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11 Oct

Weekend Link Love – Edition 369

Learn about my new eBook The Primal Blueprint Definitive Guide to Troubleshooting Weight Loss here. Get it for free here. Research of the Week Certain gut bacteria appear to protect kids against asthma. Bullied teens should exercise. Washing dishes promotes mindfulness. The true “polypill” is exercise. Sorry, vegans: meat, dairy, fish, and shellfish remain the only significant […]

4 Oct

Weekend Link Love – Edition 368

We’ve got a brand new book out! It’s called Fruit Belly. Grab a copy from by Oct. 6 and get three free gifts. Learn all about the book and the special offer here. You could be the winner of a $1000 primal shopping spree. Enter to win by Oct. 7. Research of the Week Self-control […]

27 Sep

Weekend Link Love – Edition 367

I want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who submitted an essay for the Primal Blueprint Scholarship. Between my staff and I, we read every single submission (and there were LOTS of submissions). The sincerity, passion, and strength in each and every essay makes me proud to be part of this community, and thankful […]

20 Sep

Weekend Link Love – Edition 366

Research of the Week A novel form of resveratrol improved biomarkers in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Nighttime caffeine pushes back the circadian clock. Yep, air particulates are bad for you. Your skin biome helps fight skin infections. One valuable aspect of maintaining close relationships? You all shoulder the burden of stress and trauma. Low vitamin […]

13 Sep

Weekend Link Love – Edition 365

Catch me on Episode #2 of the figureFit! Lifestyle Coaching Podcast with Liz Nierzwicki. Research of the Week Researchers have established a causal relationship between early-life exposure to farm dust and lifelong protection from asthma and allergies. Compounds found in apples and green tomatoes may stave off age-related muscle atrophy. Suburban lawns are foisting sex changes […]

6 Sep

Weekend Link Love – Edition 364

Research of the Week All dogs appear to have descended from ancient European wolves. A myopia gene causes nearsightedness in kids, but only if they stay indoors reading or doing “nearwork” and avoid playing outside. Statins cause muscle damage by disrupting our mitochondria. Roundup: the incredible new weight loss hack! New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

30 Aug

Weekend Link Love – Edition 363

Don’t miss the brand new program I’ve put out with expert biomechanist Katy Bowman. It’s called Don’t Just Sit There and it teaches you how to sit and stand better, build a perfect workstation, and how to “work out” on company time, among many other things. A special promo is running through September 2nd. Learn […]

23 Aug

Weekend Link Love – Edition 362

I’m giving away three full-ride scholarships to the Primal Blueprint Expert Certification program to deserving individuals. If you’d like to be one of them, learn all the details here and submit your application by August 25. Research of the Week According to fMRI, stress makes junk food harder to resist. New safety guidelines for water drinking during exercise: “Using […]

16 Aug

Weekend Link Love – Edition 361

There’s a new Primal iPhone app called PrimalBeat HRV. Learn all about it here. Research of the Week Low-volume sprint training improves 5k time. “Furthermore, despite requiring lower loads, the front squat may provide a similar training stimulus to the back squat.” In people with type 2 diabetes, a paleolithic diet is better at improving lipids […]

9 Aug

Weekend Link Love – Edition 360

Get your free jar of Primal Kitchen™ Mayo through August 12. Learn how here. Research of the Week Spicy food consumption is linked to longevity. Are elevated serum levels of two fats associated with health benefits markers of dairy fat consumption or fat burning (PDF)? Those shoe store employees who watch you walk and then recommend […]

2 Aug

Weekend Link Love – Edition 359

Research of the Week There is no connection between salt intake and heart disease or overall mortality in healthy older adults. A single night of sleep deprivation can have lasting effects on circadian-related genes that control metabolism in men (PDF). According to a recent review, low intensity radiofrequency radiation (emitted by devices such as smart phones) […]

26 Jul

Weekend Link Love – Edition 358

Enter to win my favorite things at Thrive Market. $100+ value. No purchase required. Expires July 29. Research of the Week Soybean oil is more obesogenic and diabetogenic than either coconut oil or fructose. Yes, pure unadulterated fructose. Soluble fiber might actually be more satiating than protein, according to a recent animal study. Whole body vibration […]

19 Jul

Weekend Link Love – Edition 357

Interested in the Primal Blueprint Expert Certification Program? It’s easier to invest in yourself and go deeper into Primal living than ever before with our Dollar Down Payment Plan. Just put down $1 today and $89 for the next 12 months and you gain instant access to the most comprehensive online ancestral health program in […]

12 Jul

Weekend Link Love – Edition 356

Check out the new trailer for We Love Paleo, the upcoming documentary about ancestral health. A condensed guide to Dr. Ron Sinha’s South Asian Health Solution: because time is a precious resource these days. Research of the Week Type 2 diabetes does a number on the brain. Hikes improve mental health and may fight depression. […]

5 Jul

Weekend Link Love – Edition 355

We’re starting another round of The 21-Day Transformation Challenge on the Vimify app, Monday, July 7th. Whether you’re new to the program, you want to recommit, or you just need a challenge, now’s the time! Research of the Week Statin use is linked to lower aggression in men and higher aggression in women. Taking magnesium during […]

28 Jun

Weekend Link Love – Edition 354

Summer is here and grill season is upon us! As an early 4th of July present, I’m giving away a FREE copy of my Primal Blueprint Healthy Sauces, Dressings and Toppings hardcover cookbook with every Primal Kitchen™ Mayo 3-pack order. Simply add both products to your cart and use coupon code FREEDOM to get the […]

21 Jun

Weekend Link Love – Edition 353

Get a free jar of organic coconut oil from Thrive Market (expires June 24). Research of the Week High levels of circulating coffee metabolites are associated with a lower colorectal cancer risk. People with non-celiac gluten sensitivity are more likely to have an autoimmune disease. Among people with hereditary neuroticism, consumption of fermented foods may reduce […]

14 Jun

Weekend Link Love – Edition 352

Primal Kitchen: Bringing uncompromisingly delicious, high quality, nutrient dense foods to cities everywhere. I’m talking about Primal restaurants across the country. Yes, it’s real. Yes, it’s a franchise. Yes, more details will be shared soon. For now, “Like” our Facebook page for the latest exciting announcements. The Paleo Girl One-Year Anniversary Giveaway ends on June […]

7 Jun

Weekend Link Love – Edition 351

Boulder, CO readers! June, 19, I’ll be at the Whole Foods on Pearl Street signing books and handing out Primal Kitchen™ Mayo samples. Come say hello, try a 30-minute CrossFit workout, and taste some delicious mayo. Speaking of which, Primal Kitchen™ Mayo is now available in Whole Foods markets across the Pacific Northwest and Rocky […]

31 May

Weekend Link Love – Edition 350

My team and I have just released a new podcast: The Primal Endurance Podcast, on developing a healthy, balanced, primal-aligned approach to endurance training and racing. Leave a review on iTunes by the end of today and get a free copy of my latest eBook on living a barefoot-dominant lifestyle Amazing Feets! Learn all about […]

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