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Contest: Fiddle About

The Prize:

Yes, I dare you to find another website that holds a contest to win vegetables. But these aren’t just any veggies. They are fiddlehead greens [1], the Rolls Royce of the vegetable world. Fiddleheads are only available for a small window in April and May, and even as such, you’d have to beat the other foodies and sous chefs to the market to snatch them up before they disappear. So I found the next best thing. Today’s winner will receive an entire case of frozen fiddlehead greens courtesy of Norcliff Farms [2]. Norcliff is the largest fiddlehead green grower in the world; when it comes to these greens, you can bet they aren’t fiddling about (pun absolutely intended, absolutely). For a little more info on these curled beauties, read my post, “On the Trail of the Elusive Fiddlehead [3].” And here’s a recipe for fiddleheads with bacon [4], the Rolls Royce of the pork world.

The Contest:

Today’s contest is easy to enter, hard to master. I’ll be running three more posts today. All are the results posts of challenge contests from earlier in the month. To win the fiddleheads, leave a thoughtful comment on one of the next three posts today:

To reiterate, you can’t win by commenting on this post, you need to comment on one of the next three posts. And when I say “thoughtful,” I mean you should leave a comment about the post. The person who says “I want to win the fiddleheads!” won’t cut it. Bonus points awarded for the wittiest, funniest or most thought provoking comments. A winner will be chosen at random among all eligible contestants. Grok on!

The Deadline:

Midnight, tonight!

Who is Eligible:

Because these are consumable, only US residents can win. A substitute prize of equal value will be awarded in the case of an international winner.