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20 Mar

10 Full Body Workouts You Can Do in 10 Minutes Flat

It’d be nice if regular activity was woven into our daily lives so that we could stay lean, strong, and fit without really thinking about it, but that’s not the world most of us live in. We have to set aside time to move our bodies. But, as I always say, this doesn’t mean we […]

15 Aug

WOW: Steep Climb

Complete 10 cycles for time, using 10 meters of the steepest hill you can find: Sprint Grok Crawl Up and Down

8 Aug

WOW: Don’t Drop It

Complete 3 cycles, without putting the weight down: 6 Cleans 6 Presses 6 Squats 6 Bent Over Rows

1 Aug

WOW: Grok the Groove

Pick at least one exercise to: Grok the groove

25 Jul

WOW: Unilateral Engagement

Complete 5 cycles: 20 Walking Weighted Lunges 14 Single Arm Overhead Press (7 each arm) 10 Single Leg Deadlift (5 each leg) 16 Single Arm Bent Over Row (8 each arm)

18 Jul

WOW: Follow the Leader

Play, for 30 minutes: Follow the Leader

11 Jul

WOW: Housework

Complete 5 cycles: 10 Clean-the-Walls (5 clockwise, 5 counterclockwise) 15 Floor Scrubs 14 Trash Bag Tosses (7 each side) 30 Meter Petulant Child Carry

4 Jul

WOW: Slowdown

Complete two cycles of the following, slowly: 12 Pushups 15 Squats 10 Pullups 2 Minute Plank

27 Jun

WOW: Grok Walk

Complete, throughout the course of an hour-long walk: 30 Pullups 50 Squats 40 Pushups 20 Handstand Pushups Climb Something, Twice 5 Short (30-ish meter) Sprints Find Something Heavy to Carry for Seven Minutes

20 Jun

WOW: Stairway to Sore Thighs

Complete six cycles for time: Stair Sprint 15 Bodyweight Rows 15 Feet-Elevated Pushups

13 Jun

WOW: The Gauntlet

Complete: The Gauntlet (see instructions below) Grok Crawl 20 yards Duck Walk 20 yards 3×15 Reps Sandbag Slams

6 Jun

WOW: Sledgehammer

Complete four cycles: 15 Around the Heads (both directions) 15 Stakhanov Shovels (both sides) 15 Spear Lunges (both sides)

30 May

WOW: Your Turn

Post one of the following in the comment section of this blog post: Your favorite, regular, go-to workout, be it an existing WOW, or WOD from another source -or- A Primal workout of your own creation

23 May

WOW: Couch Workout

During commercial breaks, complete three cycles of: 15 Single Leg Hip Thrust, Each Leg 15 Overhead Presses 15 Bulgarian Split Squats, Each Leg 15 Bodyweight Rows

16 May

WOW: Max Efforts

Complete: Max Pullups, 5 minutes Max Pushups, 5 minutes Max Squats, 5 minutes

9 May

WOW: Asymmetry

Complete 5 cycles: 7 Single-Leg Crossbody Deadlifts (each leg) 20 Meter Single-Leg Hops (each leg) 50 Meter Single-Shoulder Weighted Carry (switch shoulders halfway through) 30-second Single-Arm/Leg Plank (each side)

2 May

WOW: Grip Work

Complete 4 cycles: 30 Meter Farmer’s Carry 8 Towel Pullups 20-second Door Pinches, each hand

25 Apr

WOW: NFL Combine

Complete: 4 40-yard Dashes 2 Max Pushups (or Bench Press), Two Minute Rest 10 Vertical Leaps 10 Broad Jumps 5 Cone Drill Runs 5 Shuttle Runs

18 Apr

WOW: PBF Challenge (PrimalCon Edition)

Complete for time, Basic or Advanced (respectively): 10 or 30 Pushups 20 or 50 Meter Bunnyhops 20 or 50 Meter Walking Lunges 15 or 40 Spidermans (Spidermen?) 10 or 25 Meter Sprint 10 or 25 Meter Grok Crawl 10 or 25 Meter Sprint 10 or 25 Meter Grok Crawl 10 or 30 Pushups 20 or […]

11 Apr

WOW: Four Corners

Max cycles in 15 minutes of: Grok Crawl Sprint Grok Crawl Sprint

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