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Contest Poll: Primal Blueprint Recipe Videos

It’s time for you to decide another winner! At the start of this 30-Day Challenge [1] I put out a call for Primal Blueprint Recipe Videos [2]. MDA readers got right to work. As a result, YouTube has never seen better looking food.

As you might imagine, my crew and I had a tough time narrowing the field. We lost nights of sleep, shed many tears and cursed our duty of having to eliminate so many great videos from the running. And in the end we held a blind vote. To everyone that didn’t make the cut, many thanks from myself and (yes, I’ll take the liberty) the MDA community for your contributions.

Before the vote, a recap of what’s at stake:

The Prize:

A Sous Vide Sous Vide Supreme [3] and a Vacuum Sealer [4] courtesy of Dr. Michael Eades [5].

Alaskan SalmonAlaskan wild-caught sockeye salmon [6], courtesy of The Wild Alaskan Salmon Company [7].

Beef JerkyChef’s Choice starter pack of grass fed beef jerky [8], courtesy of Slant Shack Jerky [9].

Coconut Flour2 lb bag of coconut flour [10], courtesy of Tropical Traditions [11].

The Sous Vide Supreme, the Vacuum Sealer, the Alaskan Salmon, the Grass Fed Jerky, and a bag of coconut. Who receives this Primal prize package is up to you. Watch the videos below and then make your vote count.

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.