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28 Feb

WOW: Persistence Hunt

pbf wow 2

You have 50 minutes to:

Move/Run/Walk 2.5 Miles Unencumbered
Move/Run/Walk 2.5 Miles With Object 1/5 Bodyweight

21 Feb

WOW: Flip That Log

pbf wow 2

Complete 4 cycles of:

25 Meter Log Flip
25 Meter Backward Log Drag

14 Feb

WOW: Grok Ladder

pbf wow 2

Complete max ladders of:

Jump Squats

7 Feb

WOW: Primal Poker

pbf wow 2

Using a deck of cards, assign one exercise to each suit:

Hearts are Pushups
Diamonds are Pullups
Clubs are Squats
Spades are Planks

31 Jan

WOW: Beat the Bag

pbf wow 2

Complete 4 2-minute rounds of:

Jabs and Crosses

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