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MDA International Edition: What’s Going on with China?

Everywhere we look, it’s China in the news. Talk about growing pains. China, get it together!

First, the head of the State Food and Drug Administration accepted upwards of $850 thousand dollars in bribes to approve drugs [1]. He was sentenced to death (imagine if we did that here).

Then, there were the various product scares: toothpaste [2], pet food [3], and toys [4]. Hmm. Local is looking better and better, but we Americans sure love our cheap stuff.

Next, it turns out Beijing officials pressured the World Bank to cover up a very dirty fact [5]: smog in China kills hundreds of thousands of people every year.

Photo (CC) [6]

How has globalization affected you, for better or for worse?

Some conversation starters: drugs from Canada, AIDS in Africa, food from afar, and dare we say it? Wal-Mart.

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