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A Case of the Clicks

Worker Bees’ Daily Bites:

The daily clickativity is in!

Skin Deep Gets a Polish

Skin Deep – perhaps the most user-friendly, accurate personal care database on the web – has been revamped and updated. Be sure to check out this excellent resource [1] for information on the safety and ingredients of virtually every cosmetic and personal care product available.

Is Coffee Healthy?

The ongoing java debate gets a fresh take with this helpful, thorough review [2] from Integrative Medicine. It’s the best summary of the pros and cons of coffee consumption that we’ve found yet. Our take: coffee is another one of those “marginal nutrition” issues, like red wine or chocolate. There is likely some benefit, but taken to excess, probably some harm, too. Either way, “marginal nutrition” fads are not going to cure major health issues; nor, sadly, will they prevent bad television. (Or will we have to eat our words?)

This is Gayatri’s Flickr Photo [3]

Trans Fat Ban

Thus far, several major U.S. cities have taken steps to ban trans fat [4] in restaurants. Now, a whole county says no to Frankenfats [5].

This is Deovolenti’s Flickr Photo [6]. Aptly described as: “Chicken McHeartAttack”!

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Guess who needs more estrogen? [7]

Obvious Studies R Us [8]: Congratulations, Decision Analyst, your firm has won a Sherlock Award!

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