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Contest: Haven’t Bought the Book Yet? Now’s the Time.

The Prize:

Damage Control Master Formula [1], a bottle of Vital Omega fish oils [2], a canister of Responsibly Slim [3] protein powder, and the Grok shirt [4]. Yep, the whole Primal Nutrition package.

The Contest:

You read the blog. You like the message. You’ve been thinking about buying the book [5], maybe waiting until Christmas, or you still have to finish up the stragglers on your summer reading list before you hit the non-fiction. Well, now’s the time to grab a copy because that’s how you enter today’s contest. Anyone who orders a copy of the The Primal Blueprint [5] before September 1st at midnight is automatically entered to win.

Already bought the book? Great, that means you’re already entered to win!


This one’s global. And you can order by whatever method you choose (PrimalBlueprint.com [5], PrimalNutrition.com [6], Amazon.com [7], or by phone (toll free at 888-774-6259, 310-317-4414 for international residents)

The Contest End Time:

The rest of the challenge [8]. Anyone who buys the book before September 1 at midnight is entered to win.

How the Winner Will Be Determined:

Random drawing.

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