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28 Nov

The Fuming Fuji Says No to Chocolate Milk!

Is This the Fuji? The World May Never Know

The Fuming Fuji is outraged at the marketing of toxic food, especially when it’s aimed at the small fry. This week, the Fuming Fuji has decided to have a serious problem with chocolate milk.

But, Fuming Fuji, you ask, isn’t chocolate milk sometimes the only way to get calcium in a kid?

The Fuming Fuji says no!

The claim: Chocolate milk has all the protein, calcium and vitamins of regular milk, and kids love it!

The catch: Chocolate milk has all the protein, calcium and vitamins of regular milk, plus it’s full of sugar!

The comeback: So it has a little sweetening. At least it’s getting kids to drink their milk, right?

The conclusion:
The Fuming Fuji cannot help those who believe in glorified dessert for tiny tots. Chocolate milk is a very mean thing to give your child. Milk is also mean, though admittedly not as delicious. Chocolate milk: all the fat, hormones and antibiotics of regular milk, plus sugar!

The catchphrase: Cow’s milk is for baby cows. Chocolate cow’s milk is for fat baby cows.

Disclaimer: Mark Sisson and the Worker Bees do not necessarily endorse the views of the Fuming Fuji.

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  1. It’s kind of odd that you would say “Cow’s milk is for baby cows,” Fuming Fuji, because somebody just told me that this year after I told him how much I loved milk. (What he said went somewhat like “We are the only mammals that drink the milk of a different species”, something I’d never quite thought deeply about. Really blew my mind!)

    Thing is, I was raised on cow’s milk, I love it, and I personally believe that, although much higher in fat, milk is more nutritious for one than soda pop. If you think cow’s milk is for baby cows, then what will become of people like me who love milk? :(

    Stacy Marie wrote on May 28th, 2009
  2. Stacie Marie.

    what will become of you? you’ll continue drinking whole, raw milk (just not too much).

    we haven’t adapted to most neolithic foods in 10000 years, but milk is somewhat of an exception

    there are worse vices.

    shel wrote on May 28th, 2009
  3. “Whole, raw milk”? Where can you even get that? (This is not a joke. I don’t know if you mean the organic milk they sell at the grocery store, or some mythical tasty drink that’s only available at farmer’s markets, or whatever!)

    Stacy Marie wrote on May 28th, 2009
    • what about cats? they drink milk.

      gotmilk wrote on May 29th, 2009
      • Cats only drink other animals milk because humans feed it to them.

        Also many people do not know, kittens after a certain age become lactose intolerant, so milk is not the healthiest drink to feed your cat.

        Alos why is Cat written with a C and kitten with a K?


        Goran wrote on June 17th, 2010
    • Stacy Marie – You can find out where to get whole raw milk here:

      Rebecca wrote on June 1st, 2009
      • Thanks, Rebecca!

        Stacy Marie wrote on June 2nd, 2009
  4. And haven’t I read somewhere that chocolate hinders the absorption of calcium?

    Katherine wrote on May 31st, 2009
  5. It’s kind of mean NOT to give your kid milk. It’s the best most nourishing food for children. And what’s wrong with a little chocolate milk EVERY NOW AND THEN> as well as ice cream (homemade) and raw jersey milk or goat milk. Yes, molasses milk is better, though and just as delicious.
    Give your kids milk, though, geez.

    Lisa wrote on July 28th, 2013

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