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22 May

Weekend Link Love – Edition 401

Primal Blueprint Publishing’s newest book, Good Fat, Bad Fat, is now available for purchase. Another round of Phat Fudge is coming. The stuff is addicting and sells out fast, so use PK10 to grab 10% off your pre-order while you can. Research of the Week Tylenol reduces empathy. Women’s pelvises narrow as they age. A […]

15 May

Weekend Link Love – Edition 400

I recently dined with the guys at Power Supply. Check it out along with their recipe using PRIMAL KITCHEN™ Mayo. Speaking of mayo, how about a year’s worth in exchange for your Success Story? Plus, a whole host of free Primal Kitchen products could be just one “like” away. Research of the Week Nitrate rich vegetables (beet juice, spinach […]

8 May

Weekend Link Love – Edition 399

Host Brad Kearns celebrated the 50th episode of the Primal Endurance Podcast by bringing video into the mix. More to come. Elle Russ, author of the upcoming book, The Paleo Thyroid Solution, chats with Abel James. Research of the Week A third of all antibiotic prescriptions are totally unnecessary. Medical error is the third biggest killer in the US. […]

1 May

Weekend Link Love – Edition 398

I invited an LA Times reporter out for some Ultimate several Sundays back. Sounds like he had a good time. Research of the Week Even folks with genetic predispositions toward depression improve with exercise. Swiss cheese goes way back. Childhood obesity is still increasing. Dark chocolate boosts athletic performance (similar to beets). Deep voices probably evolved […]

24 Apr

Weekend Link Love – Edition 397

Check out my interview with Chris Kresser. I cover the gamut, including my early days as an endurance athlete. Research of the Week The same genes that determined our big brains may have also given us bigger bodies. Sun exposure during pregnancy may help prevent asthma in the unborn. Avoiding the sun is more dangerous […]

17 Apr

Weekend Link Love – Edition 396

I was on Lewis Howes’ The School of Greatness podcast and had a great time chatting about Primal living, training, and entrepreneurship. Give it a listen. Research of the Week 40 years ago, a landmark study seemed to show that lowering cholesterol by replacing saturated fat with polyunsaturated fat reduced heart disease. Today, hidden data now revealed shows the opposite: […]

10 Apr

Weekend Link Love – Edition 395

Nell Stephenson of Paleoista fame is hosting a 2-day workshop retreat for women in Pacific Palisades, CA. Check it out if you’re interested! Research of the Week While it may not be the healthiest thing to drink, orange juice is certainly better for you than orange drink. Moderation is relative, which is why it doesn’t […]

3 Apr

Weekend Link Love – Edition 394

The Best Paleo Recipes 2015 eBook is 20% off. I contributed a few of my favorites, so go grab a copy. Research of the Week Exercising before a stressor dampens its impact. What Maori dogs ate. Not knowing the outcome is worse than the outcome. Historically vegetarian populations have enhanced long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid synthesis. In […]

27 Mar

Weekend Link Love – Edition 393

PaleoDork is giving away a $100 gift certificate to the Primal Blueprint store. Enter to win here. Ends tomorrow at 11:45 PM, EST. Romy Dolle, author of Fruit Belly, is putting on a small PaleoFX-esque convention in Spreitenbach, Switzerland next month on April 9. Get your tickets to Pure Food Fitness now! Research of the Week Sunbathing is […]

20 Mar

Weekend Link Love – Edition 392

Primal Kitchen Mayo is back in stock. Finally! We’ve had too many choking deaths attributed to consumption of dry tuna. Research of the Week Collagen isotope analysis reveals that Neanderthals were total vegetarians, except for all that meat they ate. Kids in the ICU recover quicker when they fast. A new finger prick test for […]

13 Mar

Weekend Link Love – Edition 391

Primal Endurance is an INDIEFAB Award finalist. Want a Primal meal plan? Now you can sign up for mine for only a penny. There’s no such thing as a free lunch–but this comes close. A nice piece in Outside about some guy they call the “pied piper” of paleo. Research of the Week Coffee improves antioxidant […]

6 Mar

Weekend Link Love – Edition 390

Mark Hyman is giving a pair of talks—Kickstart Your Health (for laypeople) and Addressing the Root Cause of Disease (for health practitioners)—in London early next month. Get your tickets now! Also, sign up to check out my talk with friend and host of the Primal Blueprint Podcast, Brad Kearns. We have a long chat about some […]

28 Feb

Weekend Link Love – Edition 389

PRIMAL KITCHEN™ Dark Chocolate Almond Bars are now available. They’re delicious. They’re healthful. And you can get a free 6-Pack of them from Thrive Market while supplies last. No joke. My buddy and co-author Brad Kearns recently appeared on KCRA Sacramento to talk about Primal Endurance and fat-burning versus sugar-burning. Research of the Week The human […]

21 Feb

Weekend Link Love – Edition 388

Research of the Week Eating high-cholesterol foods still doesn’t increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Organic milk and meat have higher nutrient levels. Leafy greens feed gut bacteria. Bribing people to exercise works. Have kids? Parenting may be altering your immune system. Good vitamin D intake during pregnancy may stave off allergies for children later in […]

14 Feb

Weekend Link Love – Edition 387

I’ll be giving a talk on food and recovery from addiction at the Recover 2.0 Online Conference. Sign up! It’s free, runs February 17-21, and features dozens of recovery experts. Listen to my chat with Ben Greenfield on chronic cardio, fat for fuel, and Primal Endurance. Research of the Week Bitter rivals LDL and fish […]

7 Feb

Weekend Link Love – Edition 386

Research of the Week Cooking (and even frying) with extra virgin olive oil increases the antioxidant capacity of and creates new polyphenols in vegetables. Urban gardeners are safe from lead poisoning, even with high lead content in the soil (just don’t eat the dirt). Vaginal bacteria swabs may replace missing microbes in c-section babies. Turtles must taste really good. […]

31 Jan

Weekend Link Love – Edition 385

I had a great time on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Give it a listen. Two cool pieces of Primal Blueprint Publishing news: A recent paper on hidradenitis suppurativa, the mysterious skin disorder and subject of Tara Grant’s The Hidden Plague: A Field Guide for Surviving and Overcoming Hidradenitis Suppurativa, mentioned Tara’s work on the dietary […]

24 Jan

Weekend Link Love – Edition 384

We almost killed off the buffalo, and now we have a chance to help them return to their native lands. Support the Tanka Fund. Research of the Week Low cholesterol, especially LDL and HDL, predicts increased suicidality. Trail running quells anxious rumination. Dunbar’s number persists into our social media networks. Beards may protect hospital workers against staph infections. Catch-up […]

17 Jan

Weekend Link Love – Edition 383

Research of the Week Children exposed to bright light in the afternoon are slimmer than children exposed earlier. This one surprised me. I may have to chew on it a bit. Saying “some other time” instead of “no, never” in response to temptation reduces consumption of said temptation in the immediate moment and over time. […]

10 Jan

Weekend Link Love – Edition 382

Help make Mark’s Daily Apple and @primalkitchenfoods shine! Consider nominating us for Paleo Magazine’s Best of 2015 list! If you could spare just a few moments, here are the categories the Worker Bees and I would like to be nominated for: Best Blog (General Health/Wellness): Mark’s Daily Apple Best Podcast (General Health/Wellness): The Primal Blueprint Podcast […]

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