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Big Breakthroughs

Beats biopsies [1]!

Down Syndrome discovery [2]!

Smooth Criminal

You may recall last week’s little exploration [3] of refreshing beverages overflowing with so many calories, even Bactrian camels would be concerned. Hey, a small, fiber-rich protein shake is one thing. But these sherbet-and-sugar-water pajama parties masquerading as “healthy” fruit smoothies are just the latest health scam [4].

The fact that smoothie slurping has doubled is a good indicator that people want to be healthy. We dig that. Unfortunately, the typical smoothie is really just a glorified milkshake. Know the difference. And for the love of tempeh, remember to keep an eye on the seedlings! They love those sports drinks and smoothies, but no child needs that much sugar.

Yo, Moto!

Big Pharma likes to see only the most favorable results [5] published? And this is news? All right, that’s it – we feel an award coming on…

Similar exposes have recently targeted the dairy industry (ooh, milk [6] made me lose two whole pounds!), soft drink giants (soda [7] is a good way to get type 2 diabetes, actually) and weight loss scams (hoodia [8], anyone?).

It’s kind of like the news out today that black soybeans [9] are the new miracle food. Sure, beans can be healthy, but let’s not jump all over black soybean tortillas just yet. Focus on fresh, whole, and unprocessed foods, and you’ll be doing great – really!

Bottom line: always look for information on who funded the study before you buy into the product.

Flu Cliches Bug Us


Feel guilty because you didn’t get a flu shot this year? A super-vaccine is in the works [10]. (This is one of those things that sounds great initially. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt…)

We tend to support abstemious flu shottage unless you’ve got a weakened, tired or toddler immune system on your hands. If you can avoid yet another drug, you’re probably better off. You’re still stuck with words like abstemious, though.