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Contest: Caption This, Win Oils

The Prize:

There’s a little shop in Denver that sells some of the finest olive oils on the country. EVOO Marketplace [1] is offering a gift basket of two top shelf olive oils and two balsamic vinegars [2] to the winner of today’s contest. If you’re an olive oil connoisseur, check out some of their more intense flavors like black truffel and blood orange olive oils [3].

But the oils don’t stop with olives. Tropical Traditions [4] is back with another offering of coconut oil [5] and palm oil [6]. A 32 oz. jar of each, that’s half a gallon of delicious, healthy, tropical fat. A special note, this palm oil comes from family farms in West Africa, not Southeast Asia, so you can use this stuff knowing orangutans aren’t being wiped out for the benefit of your taste buds.

The Contest:

Caption contest! Here’s the photo:

Leave a caption in the comment board. Examples:

“Mammoth does not approve of red cup policy.”

“Who knew Capri pants were invented in theĀ  Bronze age?”

Make your own. Best caption wins.

The Deadline:

Midnight, Tonight!

Who is Eligible:

Sorry non-USers, these are consumables. A prize of equal value will be substituted in the case of an international winner.