submission is ready, email it to me with the subject heading “Iron Chef Submission.” IMPORTANT: Only original material created for the purposes of this contest will be counted. No previously published blog posts, folks.

Winner will be decided by me. The winning recipe will be featured on MDA this coming Saturday.

The Deadline:

September 30th, midnight PST. Only four days!

Who is Eligible:


Fine Print:

MDA reserves the right to publish and/or edit any submission.